Practice Test

Q1) which cricketer has become the first pacer and third bowler to take 700 test wickets? Show Answer

Q2) Which financial services company concluded its tenth business case program to elevate youth? Show Answer

Q3) Which country has one global 'Measles and Rubella Champion' Award for outstanding disease control efforts? Show Answer

Q4) The two day Nazrul Utsav has recently begun in which city? Show Answer

Q5) NPCI and Fonepay Have collaborated for UPI transaction between India and which country? Show Answer

Q6) President Abdul Murmur will be the chief guest on the National Day of which country from 11 to 13 March? Show Answer

Q7) Which emirates of the UAE launched the India by the 'creek festival' to celebrate tip ties with India? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been crowned as the Miss World 2024? Show Answer

Q9) The recently launched book 'the conspiracy' has been authored by whom? Show Answer

Q10) Which ministry is responsible for organizing portion pakhwada? Show Answer