Practice Test

Q1) The main difference in the circulation of blood and lymph is: Show Answer

Q2) If you were asked to dissect an animal so as to reveal a value, which of the following places would be good to try except: Show Answer

Q3) The introduction of a bacterial antigen into the body triggers a response specifically against the antigen by: Show Answer

Q4) If most of its lymphocytes were drained out of an animal via the thoracic duct, the animal would not: Show Answer

Q5) Haemoglobin transport oxygen to the extent of: Show Answer

Q6) Which one of the following blood vessels has a thick muscular coat? Show Answer

Q7) Which chamber of human heart has thickest muscular wall? Show Answer

Q8) The blood flows fast and with jerks in: Show Answer

Q9) Haemoglobin is found dissolved in the plasma of: Show Answer

Q10) The correct sequence followed by the blood flowing through the heart of frog is: Show Answer

Q11) Which of the following is not a difference between circulatory system of mammals and those of insects? Show Answer

Q12) A type of blood bank from which reserves of erythrocytes may be quickly mobilized when needed by the body is the: Show Answer

Q13) The posterior pair of lymph hearts in frog pump lymph into: Show Answer

Q14) Blood enters the heart because muscles of the: Show Answer

Q15) The breakdown product of haemoglobin is: Show Answer

Q16) How many renal veins emerge out of frog and mammalian kidney respectively? Show Answer

Q17) Select advantage of a double circulation over a single circulation: Show Answer

Q18) In amphibian heart the cavity present at the base of truncus arteriosus is called: Show Answer

Q19) The shoulder and forelimb are connected to the heart by: Show Answer

Q20) What will happen to the body of an adult man if spleen is removed? Show Answer

Q21) In persons suffering from sickle cell anaemia, erythrocytes become sickle shaped when: Show Answer

Q22) The greatest amount of oxygen will be lost from the blood while it is travelling through: Show Answer

Q23) The blood pressure is high in: Show Answer

Q24) The exchange of materials between blood and interstitial fluid only at the: Show Answer

Q25) The rate of heart beat per minute is highest in case of: Show Answer

Q26) Pick up the cells of bone marrow which give rise to all types of corpuscles of blood: Show Answer

Q27) The precaval veins collect blood from: Show Answer

Q28) Thrombosis in which coronary artery is met most frequently in MI (Myocardial infarction): Show Answer

Q29) The portal system present in all the vertebrates is: Show Answer

Q30) Hepatic portal vein in frog before reaching the liver, joins the: Show Answer

Q31) Which one of the following proteins is not normal component of blood plasma? Show Answer

Q32) In frog, dorsal side of the heart is occupied by: Show Answer

Q33) Opening of truncus arteriosus of frog is guarded by: Show Answer

Q34) The free edges of the auriculo-ventricular valves are joined to the wall of heart of fine collagen fibres called: Show Answer

Q35) Right auricle of heart of human is: Show Answer

Q36) Heart of fish is: Show Answer

Q37) Opening of pulmonary vein to left auricle is guarded by: Show Answer

Q38) In a closed circulatory system, blood is completely closed within: Show Answer

Q39) The heart is enclosed in a double walled thin bag called: Show Answer

Q40) Main function of pericardial fluid is: Show Answer

Q41) Heart is made of: Show Answer

Q42) Absolute refractory period of heart is: Show Answer

Q43) The heart muscles work rhythmically always by: Show Answer

Q44) In mammalian heart there is very swift conduction of stimulation all over the heart because of: Show Answer

Q45) Heart beats are affected by: Show Answer

Q46) Heart beats are accelerated by the: Show Answer

Q47) Ringer's solution contains: Show Answer

Q48) The heart beat is initiated by a special heart tissue embodied in the wall of right wall of right auricle. This is called: Show Answer

Q49) The common name of sinu-auricular node is: Show Answer

Q50) As in other cells heart muscle fibres also carry an electric charge. This is: Show Answer

