Practice Test

Q1) Man is supported to be the most evolved because of Show Answer

Q2) Which of the following is mainly reabsorbed in the large intestine ? Show Answer

Q3) A child at the age of 6 years will have Show Answer

Q4) In man, the type of dentition is Show Answer

Q5) The muscular movement of alimentary canal are known as Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following statement is true ? Show Answer

Q7) The secretions that are mixed with food in small intestine are Show Answer

Q8) Which of the following salivary glands are largest in size Show Answer

Q9) Action of the bile juice upon fats is known as Show Answer

Q10) Large intestine is divisible into Show Answer

Q11) Action of saliva on food is Show Answer

Q12) The maximum affinity of haemoglobin is for Show Answer

Q13) The tidal volume of lung is Show Answer

Q14) The centre of regulation for respiration is present in the Show Answer

Q15) Low supply of oxygen to the cells is in case of Show Answer

Q16) One molecule of haemoglobin combines with Show Answer

Q17) The volume of air that remains inside the lungs and respiratory passage after maximum exhalation is known as Show Answer

Q18) The breathing rate in humans is Show Answer

Q19) The lumen of artery is Show Answer

Q20) Auricles are Show Answer

Q21) The ratio of leucocytes to erythrocytes in human blood is Show Answer

Q22) What will happen if R.B.C.'s are pun in a hypertonic solution ? They will Show Answer

Q23) Pus is composed of Show Answer

Q24) The swelling that results due to accumulation of excess of tissue fluids is known as Show Answer

Q25) The lymph is similar in composition to blood plasma except that Show Answer

Q26) Which of the following systems is absent from mammals but present in amphibians Show Answer

Q27) Which of the following WBC are non-phagocytic ? Show Answer

Q28) The left ventricle is Show Answer

Q29) The blood groups were first given by Show Answer

Q30) Presence of urea in blood is called as Show Answer

Q31) Formation of the urine in the kidneys is done through Show Answer

Q32) The metabolic waste urea is formed in the Show Answer

Q33) If the blood pressure falls, the process of renal filtration Show Answer

Q34) Artificial removal of metabolic wastes from the body is known as Show Answer

Q35) If a marine fish is transferred to river water Show Answer

Q36) A man feels unpleasant due to excess humidity and warmth. The reason for this is Show Answer

Q37) Longsightedness is known as Show Answer

Q38) The aperture of the eye is known as Show Answer

Q39) The gland which gradually disappears at the age of 15-16 year is Show Answer

Q40) Endocrine glands are Show Answer

Q41) The largest endocrine gland in the body of man is Show Answer

Q42) Cytotoxic Tcells provide immunity by Show Answer

Q43) The digestion of starch in the diet starts in the Show Answer

Q44) The dietery component which is assimilated unchanged is Show Answer

Q45) Maltose on hydrolysis gives Show Answer

Q46) The end product of hydrolysis of starch by saliva is Show Answer

Q47) The main organ for digestion and absorption of food is Show Answer

Q48) Heart attack patients are advised to take Show Answer

Q49) Synthesis of glucogen from sugar in the liver, is known as Show Answer

Q50) Pulp of tooth is covered by Show Answer

Q51) Entergasterone stops the secretion of Show Answer

Q52) The gastric enzyme pepsin reacts only in acidic medium within a limited pH concentration which varies between Show Answer

Q53) Starch and cellulose are compounds of many units of Show Answer

Q54) In an empty stomach, the mucosae is thrown into folds known as Show Answer

Q55) Heart is made of Show Answer

Q56) The free edges of the auriculo-ventricular valves joined to the wall of heart by fine collagen fibres called Show Answer

Q57) The heart beat is initiated by a special heart tissue embedded in the wall of the upper side of right auricle. This is called Show Answer

Q58) The circulation of blood was first discovered by Show Answer

Q59) Formation of blood cells from bone marrow is called Show Answer

Q60) Which of the following cells have least consistent shape Show Answer

Q61) The auriculo-ventricular node in human heart was discovered by Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following blood groups is a universal acceptor Show Answer

Q63) The arterial pulse is due to Show Answer

Q64) The electric charge formation in heart is Show Answer

Q65) One heart beat in average man lasts for Show Answer

Q66) The diatolic arterial blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries at the time of cardiac diastole is the Show Answer

Q67) Buffer salt present in blood is Show Answer

Q68) Biologically active substance released by activated T lymphocytes are : Show Answer

