Practice Test

Q1) Pick up the correct statement about alkyl halides Show Answer

Q2) Which statement is correct ? Show Answer

Q3) An alkyl iodide on standing darkens, due to Show Answer

Q4) Methyl chloride reacts with silver acetate to yield Show Answer

Q5) The reactivity order of alkyl halides depends upon Show Answer

Q6) For a given alkyl group, the densities, boiling point, melting point are in the order Show Answer

Q7) An alkyl halide may be converted into an alcohol by Show Answer

Q8) Most readily hydrolysed halide is Show Answer

Q9) Isobutyl chloride and butyl chloride are Show Answer

Q10) Formation of alkane by the action of Zn on alkyl halide is called Show Answer

Q11) Which group is displaced by a halogen group ? Show Answer

Q12) Which reagent is useful in increasing the carbon chain of an alkyl halide ? Show Answer

Q13) The products of reaction of alcholic silver nitrate with ethyl bromide are Show Answer

Q14) 2-Bromopentane is heated with potassium ethoxide in etnanol. The major product is Show Answer

Q15) A mixture of sodium acetate and soda lime is heated and the product treated with excess of chlorine in presence of bright sunlight. The product is Show Answer

Q16) The reactivities of methyl chloride (A), propyl chloride (B) and chlorobenzene (C) are in the order Show Answer

Q17) A mixture of 1-chloropropane and 2-chloropropane when treated with alcoholic KOH, it gives Show Answer

Q18) Treatment of ammonia with excess of ethyl chloride will yield Show Answer

Q19) Ethyl bromide and iso-propyl chloride can be distinguished by Show Answer

Q20) Which of the following can be obtained by halide exchange method ? Show Answer

Q21) Which of the following do not form Grignard reagent ? Show Answer

Q22) 1, 2-Dibromoethane is added to prevent deposition of lead metal in Show Answer

Q23) If methyl iodide and ethyl iodide are mixed in equal proportions and the mixture is treated with metallic sodium in presence of dry ether, the number of possible products formed is Show Answer

Q24) Preparation of alkyl halides in laboratory is least preferred by Show Answer

Q25) Ethyl bromide reacts with lead-sodium alloy to form Show Answer

Q26) The product obtained on treatment of ethyl chloride with potassium cyanide is reduced by sodium and alcohol to give Show Answer

Q27) Iodoethane reacts with sodium in ether, the product formed is Show Answer

Q28) Which one of the following is most reactive towards nucleophilic substitution reaction ? Show Answer

Q29) Mg reacts with RBr best in Show Answer

Q30) An alkyl chloride produces a single alkene on reaction with sodium ethoxide and etanol. The alkene further undergoes hydrogenation to yield 2-methylbutane. Identify the alkyl chloride from amongst the following Show Answer

Q31) Which of the following reagent cannot be used for preparing alkyl chloride from alcohol ? Show Answer

Q32) The reactivity order of halides for dehydrohalogenation is Show Answer

Q33) Which of the following will have the maximum dipole moment ? Show Answer

Q34) The order of reactivity of alkyl halides towards elimination reaction is Show Answer

Q35) Both methane and ethane can be prepared in single steps by the use of Show Answer

Q36) Ethyl chloride on treatment with aqueous alkali gives Show Answer

Q37) Ethyl alcohol gives ethyl chloride with help of Show Answer

Q38) 1,3-Dibromopropane reacts with metallic zinc to form Show Answer

Q39) Tetrabromoethane on treatment with alcoholic zinc gives Show Answer

Q40) Among the following the most reactive towards alcoholic KOH is Show Answer

Q41) Allyl chloride on dehydrochlorination gives Show Answer

Q42) Phosgene is a common name of Show Answer

Q43) The reaction between alkyl halides and sodium metal is called Show Answer

Q44) Which halide among the following is used as methylating agent ? Show Answer

Q45) Grignard reagent is not prepared in aqueous medium but prepared in ether medium because Show Answer

Q46) Ethyl bromide on treatment with alcoholic KOH gives Show Answer

Q47) Ethylene reacts with bromine to form Show Answer

Q48) Alkyl halides react with Mg in dry ether to form Show Answer

Q49) In which case formation of butane nitrile is possible ? Show Answer

Q50) Alkyl halides react with lithium dialkyl copper reagents to give Show Answer

Q51) Anti-Markownikoff addition of HBr is not observed in Show Answer

Q52) Out of the following compounds, which one will have a zero dipole moment ? Show Answer

Q53) The Cl-C-Cl angle in 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethene and tetrachlorometane will be about Show Answer

Q54) 1-Chlorobutane on reaction with alcohol potash gives Show Answer

Q55) In the addition of HBr to propene in the absence of peroxides, the first step involves the addition of Show Answer

Q56) The intermediate during the addition of HCl to propene presence of peroxide is Show Answer

Q57) The number of possible enantiomeric pairs that can be produced during monochlorination of 2-methylbutane is Show Answer

Q58) The reaction of propene with HOCl proceeds through the addition of Show Answer

Q59) In the presence of peroxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen iodide do not give anti-Markownikoff's addition to alkenes because Show Answer

Q60) Among the following, the molecule with the highest dipole moment is Show Answer

Q61) On monochlorination of 2-methylbutane, the total number of chiral compound is Show Answer