Q51) The opening of auricles into ventricle in frog is guarded by: Show Answer

Q52) During the coagulation of blood, vitamin K helps in the: Show Answer

Q53) Oxygenated blood enters the heart in the: Show Answer

Q54) Sciatic vein collects blood and pours it in: Show Answer

Q55) Blood from the lung of human is carried by: Show Answer

Q56) When a normal frog is injected with the physiological concentration of adrenaline, the heart beat shows: Show Answer

Q57) The circulation of blood was first discovered by: Show Answer

Q58) The opening of the upper chamber of the heart into the lower chamber is known as: Show Answer

Q59) The blood leaving the lungs is richer than the blood entering the lungs in: Show Answer

Q60) The artery which carries deoxygenated blood is known as: Show Answer

Q61) The intravenous injection of blood plasma or serum with the object of restoring the blood volume is known as: Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following statements is true for arteries? Show Answer

Q63) Perfusion of heart of frog with acetylcholine will cause: Show Answer

Q64) Connection between arteries and veins is through: Show Answer

Q65) Blood which after circulation comes from liver to heart has: Show Answer

Q66) The innermost coat of the wall of artery is called: Show Answer

Q67) The wall of vein is: Show Answer

Q68) Tunica media of blood vessels is formed of: Show Answer

Q69) Endothelium is formed of: Show Answer

Q70) Arterial system of frog includes: Show Answer

Q71) In the sinuses of an open circulatory system, blood is not segregated from: Show Answer

Q72) In which chamber of a bird heart does oxygen-rich blood first enter? Show Answer

Q73) Coelomic fluid is: Show Answer

Q74) Lynph is modified blood that contains: Show Answer

Q75) Carotid labyrinth of frog is a: Show Answer

Q76) Auriculo-ventricular valve in heart of frog is: Show Answer

Q77) In the embryonic condition the interauricular septum has an aperture called: Show Answer

Q78) Bundles of His is a network of: Show Answer

Q79) Blood is considered to be a fluid tissue, the reason is: Show Answer

Q80) In the blood, the blood cells account to: Show Answer

Q81) The density of blood is: Show Answer

Q82) Formation of red blood cells from bone marrow is called: Show Answer

Q83) Which one of the following cells has least consistent shape? Show Answer

Q84) Blood which leaves the liver and moves to heart has a higher than usual concentration of: Show Answer

Q85) Which one is the correct route through which pulse making impulse travels in the heart? Show Answer

Q86) How much water does the plasma contain? Show Answer

Q87) The clear fluid formed out of the blood after the blood clot is called: Show Answer

Q88) Which one of the following proteins help catalytically in the clotting of blood? Show Answer

Q89) The site of production of new red blood cells in case of adult human beigns is: Show Answer

Q90) Which of the following leucocytes have an unlobed nucleus? Show Answer

Q91) When the number of red blood cells or their haemoglobin content falls sharply the disease produced os: Show Answer

Q92) The condition of low white cell count in the blood as a result of some viral diseases is called: Show Answer

Q93) The condition of uncontrolled and abnormally rapid formation of white blood cells is called: Show Answer

Q94) Which of the following leucocytes has multilobed nucleus? Show Answer

Q95) Which of the following leucocytes has bilobed nucleus? Show Answer

Q96) The percentage of proteins in blood plasma is about: Show Answer

Q97) Heparin, helpful in the ingestion of food is produced by the glands of: Show Answer

Q98) Blood from kidney of human is returned by: Show Answer

Q99) The auriculo-ventricular node in human heart was discovered by: Show Answer

Q100) The cation (mineral) necessary for coagulation of blood is: Show Answer

Q101) Iron free compound of haemoglobin is: Show Answer

Q102) One of the following is known as graveyard of RBC where they are destroyed by macrophages: Show Answer

Q103) Thromboplastin is an enzyme which is released by: Show Answer

Q104) Which of the following combinations will prove serious or fatal in case of Rh-factor in man?
1) Rh-negative husband and Rh-negative wife.
2) Rh-positive husband and Rh-negative wife.
3) Rh-positive husband and Rh-positive wife.
4) Rh-negative husband and Rh-positive wife.
Show Answer

Q105) If the blood clotting time is increased in a person this can be due to: Show Answer