Q69) The carbon dioxide in atmosphere is mainly produced by Show Answer

Q70) Mechanism of intake of oxygen for the metabolism in cells and disposing of the resulting carbon dioxide is called Show Answer

Q71) Passage of food and air becomes divided at Show Answer

Q72) The process in which chloride ions pass into RBC and bicarbonate ions pass out is called Show Answer

Q73) The function of Harversian canal in Mammalian bone is Show Answer

Q74) Columns of Bertini in the kidneys of mammals are formed as extension of Show Answer

Q75) The condition of failure of kidney to form urine is Show Answer

Q76) When a person is suffering from poor reabsorption which one of the following will not help in maintenance of blood volume ? Show Answer

Q77) Haeme is split into iron and Show Answer

Q78) Which of the following event occurs in the absence of bile salts Show Answer

Q79) Urine allowed to stand for some time smells strongly due to Show Answer

Q80) Abnormal urinary constituents are Show Answer

Q81) Urea is mainly formed in Liver and to small extent in Show Answer

Q82) Which one of the following is an amino acid derivative hormone Show Answer

Q83) Which one of the following acts as second messenger Show Answer

Q84) Hasimoto's disease is due to hyposecretion of Show Answer

Q85) Salt-retaining hormone is Show Answer

Q86) Hormone which stimulates development of certain types of WBC's is Show Answer

Q87) Somatostatin is not produced by Show Answer

Q88) Ovarian hormone released only during pregnancy is Show Answer

Q89) ANF is secreted by Show Answer

Q90) Blood calcium level can be increased by administration of Show Answer

Q91) Neurohypophysis secrets Show Answer

Q92) Parturition is triggered by Show Answer

Q93) Which part of the brain is involved in following condition. A child walking straight on a single rope. Show Answer

Q94) Motor speech area lies in the Show Answer

Q95) Total number of nerves present in lumber region are Show Answer

Q96) Which of the following statement is correct. Show Answer

Q97) Transmission across synapses was discovered by Show Answer

Q98) Receptors which respond to acceleration and gravity in humans are Show Answer

Q99) Area of eye which has only cone cells is Show Answer

Q100) The pigment present in rod cells of eye is Show Answer

Q101) Monocular vision is seen in Show Answer

Q102) Presbyopia or old sightedeness can be corrected by Show Answer

Q103) Scala tympani in ear is filled with Show Answer

Q104) Jacobson's organs are best developed in Show Answer

Q105) A 'Blue baby' is the name given to an abnormal human baby who has Show Answer

Q106) Oedema is caused due to Show Answer

Q107) Which of the following is not the function of spleen ? Show Answer

Q108) Which of the following respiratory pigment is seen in Phylum Annelida ? Show Answer

Q109) Which of the following area limits inspiration ? Show Answer

Q110) Carbonic anhydrase is a/an Show Answer

Q111) Decompression sickness is caused due to Show Answer

Q112) Which of the following hormones increases secretion of bile Show Answer

Q113) Cells of liver that engulf the disease causing microbes are Show Answer

Q114) The first permanent teeth to appear is Show Answer

Q115) Oxyntic cells are found in Show Answer

Q116) Flight muscles of sparrow have Show Answer

Q117) Joint between the two vertebrae is Show Answer

Q118) Which bone in mammals is not used for protection and support in the body ? Show Answer

