Practice Test

Q1) Which state government has recently launched 'Swayam' scheme? Show Answer

Q2) Who won the ICC men's player of the month award for the month of January? Show Answer

Q3) Recently 'kazi nemu' has been a recognised as the state fruit of which state? Show Answer

Q4) On which island group is India going to establish a new naval base? Show Answer

Q5) United World wrestling has recently removed the suspension of which countries wrestling federation? Show Answer

Q6) With whom has the Uttar Pradesh government is added to enter into an agreement for better disaster management? Show Answer

Q7) In which state is gupteshwar forest which has been designated as the state biodiversity Heritage site? Show Answer

Q8) NTPC green energy Limited has commission how much of capacity at its Ayodhya solar photovoltaic project? Show Answer

Q9) Shripati, a tribal women has become a civil judge in which state? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been elected as the 72nd president of The institute of chartered accountants of India (ICAI)? Show Answer