Practice Test

Q1) Who is become India's number one chess player leaving behind Viswanathan Anand? Show Answer

Q2) What is India's rank among the world's most powerful armies in the global firepower ranking? Show Answer

Q3) Who has been awarded by the player of the month award for the month of December 2023? Show Answer

Q4) With whom has the Maharashtra government signed an agreement for the states first green ammonia plant? Show Answer

Q5) Which country will host the 'global peace summit' on Ukraine? Show Answer

Q6) Where is the 12 general assembly of the Asian Buddhist conference for Peace being held? Show Answer

Q7) Who will be awarded the highest owner of Assam state 'Assam Vaibhav'? Show Answer

Q8) Who will be the next director of engineering projects (India) Limited? Show Answer

Q9) Ajit Singh gill was the Olympian of which country, who has passed away recently? Show Answer

Q10) Who has recently assume the position of controller personal services (CPS) in January 2024? Show Answer