Practice Test

Q1) Assertion (A) Workers prior to Mendel could could not work out the principles of inheritance.
Reason (R) They considered the individual as a whole complex of characters. Show Answer

Q2) The genotype of a plant showing the dominant phenotype can be determined by Show Answer

Q3) Mendel's law apply only when Show Answer

Q4) Consider the following statements
1. A cross between an individual of unknown genotype or a heterozygote to a homozygous recessive individual is called test cross.
2. A cross of an individual (F1) with one of its parents (P) or an organism with the same genotype as a parent called back cross.
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?
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Q5) Whenever a non-sense codon formed in a polypeptide chain, then it leads to Show Answer

Q6) Darwin believed that the certain parts of the body get larger and become more complex through the generations because they Show Answer

Q7) Assertion (A) Mule fails to produce functional gametes.
Reason (R) Mule shows hybrid sterility. Show Answer

Q8) During evolution of man, many changes have taken place in his ancestral characters. Which one of the following is an insignificant change? Show Answer

Q9) Assertion (A) Dryopithecus africans is a common ancestor of man and great apes.
Reason (R) It gave rise to Ramapithecus. Show Answer

Q10) If two parents have the genotypes AA*aa, the probability of having an aa genotypes in the F1 generation Show Answer

Q11) Eye color in the fruit fly is said to be sex-linked. This simply means that the gene for eye color is Show Answer

Q12) Which of the following evolutionary mechanisms acts to slow down or prevent the evolution of reproductive isolation ? Show Answer

Q13) Which of the following features do human lack other primates have ? Show Answer

Q14) A heterozygous red-eyed female Drosophila mated with a white-eyed male would produce Show Answer

Q15) Sex-linked disorders such as color blindness and haemophilia are Show Answer

Q16) There was no free oxygen in the early atmosphere because most of it was tied up in Show Answer

Q17) Which of the following is a test cross? Show Answer

Q18) Which of the example of homologous organs?
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Q19) From heredity point of view, which pair of man and women is not suitable for marriage? Show Answer

Q20) From heredity point of view, which pair of man and women is not suitable for marriage? Show Answer

Q21) In animals sex determination is due to Show Answer

Q22) A pair of constructing characters is called Show Answer

Q23) When one gene pair hides the effect of the other unit, this phenomenon is referred as Show Answer

Q24) Genotype of kilnefelter syndrome is Show Answer

Q25) Who discovered the blood group in human being ? Show Answer

Q26) Down's syndrome is caused by the presence of extra chromosome number Show Answer

Q27) 'Law of Natural Selection' is related to Show Answer

Q28) Chemical theory of origin of life was given by Show Answer

Q29) According to special creation theory the earth is about
Show Answer

Q30) The organs which look different but have the same basic structure and origin are known as Show Answer

Q31) Dinosaurs became extinct during Show Answer

Q32) Adaptation of a species is its Show Answer

Q33) Which is not applicable to the biological species concept? Show Answer

Q34) Inheritance of skin color in human beings is an example of Show Answer

Q35) The ratio 9:7 is produced due to Show Answer

Q36) A cross between parents with AaBB and aaBB genotype will form Show Answer

Q37) How many types of gemetes will be produced by individuals having genotypes AaBbCc? Show Answer

Q38) Substitution of a purine nucleotide by pyrimidine nucleotide is called Show Answer

Q39) In bacterial chromosome Show Answer

Q40) The chain initiating codon is Show Answer

Q41) Ligase is an enzyme required for Show Answer

Q42) Nucleotide base present in DNA and not in RNA is Show Answer

Q43) Isotopes used in proving semi conservative replication of DNA were Show Answer

Q44) Which is true according to Chargaff's rule? Show Answer

Q45) Introns are part of DNA which Show Answer

Q46) Human Genome Project (HGP) was closely associated with the rapid development of a new area in biology called as Show Answer

Q47) Crossing over occurs between Show Answer

Q48) If the base sequence on template strand is ACTGCTA then. The complementary strand will have Show Answer

Q49) The unwinding of DNA helix is carried out by the enzyme Show Answer

Q50) DNA replication is Show Answer

Q51) Industrial melanism as observed in peppered moth proves that Show Answer

Q52) Connecting link between ape and man is Show Answer

Q53) Man originated in the Show Answer

Q54) When both alleles express their on being present together the phenomenon is called Show Answer

Q55) Genes for cytoplasmic male sterility in plants are generally located in Show Answer

Q56) Ribozyme is Show Answer

Q57) Left handed DNA among following is Show Answer

Q58) During replication of DNA, Okazaki fragment are formed in the direction of Show Answer

