Practice Test

Q1) Trilateral exercise "Dosti 16" recently kicked off in which country? Show Answer

Q2) Salil Parekh has been appointed to the board of directors at the US-India strategic partnership forum (USISPE), is the CEO and MD of which company? Show Answer

Q3) Which veteran playback singer has been honoured with the Gansamragini Lata Mangeshkar award? Show Answer

Q4) Who has received the best debut film director award at the 57th Maharashtra state Marathi film awards ceremony? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been awarded with Maharashtra Bhushan Award? Show Answer

Q6) Which country has recently dropped from a global watch dogs list of countries at risk of illicit money flows? Show Answer

Q7) Which event is prime Minister Narendra Modi said to inaugurate that focuses on the textile industry? Show Answer

Q8) For the financial year 2024- 25 how much budget did Haryana chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar propose? Show Answer

Q9) Which city is said to host the first ever Maharashtra MSME different expo, evening to boost the atmanirbhar Bharat campaign? Show Answer

Q10) Which organisation recently signed an MOU with a Bangalore institute to provide high class education for the wards of its troops? Show Answer