Q62) Chloroform on reduction with Zn and HCl (alc.) gives Show Answer

Q63) Westrosol is Show Answer

Q64) Freon is used as Show Answer

Q65) Chloroform is used as an Show Answer

Q66) Chloroform is kept in dark coloured bottle because Show Answer

Q67) Freon is Show Answer

Q68) 20% aqueous solution of sodium chloride containing ethyl alcohol on electrolysis gives Show Answer

Q69) Ethylene dichloride can be prepared by the reaction of HCl and Show Answer

Q70) The compound which gives negative iodoform test is Show Answer

Q71) A sample of chloroform before being used as an anaesthetic is tested by Show Answer

Q72) Iodoform can be used in medicine as Show Answer

Q73) Which is finally produced when acetylene reacts with HCl ? Show Answer

Q74) Chloretone used as a drug is prepared by the reaction of acetone with Show Answer

Q75) Which one is correct ? Show Answer

Q76) A compound containing two - OH groups attached with one carbon atom is unstable but which one of the following is stable ? Show Answer

Q77) Chloroform on reaction with acetone yields Show Answer

Q78) Which will give a yellow precipitate with iodine and alkali? Show Answer

Q79) Solvent is used in dry cleaning of clothes is Show Answer

Q80) The industrial preparation of chloroform employs acetone and Show Answer

Q81) Vicinal and geminal dihalides can be distinguished by Show Answer

Q82) Which statement is wrong about chloroform ? Show Answer

Q83) The hydrogen atom in chloroform is Show Answer

Q84) Which compound is used in cooling ? Show Answer

Q85) The substance employed as tear gas is Show Answer

Q86) Which of the following is a camphor substitute ? Show Answer

Q87) Which compound is used as helminthicide for elimination of book worms ? Show Answer

Q88) The antiseptic character of iodoform is due to Show Answer

Q89) Which of the following does not give iodoform test ? Show Answer

Q90) The chloroform reacts with NaOH to give Show Answer

Q91) On warming with sliver powder, chloroform is converted into Show Answer

Q92) For the carbylamine reaction we need hot alc. KOH and Show Answer

Q93) Slow oxidation of chloroform in air lead to Show Answer

Q94) A compound that will form an offensive smell when heated with chloroform and alcoholic potash is Show Answer

Q95) Which one of the following is mainly responsible for depletion of ozone layer ? Show Answer

Q96) Reaction of ethylamine with chloroform in alcoholic KOH produces Show Answer

Q97) Which of the following with aqueous KOH will give acetaldehyde ? Show Answer

Q98) The reaction between primary amine, chloroform and alcoholic caustic potash is called , Show Answer

Q99) Unpleasant smell of carbylamine is obtained when chloroform and alcoholic KOH are heated with Show Answer

Q100) Which of the following compounds give trichloromethane on distilling with bleaching powder ? Show Answer

Q101) When chloroform is boiled with NaOH, it gives Show Answer

Q102) The product formed on reaction of ethyl alcohol with bleaching powder is Show Answer

Q103) Cyanoform is ...................... acid in nature than chloroform. The missing word is Show Answer

Q104) How will you convert butan-2-one to propanoic acid ? Show Answer

Q105) The insecticide and germicide, gammexane is a formulation for Show Answer

Q106) Chlorobenzene is prepared commercially by Show Answer

Q107) Aryl halides are less reactive towards nucleophilic substitution reaction as compared to alkyl halides due to Show Answer

Q108) Ullmann reaction is used for the preparation of Show Answer

Q109) Chlorobenzene on treatment with Raney nickel or Al in presence of alkali gives Show Answer

Q110) Which of the following possesses highest melting point ? Show Answer

Q111) The most reactive compound for electrophilic nitration will be Show Answer

Q112) Which of the following compounds on oxidation gives benzoic acid ? Show Answer

Q113) Which chloroderivative of benzene among the following would undergo hydrolysis most readily with aqueous sodium hydroxide to furnish the corresponding hydroxyderivative ? Show Answer

Q114) Which of the following is a free radical substitution reaction ? Show Answer

Q115) In which of the following reactions, the product is an ether ? Show Answer

Q116) The decreasing order of reactivity of
(I) m-nitrobromobenzene
(II) 2,4,6-trinitrobromobenzene
(III) p-nitrobromobenzene
(IV) 2,4-dinitrobromobenzene Show Answer

Q117) Carbon atom holding halogen in aryl halides is Show Answer

Q118) Benzene hexachloride is used as Show Answer

Q119) Benzene reacts with chlorine to form benzene hexachloride in presence of Show Answer

Q120) A set of compounds in which reactivity of halogen atom in the ascending order is Show Answer

Q121) Which of the following statements about benzyl chloride is incorrect ? Show Answer

Q122) Chlorination of toluene in presence of light and heat followed by treatment with aqueous NaOH and acidification gives Show Answer

Q123) Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing dipole moment:
(I) Toluene
(II) m-Dichlorobenzene
(III) o-Dichlorobenzene
(IV) p-Dichlorobenzene Show Answer

Q124) The correct increasing order of reactivity of halogen gases towards halogenation of alkane is Show Answer

Q125) Ethylene dichloride and ethylidene chloride are isomeric compounds. The false statement about these isomers is that they Show Answer

Q126) Which of the following is a primary halide Show Answer

Q127) Which of the following is most reactive towards nucleophilic substitution reaction ? Show Answer

Q128) Which can undergo haloform reaction ? Show Answer

Q129) Elimination of bromine from 2-bromobutane results in the formation of Show Answer