Practice Test

Q1) Who has been awarded with the best FIFA Mens player award? Show Answer

Q2) Who was appointed as the 'Director General of Naval Operations' in the Indian Navy? Show Answer

Q3) Which ship of the Indian Navy haa recently decommissioned in January 2024? Show Answer

Q4) With which country has India signed an agreement for exploration and mining of Lithium? Show Answer

Q5) Which drama has been bestowed with the title of 'Best Drama Series' at the 75th Emmy Awards? Show Answer

Q6) Maritime excercise 'Ayutthaya' is conducted between the navies of India and which country? Show Answer

Q7) Who has become the fastest bowler to take 7 wickets in an ODI International match? Show Answer

Q8) Harith Noah, who has become first Indian to won the prestigious Dakar Rally, hail from which state? Show Answer

Q9) Oxford Scientists has launched first human vaccine trails for which virus? Show Answer

Q10) Which company has demonstrated zero emission 'hydrogen cooking ' ? Show Answer