Practice Test

Q1) Along with India, which country has been declared as joint winners of SAFF U-19 women's championship? Show Answer

Q2) Who has won the Sportstar Aces award for sportstar of The year (male)? Show Answer

Q3) The Jawaharlal Nehru University has appointed whom as the new Dean of its school of international studies? Show Answer

Q4) In which field, Pyarelal Sharma husband or not with Laxminarayana International Award? Show Answer

Q5) Who is the following will not be awarded by Bharat Ratna for 2024? Show Answer

Q6) Recently RBI has imposed penalty of how much on Bombay mercantile cooperative Bank? Show Answer

Q7) Which company will be the official sponsor of Chennai super kings? Show Answer

Q8) With whom has the Maharashtra government signed and agreement for the use of AI in sectors like health and education? Show Answer

Q9) Where will the world government submit 2024 be organised? Show Answer

Q10) Which country has been chosen is the guest of Honor at New Delhi world book fair? Show Answer