Q106) The white pus given out through a wound is made of: Show Answer

Q107) An antigen is a: Show Answer

Q108) If you happen to see a free lion in a jungle the blood pressure will: Show Answer

Q109) The pulse pressure is the: Show Answer

Q110) Humoral antibodies are produced by: Show Answer

Q111) The number of red blood cells per cubic millimetre of blood in a woman is: Show Answer

Q112) Diameter of a red blood cell in man is: Show Answer

Q113) In man the rate of haemopoiesis is different in infant and adult. It is: Show Answer

Q114) The number of red blood cells per cubic millimetre of blood in a man is: Show Answer

Q115) It is understood that a red blood cell is exerted to explosive work. In man one erythrocyte before undergoing destruction makes circuits in the body about: Show Answer

Q116) In adult the formation of erythrocyte mainly takes place in: Show Answer

Q117) The life span of erythrocyte in man is: Show Answer

Q118) The red blood cells undergo destruction daily in out body. The percentage of destruction is nearly: Show Answer

Q119) In our body under normal condition the renewal of all the blood cells take place: Show Answer

Q120) If a man stays at a high altitude there is effect on blood. This effect is mainly on: Show Answer

Q121) In pernicious anaemia there is: Show Answer

Q122) Megaloblasts are: Show Answer

Q123) In our body, storage of vitamins is in: Show Answer

Q124) Lymph is mainly made of plasma part of the blood and white blood corpuscles. The cellular count per cubic mm. of the lymph depends largely on: Show Answer

Q125) Human blood group substances (antigens) present on the surface of erythrocytes are: Show Answer

Q126) Human blood group substances are free from: Show Answer

Q127) Karl Landsteiner recognised: Show Answer

Q128) de Castello and Sturli discovered: Show Answer

Q129) The clumping of red blood cells because of wrong blood transfusion is called: Show Answer

Q130) Among Asian population, the percentage of people having Rh factor is: Show Answer

Q131) An abnormal high white cell count in man is called: Show Answer

Q132) In leukaemia, death occurs within a few months after the onset of disorder as: Show Answer

Q133) If the clotting mechanism functions inadequately, then it is called: Show Answer

Q134) Which of the following blood groups is a universal donor? Show Answer

Q135) The blood does not coagulate inside our body, because of: Show Answer

Q136) In origin the red cells are: Show Answer

Q137) Haematocrit is related with: Show Answer

Q138) In all the mammals in adult stage, red blood corpuscles are without nucleus except one animal. The name of the animal is: Show Answer

Q139) Fibrinogen, Prothrombin and Albumin are manufactured only in: Show Answer

Q140) In a normal man about 5% of the body iron in circulation is in the form of haemoglobin and the rest 95% is retained as: Show Answer

Q141) What will be the effect of administration of extra iron into a normal man? Show Answer

Q142) Consumption of green vegetables helps in blood formation as: Show Answer

Q143) It is possible to store blood in laboratory by adding into the blood: Show Answer

Q144) The heart sound dup is produced when: Show Answer

Q145) Prothrombin is a substance necessary for blood clotting. This is produced in liver in presence of: Show Answer

Q146) Fibrinogen is present in blood in the form of soluble blood protein. This changes to fibrin which is a insoluble blood protein. This change is brought about by the action of: Show Answer

Q147) Volume of lymph in a normal man is: Show Answer

Q148) In limbs, lymph never reaches the blood without passing through at least one lymph node. This is for: Show Answer

Q149) Protein contents of lymph is: Show Answer

Q150) In lymph, the cells are: Show Answer

Q151) Heart beats are accelerated by: Show Answer

Q152) Q.R.S.T. is related with: Show Answer

Q153) In a rheumatic heart: Show Answer

Q154) Which of the following blood groups has no agglutinagen in its red blood corpuscles? Show Answer

Q155) The systolic and diastolic blood pressure in a normal adult are: Show Answer

Q156) The human healthy heart at rest beats in a minute nearly: Show Answer

Q157) The RBC count per cubic millimetre of blood is: Show Answer

Q158) The WBC count per cubic millimetre of blood is: Show Answer

Q159) The number of pulmonary veins in frog which carry oxygenated blood is: Show Answer

