Practice Test

Q1) How many astronauts have been nominated for the gaganyaan mission? Show Answer

Q2) In which country the mobile world Congress 2024 being organised? Show Answer

Q3) Which player made the record of the fastest century in T20 International cricket history? Show Answer

Q4) Fast bowler Neil Wagner retired from international cricket, he is a player of which country? Show Answer

Q5) Which Indian state has the world's first Vedic clock been installed? Show Answer

Q6) Where will a new regional office of the Central board of film certification be established? Show Answer

Q7) When is world NGO Day celebrated every year? Show Answer

Q8) What is the position of India in the global intellectual property index 2024? Show Answer

Q9) Which company has launched one "Vantara" (star of the forest) initiative for animal welfare? Show Answer

Q10) World gold council has appointed whom as its chief executive officer? Show Answer