Practice Test

Q1) Which country has become the new member of the military alliance NATO? Show Answer

Q2) With which country will the Indian Coast Guard organise "sea defenders"? Show Answer

Q3) "Bharat Shakti" the joint exercise of the three armies of India, will be organised in which city? Show Answer

Q4) Which country has recently become a new member of the international solar Alliance? Show Answer

Q5) President Draupadi Murmu has recently nominated which writer to Rajya sabha? Show Answer

Q6) Who has swon in as a provincial Minister, becoming the first sick to occupy such a position in post partition Punjab? Show Answer

Q7) Which armed force has observed it's raising day on March 10? Show Answer

Q8) Which city has been declared the 27th 27th district of Arunachal Pradesh? Show Answer

Q9) The union Cabinet has approved the IndiaAI mission by allocating how much? Show Answer

Q10) Which government entity is planning to regulate financial influencers (finfluencers) in India? Show Answer