Q160) The platelets count per cubic millimetre of blood is: Show Answer

Q161) If a person, because of excessive concentration of bilirubin in plasma, acquires yellow appearance of the skin, sclerus and mucous membrane, the person is said to be the patient of: Show Answer

Q162) Hyperbilirubinemia occurs in man when: Show Answer

Q163) Maximum surface area of circulating system is seen in: Show Answer

Q164) Pacemaker of heart is situated: Show Answer

Q165) During systole: Show Answer

Q166) Heart beat is controlled by: Show Answer

Q167) If more carbon dioxide is produced during rapid cell respiration. This will: Show Answer

Q168) A cardiac cycle includes: Show Answer

Q169) In the function of heart systolic arterial blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries at the time of cardiac systole and hence shows: Show Answer

Q170) The diastolic arterial blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries at the time of cardiac diastole is the: Show Answer

Q171) The average electric charge formation in heart at rest is: Show Answer

Q172) The myogenic and neurogenic principles are associated with: Show Answer

Q173) Which of the following has no muscular walls? Show Answer

Q174) One heart beat in an average man lasts: Show Answer

Q175) In man one auticular systole takes: Show Answer

Q176) In man one ventricular systole takes: Show Answer

Q177) In man one ventricular diastole takes: Show Answer

Q178) The term blood volume means: Show Answer

Q179) Cortisone controls: Show Answer

Q180) Plasma prothrombin time is prolonged by administration of: Show Answer

Q181) Highly oxygenated blood is found in: Show Answer

Q182) Chordae tendineae are found in: Show Answer

Q183) The arterial pulse is due to: Show Answer

Q184) The heart would have to do a tremendous amount of work to pump the blood in the vessel if: Show Answer

Q185) Sometimes new born infants show physiological jaundice. It is due to: Show Answer

Q186) Blood clot sometimes formed in vessels blocking the flow of blood is called: Show Answer

Q187) In frog, the postcaval is constituted by: Show Answer

Q188) Coagulation will be retarded by: Show Answer

Q189) Which of the these vessels has only one layer of cells named tunica intima? Show Answer

Q190) What is the approximate volume of blood per kg of human body weight: Show Answer

Q191) Which is not a function of blood? Show Answer

Q192) Active bone marrow in adult human being is about: Show Answer

Q193) One change out of the following is of great importance during clotting of blood. Pick up the same: Show Answer

Q194) An adult human with average health has systolic and diastolic pressures as: Show Answer

Q195) With respect to the ABO group, there are found major blood types because this blood group is determined by: Show Answer

Q196) Heart beats are affected by: Show Answer

Q197) Which of the following is the cancerous state of blood? Show Answer

Q198) Oxygenated blood is found in: Show Answer

Q199) Heart beat originates from: Show Answer

Q200) In vertebrate blood the carrier of oxygen to the tissues or respiratory pigment is: Show Answer

Q201) Who discovered Rh factor? Show Answer

Q202) The gene for main factor for clotting of blood is present on: Show Answer

Q203) Which of the following is not a granulocyte? Show Answer

Q204) The life span of human W.B.C. is approximately? Show Answer

Q205) Megakaryocytes give rise to: Show Answer

Q206) Which of the following statements is not correct for sickle cell anaemia? Show Answer

Q207) Mitral valve is present between: Show Answer

Q208) Which of the following factors is known as 'Christmas factor': Show Answer

Q209) Nucleated RBCs found in: Show Answer

Q210) In rabbit cardiac shpincter is found in: Show Answer

Q211) The tendons connecting papillary muscles and heart valves are called: Show Answer

Q212) QRS is related with: Show Answer

Q213) Sinus venosus is absent in: Show Answer

Q214) Pace maker of heart is made up of: Show Answer

Q215) Pace maker of heart is introduced for: Show Answer

Q216) Vertebrate's heart originates from: Show Answer

Q217) Rate of heart beat is controlled by: Show Answer

Q218) Which of the antibody accompanies the Rh-factor? Show Answer

Q219) Which of the following does not have an open circulatory system? Show Answer

