Practice Test

Q1) In which state ka mahadam foundation stone of "Komuraveli railway station" has been laid recently? Show Answer

Q2) How much amount has been increased under the annual grant of "Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumaugala Yojana" in Uttar Pradesh? Show Answer

Q3) Sound technology based anti drone-system has been developed by which Indian institute of technology? Show Answer

Q4) Who is the Indian captain who has hit most sixes in International cricket? Show Answer

Q5) Which Union Minister has recently inaugurated "BSE expo-2024"? Show Answer

Q6) In which state will PM Modi and will the 125 feet tall statue of Borphukan? Show Answer

Q7) With whose collaboration has the Sikkim government launched the 'Sikkim inspire' initiative? Show Answer

Q8) Name the IBM CEO who has join the board of directors of us India strategic and partnership forum? Show Answer

Q9) Which company has been named as a top employer 2024 in India? Show Answer

Q10) The 16 conference of word social forum has been commenced in which city? Show Answer