Q59) Which amino acids are present in histones? Show Answer

Q60) Select the correct statements
1) Frequency of certain genes in a population changes over several generations resulting in evolution.
2) Reduction in weight of the organism due to starvation is genetically controlled.
3) Low weight parents can have heavy weight progeny.
4) Traits which are not inherited over generations do not cause evaluation. Show Answer

Q61) Select the statements that describe the characteristic of genes.
1) Genes are specific sequence of base in a DNA molecule.
2) A gene does not code for proteins.
3) In individual of a given species, specific gen is located on a particular chromosome.
4) Each chromosomes has only one gene. Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following statements are true with respect to variation?
1) All variation in a species have equal chance of survival.
2) Change in genetic composition result in variation.
3) Select of variants by environmental factors from the basis of evolutionary process .
4) Variation is minimum in asexual reproduction. Show Answer

Q63) Which of the following statements are true with respect to natural selection ?
1) It tends to increase the characters that enhance survival and reproduction.
2) It causes adaptation.
3) It acts on a organism phenotype.
4) It was considered as mechanism of evolution by Darwin. Show Answer

Q64) Which of the following statements are correct ?
1) Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks.
2) According to Lamarck, a giraffe has a long back because its ancestors stretched their needs to good food.
3) The unit of evolution is population.
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Q65) Which of the following statements are true for genetic drift?
1) It upsets the Hardy-weinberg equilibrium.
2) It operates only in small population.
3) It is responsible for preserving certain genes.
4) It is responsible for eliminating genes. Show Answer

Q66) Which of the following are not dominant trait?
1) Color blindness
2) Rh factor
3) Albinism
4) Haemophilia Show Answer

Q67) Which of the followings are mutagens?
1) Ionizing radiations
2) Hydrazine
3) UV rays
4) Nitrous acid Show Answer

Q68) Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) is a suitable for genetical studies because
1) it can be grown on simple synthetic medium in the laboratory.
2) life cycle is short (about 2 weeks).
3) a single mating produces large number of progenies.
4) visible sexual dimorphisms and many types of genetical variations can be easily observed. Show Answer

Q69) 1:1:1:1 ratio of progenies can be obtain if the plants for crossing are:
1) TTRR x ttRR
2) TtRr x ttrr
3) TtRR x ttrr
4) Ttrr x ttRr Show Answer

Q70) New species may be formed if
1) DNA undergoes significant changes in germ cells.
2) chromosomes number changes in the gamete.
3) there is no change in the genetic material.
4) mating does not take place. Show Answer

Q71) Consider the following statements:
1) Life can originate on earth from pre-existing life only.
2) The atmosphere of the primitive earth was reducing.
Which of these statements(s) is/are correct? Show Answer

Q72) Consider the following statements:
1) Variations arising during the process of reproduction cannot be inherited.
2) Changes in the non-reproductive tissues caused by environment factor are inheritable.
Which of these statement(s) is/are correct? Show Answer

Q73) Consider the following statements
1) The four nucleotide bases are not necessarily present in DNA in exact equal proportions.
2) The total amount of purines are equal to the total amount of pyrimidines.
3) DNA ligase enzyme act to hydrolues or breakdown a polynucleotide chain into its component nucleotides.
4) Nuclease enzymes are capable of resorting an intact DNA duplex.
Which of this statements is/are correct? Show Answer

Q74) Which of the following statements are correct?
1) Haemophilia is a sex linked recessive disease.
2) Down's syndrome is due to aneuploidy.
3) Phenylketonuria is an autosomal dominant gene disorder.
4) Phenylkeonuria is an autosomal recessive gene disorder. Show Answer

Q75) Which of the following are true for expressing recessive characters?
1) They are true breeding.
2) They are homozygous.
3) They produce different type of gametes for concerning characters.
4) They produce one type of gamete for concerning characters. Show Answer

Q76) Which of the following are the functions of RNA?
1) It is a carrier of genetic information from DNA to ribosomes synthesizing polypeptides.
2) It carries amino acids to ribosomes.
3) It is a constituent component of ribosomes. Show Answer

Q77) Which of the following statements are the most appropriate for sickle cell anaemia?
1) It cannot be treated with iron supplements.
2) It is a molecular disease.
3) It confers resistance to acquiring malaria. Show Answer

Q78) Which of the following are true with respect to AUG?
1) It codes for methionine only
2) It is also an initiation codon.
3) It codes for methionine in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Show Answer

Q79) Which of the following statements about genetic variation are false?
1) The only source of genetic variation is mutation.
2) New alleles are formed during sexual reproduction.
3) Mutations that result in the production of new alleles are quite common.
4) Mutation is the ultimate source of new alleles. Show Answer

Q80) With which of the following statements would an evolutionary biologist disagree?
1) The fossil record is the only source of evidence in favor of evolution.
2) Evolution population rarely show changes in their genetic makeup.
3) There has been no significant change in organisms through time.
4) Mutations provide the foundation for evolutionary change. Show Answer