Q220) A person with blood group O urgently needs transfusion of blood. Blood of which blood group can be given to him: Show Answer

Q221) Blood from a donor with 'AB' Blood-group can be transfused into a person with blood group: Show Answer

Q222) When the plasma protein for clotting is absent in blood, it causes: Show Answer

Q223) At high altitude some changes take place in blood. This change is: Show Answer

Q224) Four chambered heart is found in: Show Answer

Q225) Normal WBC count is 5000 to 10,000 cub/mm of blood. When number of WBCs fall below normal level this is called leucopenia. It occurs due to: Show Answer

Q226) Pulse rate is result of: Show Answer

Q227) Venous system of frog differs from rabbit in having: Show Answer

Q228) Heart of frog differs from that of rabbit in having: Show Answer

Q229) Vitamin required for the formation of prothrombin is: Show Answer

Q230) In blood: Show Answer

Q231) Which organ receives only oxygenated blood? Show Answer

Q232) Thrombocytes have a life of: Show Answer

Q233) Average cardiac output is: Show Answer

Q234) The wall of heart is made up of: Show Answer

Q235) Which of the following blood vessels in mammals normally carry largest amount of urea? Show Answer

Q236) The pace setter in human heart is: Show Answer

Q237) Heart is innervated by: Show Answer

Q238) Right atrium of man's heart receives blood from: Show Answer

Q239) During diastole: Show Answer

Q240) Bicuspid valve allows blood from: Show Answer

Q241) Blood pressure if defined as: Show Answer

Q242) Blood supply to kidney is: Show Answer

Q243) During high blood pressure, regulation of heart beat and circulation are controlled by: Show Answer

Q244) What is true about vein? Show Answer

Q245) Blood pressure if measured by: Show Answer

Q246) Pulmonary artery differs pulmonary vein in having: Show Answer

Q247) The blood protein involved in blood coagulation is: Show Answer

Q248) Blood vessel which brings oxygenated blood to right auricle is: Show Answer

Q249) A sample of blood shows clumping with antiserum A but not with antiserum B. The blood group would be: Show Answer

Q250) Person with AB blood group can receive blood from: Show Answer

Q251) Blood group B means the person: Show Answer

Q252) Which one carries oxygen? Show Answer

Q253) Collecting of WBCs at the site of injury occurs due to: Show Answer

Q254) In Prawn, the heart pumps: Show Answer

Q255) Blood circulation is open in: Show Answer

Q256) Heart sound which is longer is: Show Answer

Q257) Adrenaline directly affects on: Show Answer

Q258) Continuous bleeding from an injured part of body is due to deficiency of: Show Answer

Q259) Impulse of heart beat originates from: Show Answer

Q260) Bundle of His is network of: Show Answer

Q261) Systemic heart refers to: Show Answer

Q262) Choose the correct proportion with respect to the distribution of blood in the body of man: Show Answer

Q263) The rate of the heart beats and their conduction is represented in the pathway: Show Answer

Q264) Of the following the one which is an example of buffer system in blood is: Show Answer

Q265) The chamber of human heart, which has thickest wall: Show Answer

Q266) Person with blood group A has: Show Answer

Q267) The part or antibody molecule which acts as binding site for specific related antigen is: Show Answer

Q268) The treatment of snake bite by antivenom is an example of: Show Answer

Q269) Serum is: Show Answer

Q270) Bundle of 'His' is group of: Show Answer

Q271) In which one of the following pair of terms both represent one and the same thing? Show Answer

Q272) Four chambered heart is present in: Show Answer

Q273) Nucleus of monocyte is: Show Answer

Q274) You are required to draw blood from a patient and to keep it in a test tube for analysis of blood corpuscles and plasma. You are also provided with the following four types of test tubes. Which of these will you not use for the purpose? Show Answer

Q275) Insulin and glucagon are transported to target organ by: Show Answer

Q276) Which of the following is correct pair? Show Answer

Q277) An artificial pacemaker is implanted subcutaneously and connected to the heart in patients: Show Answer

