Practice Test

Q1) _______ established water as a combustion product of hydrogen Show Answer

Q2) Hydrogen combines with other element by Show Answer

Q3) Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. The nucleus of hydrogen contains Show Answer

Q4) Hydrogen has tendency to gain one electron, to acquire helium configuration, in this respect, it resembles Show Answer

Q5) The most abundant element in the universe is Show Answer

Q6) The radioactive isotope of hydrogen is Show Answer

Q7) Tritium nucles contains Show Answer

Q8) Deuterium resembles hydrogen in chemical properties but it reacts Show Answer

Q9) Deuterium is used Show Answer

Q10) Hydrogen can be prepared by the reaction of granulated zinc with Show Answer

Q11) In the electrolysis of acidified water using platinium electrodes, sulphate ions are not discharged at the anode, as their potential is Show Answer

Q12) Which of the following metals cannot liberate hydrogen from dilute hydrochloric acid? Show Answer

Q13) High purity of hydrogen is obtained by Show Answer

Q14) Which of the following statements is most applicable to hydrogen? It can act Show Answer

Q15) In presence of finely divided nickel, hydrogen reacts with vegetable oils. The process is known as Show Answer

Q16) In Lane's process, hydrogen is formed by Show Answer

Q17) Hydrogenation of olefines gives Show Answer

Q18) Dihydrogen is largely used in the synthesis of Show Answer

Q19) The temperature of ______ K is generated when atomic hydrogen are allowed to recombine on the surface to be welded. Show Answer

Q20) Ionic or saline hydrides are mostly formed by Show Answer

Q21) Electron precise hydrides possess ______ geometry Show Answer

Q22) In metallic hydrides, the law of _____ does not hold good. Show Answer

Q23) The covalent nature hydrides are Show Answer

Q24) Metals like ______ and ______ can accommodate a very large volume of hydrogen Show Answer

Q25) Ionic hydrides are formed by the elements of Show Answer

Q26) At high atmospheric pressure, ice crystallizes in the______ form Show Answer

Q27) Which is the major source of water supply to the world? Show Answer

Q28) X- ray study of ice shows that each oxygen atoms is surrounded tetrahedrally by four other oxygen atoms at a distance of ______ Show Answer

Q29) Heavy water was discovered by Show Answer

Q30) In nuclear reactors, heavy water is used as Show Answer

Q31) Heavy water is obtained by Show Answer

Q32) Density of heavy water is Show Answer

Q33) Oxygen has ______ isotopic forms Show Answer

Q34) Hydrogen peroxide was discovered by Show Answer

Q35) Hydrogen peroxide is sold in the market as Show Answer

Q36) Which of the following chemical is used in high grade detergents? Show Answer

Q37) Hydrogen peroxide is not used for Show Answer

Q38) The amount of nitrogen can be minimised by injecting small amount of water into the cylinder containing dihydrogen so that Show Answer

Q39) The percentage of dihydrogen mixed in CNG is Show Answer

Q40) In terms of ionization enthalpy, hydrogen resembles more with Show Answer

Q41) The number of neutrons in deuterium is Show Answer

Q42) In the electrolysis of acidified water dihydrogen is liberated at the Show Answer

Q43) _______ metals show greater tendency to adsorb hydrogen Show Answer

Q44) Deuterium oxide has a gram molecular mass of Show Answer

Q45) There are totally_______ different combinations of water Show Answer

Q46) Hydrogen is prepared on an industrial scale
Show Answer

Q47) The reaction of dinitrogen with dihydrogen gives ammonia and this process is called
Show Answer

Q48) Hydrogen peroxide is used as an antiseptic under the name
Show Answer

Q49) Which of the following halogens has great affinity for hydrogen? Show Answer

Q50) Vanaspati ghee is obtained by the reaction of dihydrogen with vegetable oil in the presence of ______ as a catalyst. Show Answer

Q51) Pick a molecular hydride from the following Show Answer

Q52) Pick an interstitial hydride from the following Show Answer

Q53) Pick a polymeric hydride from the following Show Answer

Q54) During photosynthesis, water is oxidized to_______ Show Answer

Q55) The lightest isotope of water is Show Answer

Q56) Super heavy water freezes at Show Answer

Q57) Heavy water freezes at Show Answer

Q58) Boiling point of heavy water is Show Answer

Q59) The oxide that gives hydrogen peroxide on treatment with a dilute acid is Show Answer

Q60) Hydrogen peroxide can be prepared from Show Answer

Q61) Pick a saline hydride from the following Show Answer