Practice Test

Q1) Who won the Australian open 2024 mens singles title? Show Answer

Q2) Which female cricketer has been appointed by the Uttar Pradesh government to the post of DSP in UP police? Show Answer

Q3) Which state government has recently launched 'road safety force'? Show Answer

Q4) Indian Army is organising joint military exercise 'SQDA TANSEEQ' with which country? Show Answer

Q5) Name the Indian boxer who has won intercontinental title in US? Show Answer

Q6) The foundation stone of first yoga and naturopathy hospital in North East India has been laid in which city? Show Answer

Q7) Field Marshal kodandera M cariappa's birth anniversary has been celebrated on which day of January? Show Answer

Q8) To which country has India sent emergency relief of 1 million dollars after the volcanic eruption? Show Answer

Q9) In January 2024 ICC has lifted ban in post on which cricket board? Show Answer

Q10) Forth edition of RĂ¼soma Orange festival 2024 has been held in which state? Show Answer