Q119) Which area of the brain is associated with emotions. Show Answer

Q120) Who is known as Father of Endocrinology ? Show Answer

Q121) Through which type of glands, hormones are produced ? Show Answer

Q122) Which of the following is correct for endocrine glands ? Show Answer

Q123) Which of the following is not a endocrine gland ? Show Answer

Q124) Which gland acts as exocrinally as well as endocrinally ? Show Answer

Q125) Which gland is called as 'Master endocrine gland' ? Show Answer

Q126) Which of the following is concerned with diabetes insipidus ? Show Answer

Q127) Diabetes mellitus is concerned with Show Answer

Q128) The hormone insulin is secreted by Show Answer

Q129) Hyposecretion of which gland in children leads to critinism ? Show Answer

Q130) The male sex hormone is called Show Answer

Q131) Deficiency of iodine in food or water leads to Show Answer

Q132) Diabetes mellitus is the result of undersecretrion of Show Answer

Q133) What will happen if the thyroid is removed from a tadpole ? Show Answer

Q134) Acromegaly is the result of hypersecretion of Show Answer

Q135) Which cell of testis secrete testosterone hormone ? Show Answer

Q136) Deficiency of adrenal cortex activity leads to Show Answer

Q137) STH (Somatotrophic Hormone) is also known as Show Answer

Q138) Hormone that stimulates milk secretion is Show Answer

Q139) Which is not secreted by anterior pituitary ? Show Answer

Q140) Intermediate lobe of pituitary secretes a hormone Show Answer

Q141) Secretion of ductless glands are known as Show Answer

Q142) A woman may develop beard and moustaches due to Show Answer

Q143) Which hormone is hypoglycaemic in nature ? Show Answer

Q144) Hormone controlling contraction of uterus during parturition is Show Answer

Q145) Cretinism is due to less secretion of Show Answer

Q146) Which of the following is controlled by hormone oxytocin ? Show Answer

Q147) Endocrine gland responsible for immunity is Show Answer

Q148) Parathromone deficiency disease is Show Answer

Q149) Which one exclusively comprises endocrine glands ? Show Answer

Q150) Emergency gland is a common name of Show Answer

Q151) 3F (Fear-Fight-Flight) gland is known as Show Answer

Q152) Testosterone is responsible for Show Answer

Q153) Which hormone is secreted by kidney ? Show Answer

Q154) Removal or absence of thymus in early life shall bring about lack of Show Answer

Q155) Hormones differ from enzymes in being Show Answer

Q156) A temporary endocrine gland formed in ovary after ovulation is Show Answer

Q157) Diabetes insipidus is under control of Show Answer

Q158) Which hormone is mainly secreted by corpus luteum ? Show Answer

Q159) GH controls growth through Show Answer

Q160) Undersecretion of corticoids produces a disease known as Show Answer

Q161) Which hormone is secreted by pineal gland ? Show Answer

Q162) Through which cell glucagon hormone is secreted ? Show Answer

Q163) Which one is a female sex hormone ? Show Answer

Q164) Neurohypophysis of pituitary secretes Show Answer

Q165) Parathyroid gland degeneration affect Show Answer

Q166) Cushing's disease is caused by hyperactivity of Show Answer

Q167) Table salt is often iodised for certain area to prevent Show Answer

Q168) Which one of the following pair is not correctly matched ? Show Answer

Q169) Which of the following pairs is/are correctly matched ?
Gland - Hormones
(I) Pituitary - Follicle stimulating hormone
(II) thyroid - Somatotropic hormone
(III) Parathyroid - Thyroxine Show Answer

Glucagon is said to lower down the blood sugar level.
Glucagon increases the utilisation of glucose in the tissue and the synthesis of liver glycogen. Show Answer

Hormones are similar to enzyme in their action and chemical nature.
Hormones and enzymes are proteinaceous in nature and act as informational molecules. Show Answer

Polactin is also called the milk ejection hormone.
Prolactin stimulates the smooth muscle contractions of the mammary glands. Show Answer

Insulin is said to be an anabolic hormone.
Failure of insulin secretion causes diabetes. Show Answer

Q174) The main thinking part of the brain is Show Answer

Q175) Which one among the following organs in human is not involved in elicitation of immune response ? Show Answer

Q176) Among the following elements, which one is essential for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre ? Show Answer

Q177) Biological catalyst in living organisms are known as Show Answer

Q178) Which part of brain controls fine movement, maintain balance and equilibrium of the body and muscle tone in a human beings ? Show Answer