Q81) Assertion : Chromosomes are known as hereditary vehicles.
Reason :The Chromosomes are capable of self-reproduction and maintaining morphological and physiological properties through successive generation. Show Answer

Q82) Assertion : Ear muscles of external ear in man are poorly developed.
Reason : These muscles are useful which move external ear freely to detect sound efficiently Show Answer

Q83) Assertion : The establishment of reproductive isolation is an event of biological significance.
Reason : In the absence of reproductive isolation species can merge back into single population Show Answer

Q84) Assertion : The duplicate genes are also called pseudoalleles.
Reason : Duplicate genes although present on different locus but have the ability to produce same or almost same trait of a character. Show Answer

Q85) Assertion : Gene flow increases genetic variations.
Reason : The random introduction of new alleles into recipient population and their removal from the donor population affects allele frequency. Show Answer

Q86) Assertion : In humans, the gamete contributed by the male determines whether the child produced will be male or female.
Reason : Sex in humans is polygeneic trait depending upon a cumulative effect of some gene on X-chromosome and some on Y-Chromosome. Show Answer

Q87) Assertion : Replication and transcription occur in the nucleus but translation occurs in the cytoplasm.
Reason : mRNA is transferred from the nucleus into the cytoplasm, where ribosomes and amino acids are available for protein synthesis. Show Answer

Q88) Which of the organs given below is/are homologous ?
1) Flipper of a seal
2) Wing of a bat
3) Arm of a man
4) Wing of a moth
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q89) If a mouse over eight times its normal size has been produced by introducing human growth hormone gene, the technique involved is called Show Answer

Q90) Haemophilia is extremly rare in woman because Show Answer

Q91) A hormone used to induce childbirth and lacation is being injected in pumpkin, watermelon, brinjal,
cucumber and many other plants to makes them bear, larger fruits. This hormone is Show Answer

Q92) Which of the following statements
1) In cows the best fertility can be obtained by the recto-vaginal method of artificial insemination
2) The first ScientiIic research of artificial insemination in domestic animals was performed in the dogs
3) The first Al was given by the scientist from Italy named Lazanno Spallanzani
4)Dr. Sampath Kumaran introduced this method in Indian for the first time Show Answer

Q93) Assertion (A) The genetic complement of an organism is called genotype.
Reason (R) Genotype is the type of hereditary properties of an organism Show Answer

Q94) Within ecological communities, some species are important in determining the ability of a large
number of the species to persist in the community such species are called Show Answer

Q95) Consider the following organs
1) Vermiform appendix
2) Auricular muscles of external ear
3) Plica semilunaris
4) Mammary glands in males
Which of the organ(s) given above is/are vestigial in man ? Show Answer

Q96) Consider the following statements
1) Hugo de Vires gave the mutation theory to explain the mechanism of evolution
2) Mutations are discontinuous variations also called saltatory variation
3) Mutations are the ultimate source of variations
Which of the above are true about mutations ? Show Answer

Q97) Among living organism, which one of the following is the most responsible factor for bringing about the origin of a new species ? Show Answer

Q98) Study the following statements
1) Earthworm is a hermaphrodite
2) The asexual reproduction in sponges takes place by gemmule.
3) Sexual mode of reproduction in Protozoa is anisogamy
Which of the above is/are true ? Show Answer

Q99) In test tube baby Show Answer

Q100) Study the following statements
1) Oral pills of birth control prevent ovulation
2) Gestation periods in man is 9 months
3) Surgical procedure in which a small portion of sperm duct is removed and cut end is ligated in male is called vasectomy.
Which of the following statements Show Answer

Q101) Consider the following statements
1) Fertilisation of the egg takes place inside the embryo sac.
2) Fertilised ovum form the embryo.
3) Endosperm is generally triploid.
Which of the statements given above are true ? Show Answer

Q102) Consider the following statements
1) Double fertilsation is a characteristics of angiosperm
2) Double fertilisation is a characteristic of gymnosperm
3) Four nucei participate in double fertilsation
4) Five nuclei participate in double fertilisation
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q103) Consider the following statements
1) largest gland found in man is liver.
2) Lacrimal grand is also called tear gland
3) Thymus gland disaapear during old age.
4) Oestrogen, progesterone and relaxin are example of female reproductive hormones.
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q104) Which of the following hormones is injected into cows and buffaloes during milking ? Show Answer

Q105) Which of the following hormones is not the normal function of the human kidney? Show Answer

Q106) With referenceto the human body, consider the following statements.
1) The production of somatotropin goes up when a person exercises
2) Mens teste produces progesterone
3) Womens adrenal glands secrete testosterone
4) Stress causes the adrenals to release very less amount of cortisol that usual
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q107) A person with AB blood group is some times called a universal recipient because of the Show Answer

