Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following cannot be Invertebrata ? Show Answer

Q2) Process of parthogenesis occuring in larva is called Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following charcteristic feature of mammal is not seen in Whales ? Show Answer

Q4) Which one of the following is wrongly matched ? Show Answer

Q5) Tusks in elephant are modified Show Answer

Q6) Poison gland in snakes is modified Show Answer

Q7) Which of the following feathers in birds provide necessary heat for incubation of egg. Show Answer

Q8) Head region of tapeworm is known as Show Answer

Q9) In the body of a sponge, mesenchyme contains Show Answer

Q10) The incorrect match is Show Answer

Q11) In man adult hook worms live in Show Answer

Q12) Most vertebrates show Show Answer

Q13) Tissue grade type of organization originated from Show Answer

Q14) Diploblastic acoelomate condition is found in Show Answer

Q15) The animals in which coelom originates as space in the mesoderm are termed as Show Answer

Q16) Reptiles are best adapted to terrestrial life because of Show Answer

Q17) The common thing in fish, amphibians and reptiles is Show Answer

Q18) Water vascular system in Echinoderms performs all except one of these functions : Show Answer

Q19) The correct statement is Show Answer

Q20) A : Organ system is the system in which several organ work together for the same function, circulation etc.
R : The organ system helps in efficient working of the body. Show Answer

Q21) A : The mode of nutrition in Amoeba is holozoic.
R : Amoeba can eat any green alga by engulfing it fully. Show Answer

Q22) A : The asexual cycle of Plasmodium is completed in mosquito.
R : The sporozoites of plasmodium invades the hepatic cells. Show Answer

Q23) A : Of all the taxa only one that exist in nature as biologically cohesive unit is species.
R : Members of the same species can only interbreed. Show Answer

Q24) A : Arthropods have Haemocoel.
R : Arthropods body cavity has colourless blood. Show Answer

Q25) 'Venus flower basket' is a common name of Show Answer

Q26) Which of the following is the characteristic of sponges ? Show Answer

Q27) In which animal, collar cells are found in ? Show Answer

Q28) In Porifera,skeleton forming cells are Show Answer

Q29) Which is a universal for spongue ? Show Answer

Q30) 'Portuguese man of war' is a common name of Show Answer

Q31) Organ pipe coral is a common name of Show Answer

Q32) Body cavity of Hydra is known as Show Answer

Q33) Jelly fishes belong to class Show Answer

Q34) Which is a coelenterate ? Show Answer

Q35) Tape worms obtain their food from the host by Show Answer

Q36) Intermediate host of liver fluke is presentation Show Answer

Q37) Flame cells found in Show Answer

Q38) Taenia solium is characterised by Show Answer

Q39) In which animal, pseudocoel is found ? Show Answer

Q40) Common worm in children in the form of Show Answer

Q41) Scientific name of starfish is Show Answer

Q42) How many pairs of heart are present in earthworms ? Show Answer

Q43) Excretory organs of earthworm are Show Answer

Q44) Blood vessel in Pheretima having valves is Show Answer

Q45) In Echinodermata, tube feet are related with Show Answer

Q46) Which sound producing organ is found in bird ? Show Answer

Q47) Haemoglobin is dissolved in blood plasma of Show Answer

Q48) major nitrogenous excretory material of earthworm is Show Answer

Q49) Housefly transmits all the disease except Show Answer

Q50) Johnston's organ is found in Show Answer

Q51) Round worms differ from the worms in possessing Show Answer

Q52) Which one among the following is absent in arthropods ? Show Answer

Q53) Which of the following is characteristic of insect ? Show Answer

Q54) Maggot of housefly is called as Show Answer

Q55) Dengue fever is spread by Show Answer

Q56) In which insects wings are vestigial? Show Answer

Q57) In honey bee, barbless sting occurs in Show Answer

Q58) Which one belong to Mollusca ? Show Answer

Q59) Octopus, squid and cuttle fish belong to Show Answer

Q60) Tube feet is developed for locomotion in Show Answer

Q61) Which one of the following shows the radial symmetry ? Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following class belong to starfish ? Show Answer

Q63) Which is not a member of Echinodermata ? Show Answer

Q64) Which one among the following is a chordate character ? Show Answer

Q65) Which one character of the following is possessed by all chordate ? Show Answer

Q66) Which is cold-blooded animal ? Show Answer

Q67) Which one is viviparous ? Show Answer

Q68) Shell of molluscs is derived from Show Answer

Q69) Which one is represented by amphibian heart ? Show Answer

Q70) Which is not a true amphibian ? Show Answer

Q71) Exchange of gases takes place through one or more gills called Ctenidia is found in Show Answer

Q72) Which of the following is a non-poisonous snake is Show Answer

Q73) Poison glands of snakes are modified Show Answer

Q74) Venom of cobra affects Show Answer

Q75) Which one among the following is a horn toad ? Show Answer

Q76) Which one is not a snake ? Show Answer

Q77) Ovary and oviduct functional in birds is Show Answer

Q78) Which one of the following is related with Archaeopteryx ? Show Answer

Q79) Bone marrow is absent in the bones is Show Answer

Q80) A bird known to have teeth is Show Answer

Q81) Which is a flightless bird ? Show Answer

Q82) Flight muscles of bird are attached to Show Answer

Q83) Which one character of the following is possessed by penguin ? Show Answer

Q84) A mammal which lays eggs is Show Answer

Q85) Which one of the following is the characteristic of Kangaroo ? Show Answer

Q86) Which one has become extinct from India ? Show Answer

Q87) Sea horse is a example of Show Answer

Q88) Which characteristic is of horn of Rhino ? Show Answer

Q89) In Hydra asexual reproduction occurs through Show Answer

Q90) Euspongia is also known as Show Answer

Q91) Four-chambered heart is found in Show Answer

Q92) Which one of the following statements is correct ? Show Answer

Q93) Arrange the following in the order of the evolution
(I) Amphibians
(II) Fish
(III) Reptiles
(IV) Birds Show Answer

Nematodes are different from flatworms.
Nematodes are commonly called round worm. Show Answer

Arthropods posses only true coelom.
Haemocoel in Arthropods in not lined by the mesodermal epithelium. Show Answer

Amphibians are poililothermic.
Amphibian often undergoes summer sleep. Show Answer

Q97) Which one among the following animals gives birth to the biggest baby ? Show Answer

Q98) Which one among the following animals is a mammals ? Show Answer

Q99) Which one among the following animals does not undergoes periodic moulting of their external body covering ? Show Answer

Q100) What are cold-blooded animals ?
Show Answer

Q101) After entering the human body through mosquito bite, the malarial parasite (Plasmodium) shows initial multiplication in Show Answer

Q102) Which one among the following is the largest monkey ? Show Answer

Q103) Leishmania, the causative agent of kala-azar, multiplies asexually by Show Answer

Q104) Which one of the following is not a mammal ? Show Answer

Q105) Which is not a member of Echinodermata ? Show Answer