Q179) Which of the following is made up of collagen ? Show Answer

Q180) Which of the following is made up of elastic yellow fibre ? Show Answer

Q181) In which class of mammal bone marrow is absent ? Show Answer

Q182) In which part of your body osteoblasts are found ? Show Answer

Q183) Which of the following is depicted by bite juice ? Show Answer

Q184) Gastrin hormone is secreted by Show Answer

Q185) Which one among the following is the nature of bile acids ? Show Answer

Q186) In which part of alimentary canal fatty acids are absorbed ? Show Answer

Q187) The largest gland in the human body is Show Answer

Q188) In ruminants cellulose is digested by Show Answer

Q189) Food after getting churned in stomach is called Show Answer

Q190) The contraction of gall blader is due to Show Answer

Q191) Which one is secreted by oxyntic cell ? Show Answer

Q192) Maximum food absorption takes place in Show Answer

Q193) Which type of vitamin is stored by liver ? Show Answer

Q194) Digestion of both starch and protein is done by Show Answer

Q195) Which of the salivary glands are smallest ? Show Answer

Q196) Which enzyme are present in saliva ? Show Answer

Q197) Major part of digestion is completed in Show Answer

Q198) Respiratory quotient (RQ) for fat is Show Answer

Q199) Stage when lung collapsed, specially the alveoli is Show Answer

Q200) In which animals pouched gills are found ? Show Answer

Q201) Which of the following is represented by true ribs ? Show Answer

Q202) Which of the following part of intestine is situated near to the stomach ? Show Answer

Q203) In which residual air can be traced ? Show Answer

Q204) Which of the following is the ultimate structural and physiological units of lungs ? Show Answer

Q205) Which of the following is called as voice box ? Show Answer

Q206) Which of the following is called as wind pipe ? Show Answer

Q207) Diaphram is supplied by Show Answer

Q208) The thickest part of the human heart is the wall of Show Answer

Q209) Heart beat is initiated in man by Show Answer

Q210) The universal recipient blood group is Show Answer

Q211) The mesodermal cavity where blood is present Show Answer

Q212) The number of bones in ribs of human beings. Show Answer

Q213) Which one is shown by human heart ? Show Answer

Q214) The anterior part of the tongue is most sensitive to Show Answer

Q215) Which one is the functional unit of kidney ? Show Answer

Q216) The yellow colour of urine is due to Show Answer

Q217) Water reabsorption in kidney is controlled by Show Answer

Q218) Green glands, present in some arthropods help in Show Answer

Q219) A condition of failure of kidney to form urine is called Show Answer

Q220) Waste material in Amoeba is taken out by Show Answer

Q221) The excretory product of birds and reptiles is Show Answer

Q222) Ammonia is converted into urea in Show Answer

Q223) Sweating from body is related to Show Answer

Q224) Total number of bones in man are Show Answer

Q225) The total number of bones in human skull are Show Answer

Q226) Number of cervical vertebrae in camel are Show Answer

Q227) The coccygeal bone in man, is found in Show Answer

Q228) The number of vertebrae found in man is Show Answer

Q229) Total number of bones in the hind limb of a man is Show Answer

Q230) Which one is the voluntary muscle ? Show Answer

Q231) Which of the following bone is known as wrist bone ? Show Answer

Q232) Myoglobin is found in Show Answer

Q233) Human ear can hear sound of Show Answer

Q234) With reference to human body, which one of the following statements is correct ? Show Answer

Q235) Auditory ossicles are found in Show Answer

Q236) With reference to human heart, which one of the following is not correct ? Show Answer

Q237) Which one of the following is first utilised in human body for obtaining energy ? Show Answer

Q238) With reference to a normal human being which one of the following statements is not correct ? Show Answer

Q239) Consider the following
(I) Blood
(II) Bone
(III) Ligaments
(IV) Tendons
Which of these are connective tissues ? Show Answer

Q240) Which one of the following enzymes is present in human buccal cavity ? Show Answer

Q241) Which one of the following groupings is not appropriate ? Show Answer

Q242) Blood entess glomerular capillaries through Show Answer

Q243) The following layers are found in the structure of the eye
(I) Conjuctiva
(II) Choroid
(III) Retina
(IV) Sclerotic
The correct sequence of these layers from outer to inner layers is Show Answer

In the digestive system of human body, water is absorbed in the large intestine.
large intestine does not secrete enzymes. Show Answer

If a muscle is stimulated repeatedly, it does not respond to stimuli at all.
Lactic acid accumulates in the muscle. Show Answer

Left ventricle of heart has a thinner wall than that of the right ventricle.
Left ventricle needs to pump blood to nearby lungs only. Show Answer

Q247) Muscles of which one among the following body parts contract slowly, but can remain contracted for a longer time ? Show Answer

Q248) The complete digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats occurs in Show Answer

Q249) The acid in gastric juice is Show Answer

Q250) Which one among the following is the hardest part of our body ? Show Answer

Q251) Which of the following statements is/are correct ?
(I) Ligaments are highly flexible.
(II) Ligaments connect muscles and bones.
(III) Ligaments contain very little matrix.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below : Show Answer

Q252) Which one among the following organs breaks fat to produce cholesterol ? Show Answer