Practice Test

Q1) In which city the 6th edition of youth co:lab has been launched? Show Answer

Q2) What are the names of the two tiger mascots of the 9th Asian winter games? Show Answer

Q3) Who is the author of the recently launched book 'inspirations for graphic design from India'? Show Answer

Q4) Who has won bronze in the 25m sports pistol category at the Asian Olympic qualifiers in Jakarta? Show Answer

Q5) Which bank has unveiled green rupee term deposit to boost eco friendly initiatives? Show Answer

Q6) Was recently assume the pvtry role of chief of staff at the southern naval command (SNC)? Show Answer

Q7) Name the former CISF chief who has been appointed as UPSC member? Show Answer

Q8) IMF has approved how much loan as part of Pakistan bailout? Show Answer

Q9) Rural ministry has partnered with which bank for self help groups loans? Show Answer

Q10) India's most polluted city in 2023 'Byrnihat' is located in which state? Show Answer