Practice Test

Q1) Where has the Asia's largest aviation expo "wings India 2024" organised? Show Answer

Q2) In which state of India will the "world economic forum" establish your centre based on "healthcare and life sciences"? Show Answer

Q3) India's first solar power board will be operated in which river? Show Answer

Q4) Who launched a series of commemorative postage stamps dedicated to the Ram Mandir of Ayodhya? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as the chief staff officer (operations) of eastern naval command? Show Answer

Q6) Which batsman made the record of scoring most centuries in T20 International? Show Answer

Q7) Name the first impartial women Empire appointed by the ICC for a bilateral series? Show Answer

Q8) What is the projected global unemployment rate in 2024 as per the ILO's 2024 'world employment and social Outlook' report? Show Answer

Q9) Where has the 12th edition of the MILAN 2024 naval exercise scheduled to be held? Show Answer

Q10) 9th addition of Tamil Nadu International balloon festival has been kick of in which city? Show Answer