Practice Test

Q1) What is the primary focus of the maiden join cooperation committee meeting between India and Rwanda held in Feb 2024? Show Answer

Q2) The council of scientific and Industrial research National institute of science communication and policy research celebrated its foundation Day on which day of February 2024? Show Answer

Q3) Which Northern state becomes first to restore old pension scheme in Feb 2024? Show Answer

Q4) What is the motto of NASA's PACE satellite that has launched recently? Show Answer

Q5) Where is the sports minister of Thakur inaugurated centre of excellence for nutritional supplements testing for sports persons (CoE-NSTS)? Show Answer

Q6) In which region did UPSC inaugurated a dedicated exam centre? Show Answer

Q7) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador for the fit India movement? Show Answer

Q8) Ajay Kumar Choudhary has been appointed as non executive chairman of NPCI for how many years from 2024? Show Answer

Q9) In February 2024 cabinet has approved which scheme for MSME is in fisheries? Show Answer

Q10) Balmer Lawrie & co. Ltd. has signed an MoU with which enterprise incubation centre recently for the incubation of startups? Show Answer