Practice Test

Q1) With which country is India organising exercise 'tiger triumph-24'? Show Answer

Q2) Which state police recently launched the digital platform "trinetra app" 2.0? Show Answer

Q3) Who has been appointed as the group president of 'one Kotak' by Kotak Mahindra Bank? Show Answer

Q4) The recently formed committee to evaluate the feasibility of 'one nation, one election' was chaired by whom? Show Answer

Q5) What was the name of NASA astronaut and commander of the Apollo 10 lunar mission who has passed away recently? Show Answer

Q6) What is the name of the mobile application launched by the election commission of India to enable voters to check the criminal records of candidates standing for the 2024 lok sabha elections? Show Answer

Q7) Procter and gamble India has appointed whom as its new CEO? Show Answer

Q8) IPS Vivek Saha has recently appointed as the director general of police of which state? Show Answer

Q9) In which city has India's first indoor athletic centre inaugurated? Show Answer

Q10) Ips Vivek Sahai has been appointed as the director general of which state? Show Answer