Practice Test

Q1) Who has been named as the new ambassador of India to Myanmar? Show Answer

Q2) Who has acquired lanco Amarkantak Power Limited which has been approved by competition commission of India? Show Answer

Q3) Who led the Indian delegation to the 148 th meeting of the inter parliamentary Union in Geneva recently? Show Answer

Q4) Who won the gold medal in the 59 kg youth category in the recent para powerlifting World Cup? Show Answer

Q5) Who has recently been appointed the head of the National investigation agency? Show Answer

Q6) Swami swaranananda, who recently passed away at the age of 95 served as the ...... president of the Ramakrishna mission. Show Answer

Q7) What is the enterprise value at which Adani ports and special economic zone limited (APSEZ) a great to acquire the state in Gopalpur port Limited (GPL)? Show Answer

Q8) In which city has started cummins private Limited (TCPL) inaugurated a new factory to produce hydrogen based internal combustion engines? Show Answer

Q9) Election commission as launched which app to supervise election process? Show Answer

Q10) Which gulf country has become first to debut in Miss universe pageant? Show Answer