Practice Test

Q1) According to brand finance insurance 100 2024 which is the strongest insurance brand? Show Answer

Q2) In which state has recently A 900 year old Kannada inscription of the Kalyana chalukya dynasty found? Show Answer

Q3) Which team has recently made the highest of all times score in Indian premier league history? Show Answer

Q4) Who has been appointed as additional judge of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High court? Show Answer

Q5) The border roads organisation has connected the strategic Nimmu Padum Darcha in Ladakh to which city by road? Show Answer

Q6) In which city is Bihar constructing its first ever green grid substation? Show Answer

Q7) Indian launched a New database to record crimes against which group? Show Answer

Q8) Luis Montenegro has been appointed as new prime Minister of which country? Show Answer

Q9) Who has become the first Indian footballer to sign Latin American club? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been appointed as assistant secretary general of UNDRR? Show Answer