Practice Test

Q1) The city of Miraj, which has been granted GI tag for its art of making musical instruments, is located in which state? Show Answer

Q2) Where was the 'Sagar Kavach' exercise organized recently? Show Answer

Q3) Who has been appointed as the new chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director (MD) of Wipro in April 2024? Show Answer

Q4) Who has won the I-league championship 2023-24? Show Answer

Q5) How deep is a gigantic ocean under the earth discovered recently by scientists? Show Answer

Q6) In which region did America, Japan, Australia and Philippines launch their first joint naval exercise in April 2024? Show Answer

Q7) Who chaired the first tri-service planning conference called "Parivartan Chintan"? Show Answer

Q8) Peter Pellegrini has been elected as the new president of which country? Show Answer

Q9) Which famous neurologist has been made a part of Britains World class Research team in April 2024 ? Show Answer

Q10) In March 2024, Which country overtook India by importing the largest amount of crude oil from Russia? Show Answer