Practice Test

Q1) Actress Rupika Grover, who has crowned Mrs India 2023, hails from which state / UT? Show Answer

Q2) Khanij videsh India limited to invest Rs 211 crores for lithium exploration in which country? Show Answer

Q3) Which state government has collaborated with Adani group for data centre and aerospace park? Show Answer

Q4) All India conference of director generals and inspector generals of police 2023 concluded in which city? Show Answer

Q5) Name the President of Czech republic who will be chief guest at vibran Gujarat summit? Show Answer

Q6) Which neighbouring country 10,000 MW electricity to India for next 10 years? Show Answer

Q7) Which company has signed an agreement with RVNL to finance multi-modal? Show Answer

Q8) What is the theme of World Braille day 2024? Show Answer

Q9) Which wildlife sanctuary is recently included in the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme? Show Answer

Q10) In which city did the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh inaugurate the five day winter carnival? Show Answer