Practice Test

Q1) Who has been named as the state Icon' of Punjab under the voter awareness campaign? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated all India institute of medical sciences in which city? Show Answer

Q3) With whom has 'investor education and protection fund authority' signed an agreement to increase awareness? Show Answer

Q4) Which state government has launched the "Himalayan basket"? Show Answer

Q5) National democracy day in Nepal especial celebrated on which day of February 2024? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, PM Modi as inaugurated GBC @ 4.0 exhibition in which state? Show Answer

Q7) The Indus X summit has been held in which city on February 20-21? Show Answer

Q8) Who won the gold medal in the women's 60 M hurdles at the Asian indoor athletics championships? Show Answer

Q9) Which country has hosted Ukraine reconstruction conference recently? Show Answer

Q10) In February 2024 India has sent assistance to which cholera affected country? Show Answer