Q278) G-6-P dehydrogenase deficiency is associated with haemolysis of: Show Answer

Q279) Which of the following substances, if introduced into the blood stream, would cause coagultion of blood at the site of its introduction? Show Answer

Q280) What happens when the pacemaker is non-functional? Show Answer

Q281) In sickle cell anaemia the glutamic acid is replaced by: Show Answer

Q282) The process of formation of blood corpuscles is called: Show Answer

Q283) Leech secretes which of the following anticoagulant? Show Answer

Q284) Mark the odd one: Show Answer

Q285) Find out the incorrect answer from the following? Show Answer

Q286) How many times a red blood corpuscle will have to pass through the heart in its journey from hepatic artery to the aorta? Show Answer

Q287) Heart of Heart' is Show Answer

Q288) SA-node is located in: Show Answer

Q289) Yellow bone marrow is found especially in the medullary cavity of: Show Answer

Q290) An insect bite may result in inflammation of that spot. This is triggered by the alarm chemicals such as: Show Answer

Q291) Closure of which of the following makes louder sound of heart beat? Show Answer

Q292) Which of the following is main negative mineral ion in extracellular fluid? Show Answer

Q293) In ECG, what 'T' wave represent? Show Answer

Q294) Which leucocytes releases heparin and histamines in the blood? Show Answer

Q295) Graveyard of blood is: Show Answer

Q296) A drop of each of the following, is placed separately on four sides. Which of them will not coagulate? Show Answer

Q297) The value situated between the left atrium and left ventricle is called: Show Answer

Q298) In humans, blood passes from the postcaval to the diastolic right atrium of the heart due to: Show Answer

Q299) Which one of the following statements is correct regarding blood pressure: Show Answer

Q300) Arteries are best defined as the vessels which: Show Answer

Q301) Bundle of His' is a part of which one the following organs in humans? Show Answer

Q302) Which one of the following plasma proteins is involved in the coagulation of blood? Show Answer

Q303) In which of the following capillary system is present? Show Answer

Q304) Respiratory pigment is dissolved in plasma of blood in case of: Show Answer

Q305) Heart of cockroach is 13 chambered. Each chamber bears a pair of aperture guarded by valves. The apertures are: Show Answer

Q306) Which of the follwing is involved in maintaining pH of blood by buffering action? Show Answer

Q307) Erythrocytes do not contain: Show Answer

Q308) Neutrophils are responsible for protection against infection. They constitute how much % age of total leucocyte count: Show Answer

Q309) Monocytes have kidney shaped nucleus and contitute 5-6 per cent of total WBC. The diameter of monocyte is about: Show Answer

Q310) If there is a complete mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in the heart, then: Show Answer

Q311) QRS in ECG is related to: Show Answer

Q312) Which one of the following statements is correct? Show Answer

Q313) Mammals native to high altitudes have haemoglobins of greater oxygen affinity than low altitude forms because: Show Answer

Q314) The innermost layer of blood capillaties is made up of: Show Answer

Q315) The cords of Billorth are blood spaces which are found in: Show Answer

Q316) S.A. node is small flattened ellipsoid strip of muscle fibre measuring about: Show Answer

Q317) The first heart sound created by closure of AV valve is loud. It lasts for: Show Answer

Q318) Patients in which atrial impulse suddenly falls to be transimitted to ventricles. Such a case is called: Show Answer

Q319) Wall of heart is covered externally by: Show Answer

Q320) Which of the following statements are wrong?
(i) Leucocytes disintegrate in the spleen and liver.
(ii) RBC, WBC and blood platelets are produced by bone marrow.
(iii) Neutrophils bring about destruction and detoxification of toxins of protein origin.
(iv) The important function of lymphocytes is to produce anitbodies. Show Answer

Q321) Which one of the following four secretions is matched with its source, target and nature of action?
Secretion:Source:Target:Action Show Answer

Q322) Open circulatory system is present in
(a) arthropods
(b) annelids
(c) chordates
(d) molluscs Show Answer

Q323) Heamolysis can occur in one of the following cases:
Blood groups
Mother:Child Show Answer