Practice Test

Q1) In which city did defence Minister and where the statue general Bipin Rawat? Show Answer

Q2) What initiative versus launched to buy Union health Minister doctor Mansukh mandaviya at AIIMS New Delhi in Feb 2024? Show Answer

Q3) What is the interest rate has been declared by EPFO for FY 2023-24? Show Answer

Q4) Which institution did AIIMS new delhi sign a collaboration agreement with for Cancer research? Show Answer

Q5) Who has become tamilnadu's first trans women travelling ticket examiner? Show Answer

Q6) In which city was first taxi service will launch in 2026? Show Answer

Q7) Which government agency has launched GROW initiative for agroforestry in wastelands? Show Answer

Q8) PM Modi is inaugurated Hindu temple "BAPS Mandir" in which country? Show Answer

Q9) International Darwin day has been observed on which day of February to commemorate the birth anniversary of Charles Darwin? Show Answer

Q10) Recently Dattajiro Krishna Rao Gaekwad passed away, he was associated with which sport? Show Answer