Practice Test

Q1) In which state did prime Minister Narendra Modi lay the foundation stone of "Shri Kalki dham temple"? Show Answer

Q2) Against which country did the Indian team register the biggest win in test cricket? Show Answer

Q3) Which countries women's team won the gold medal in the badminton Asia team championship? Show Answer

Q4) Famous Jain centre Acharya Vidyasagar Maharaj passed away in which state was he born? Show Answer

Q5) With whom has IREDA signed and agreement for co financing renewable energy projects? Show Answer

Q6) "Pm Vishwakarma Yojana" has been launched by which ministry? Show Answer

Q7) Nawaf Salam, who has been elected as ICJ's new president, is form which country? Show Answer

Q8) Who has recently taken over as wise chief of the Army? Show Answer

Q9) The recently launched book titled dambling in diplomacy has been authored by whom? Show Answer

Q10) World day of social justice has been observed on which day of February 2024? Show Answer