Practice Test

Q1) In which country will the clean energy investor forum be organised by IPEF? Show Answer

Q2) Who will organise "Shakti -festival of music and dance"? Show Answer

Q3) In which city will the national women's hockey league inaugurated? Show Answer

Q4) Who launched India's first private submeter resolution surveillance satellite? Show Answer

Q5) India has acquired right to operate the overseas port, in which country? Show Answer

Q6) In which city will the Indian Navy Half Marathon be organised? Show Answer

Q7) Who has been conferred with the 2024 John L "Jack" Swigert, Jr Award for Space Exploration Award? Show Answer

Q8) Which country has issued a new currency called ZiG in April 2024? Show Answer

Q9) Who has become the first Indian to won a match in the Masters 1000 tournament on clay courts in April 2024? Show Answer

Q10) Who has recently been appointed as a full member of the 16th Finance Commission? Show Answer