Practice Test

Q1) Which union Minister launched NITI Aayog 's platform 'Niti for states'? Show Answer

Q2) Which country has recently devalued its currency? Show Answer

Q3) With whom has NPCI joined hands for cooperation in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence? Show Answer

Q4) Who won the first prize in the National youth parliament festival 2024? Show Answer

Q5) On which island of Lakshadweep has the Indian Navy established its new base? Show Answer

Q6) With whose collaboration has NITI Aayog launched 'frontier Technology Lab's? Show Answer

Q7) R Praggnandhaa has defeated whom in Prague Chess Festival? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been appointed as next Indian envoy to Mauritania? Show Answer

Q9) RBI has signed a MoU with which central bank to promote local currency usage? Show Answer

Q10) International women's Day has recently observed on which day of March 2024? Show Answer