Q108) Assertion (A) In Human beings, the female play role in determining the sex of the offspring.
Reason (R) Women have two X-chromosomes. Show Answer

With reference to the blood in a normal person, which one of the following statements is correct ? Show Answer

Q110) At present scientists can determine the arrangement of relative determine the arrangement or relative position of genes of DNA sequence on a cromosome. How does this knowledge benefits us ?
1) It is possible to know the pedigree of livestock.
2) It is possible to understand the causes of all human diseases
3) It is possible to develop disease resistant animal breeds
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

In the context of genetic disorder, consider the following. A women suffer from colour blindness, while her husband does not suffer from it. They have a son and a daughter, In this context, which one of the following statements is most probably correct ? Show Answer

Q112) Assertion (A) In human body, liver has an important role in fat digestion.
Reason (R) Liver produces two important fat digesting enzymes. Show Answer

Q113) Consider the following statements
1) Sperms are produced at a temperature that is lower than the body temperature
2) The part of the sperm that contains the lytic enzyme is acrosome
3) The sperms are temporarily stored in epididymis
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q114) Consider the following statements
1) Ribosomal RNA derived from nuclear DNA
2) Transfer RNA synthesised in nucleus on DNA template
2) Transfer RNA convey genetic information from DNA of chromosomes to the ribosomes.
Which of the statements given above are correct about RNA ? Show Answer

Q115) Consider the following statements
1) Stem cells has the ability to develop into any type of cell
2) Tissue plasminogen activator is used for dissolving blood clots
3) Dextran is a plasma expander used in blood transfusion.
Which of the statement(s) given above is.are correct ? Show Answer

Q116) Assertion (A) Transgenic organism are genetically altered organism
Reason (R) Transgenic organisms do not cause any environment hazards. Show Answer

Q117) With reference of a normal human being which one of the following statements is not correct ? Show Answer

Q118) Which of the following statements is incorrect among the given ? Show Answer

Q119) Which of the following statements is incorrect among the given ? Show Answer

Q120) Study the following statements
1) The first transgenic crop was tobacco.
2) A DNA library constitutes a collection of all the DNA fragments of an organism inserted in plasmid
3) Restriction fragment length polymorphism method is used to distinguish DNA of one individual from another
4) Agrobacterium tumefaciens is used extensively for genetic engineering in plant
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q121) Consider the following statements
1) Restriction enzymes are used to cut double stranded DNA.
2) The mobile genetic element is transposon.
3) Satellite DNA is useful tool in foresic science
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

Q122) Study the following statements
1) In Bt cotton, a transgenic plant Bt refers to Bacillus thuringiensis
2) Natural genetic engineer is Agrobacterium tumefaciens
3) In bacteria, plasmid is a extra chromosomal material
Which of the statements given above is/are true ? Show Answer

Q123) Assertion (A) Vector is very useful in recombinant DNA technology
Reason (R) Vector is a tool that carries a foreign DNA molecules to the living cell. Show Answer

Q124) Which one of the following statements is wrong about Rhesus (Rh), factor ? Show Answer

Q125) Down syndrome, a congenital genetic disorder in human being is caused by Show Answer

Q126) Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the order of decreasing length of the structural parts given below of small intestine in the human body ? Show Answer

Q127) With reference to the work of human kidney, consider the following statements
1) After the waste is removed in the kidney, the clean blood is sent back through renal artery.
2) From Bowman's capsule, the filtered liquid passes through tiny tubes, where much of the glucose is reabsorbed and sent back to the blood in the renal vein.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

Q128) Consider the following statements
1) Epithelium tissue forms protective layer of body.
2) Transmission of stimuli from one part of body to other parts takes place through nervous tissue
3) Blood is example of tissue.
Which of the statements given above are correct about tissue ? Show Answer

Q129) Assertion (A) DNA fingerprintings is used to identify perpetrators of violent crimes mainly murder and rape
Reason (R) DNA fingerprintings can be carried out with minute quantities of DNA as might be found in a single strand of hair Show Answer

Q130) Which of the following statements is true about "TomTato"? Show Answer

Q131) Male's gene constituent is Show Answer

Q132) Which combination of chromosomes in mankind give birth to a male child? Show Answer

Q133) Amniocentosis is a method used to determine the Show Answer

Q134) Who first outlined the structure of the life molecule (D.N.A.)? Show Answer

Q135) Sexual reproduction causes genetic variation because of Show Answer

Q136) The slow growth of the human body is caused due to the deficiency of which of the following ? Show Answer

Q137) The temperature of a normal human body is
Show Answer

Q138) The normal temperature of the human body is Show Answer

Q139) Daily energy required by a hard worker man is- Show Answer