Practice Test

Q1) Which country has recently announced Visa free travel for Indian citizens? Show Answer

Q2) With whom has South eastern railways join hands for the development of railway infrastructure structure? Show Answer

Q3) Where is the "Divya Kala Mela : 2024" organised? Show Answer

Q4) In which state is Deenbandhu chhotu Ram thermal Power plant located? Show Answer

Q5) Who has taken over as the chief justice of Guwahati High court? Show Answer

Q6) Who has been appointed as the new director of Asian Development Bank in India? Show Answer

Q7) Which Indian celebrity was recently granted the 'Golden visa' of UAE? Show Answer

Q8) Olzhas Bektenov has recently appointed as the new prime Minister of which country? Show Answer

Q9) Stadium will be renamed after which formers Saurashtra cricketer Association (SCA) secretary? Show Answer

Q10) What is the total length of India Myanmar border, which has recently announced to fence? Show Answer