Practice Test

1) The portion of the sperm known as its power house is the:

2) The immediate predecessors of spermatids are the:

3) The process of differentiation of spermatid into a spermatozoa is known as:

4) The spermatogenesis is a sequence of events. Give the correct order:

5) Primary spermatocyte produces 4 spermatozoa, but primary oocyte produces:

6) Ovulation takes place:

7) The most important ingredient of contraceptive pills is:

8) Fimbriated funnel is:

9) How many secondary spermatocytes will form 400 spermatozoa?

10) Seminiferous tubules are found in:

11) Oogenesis comprises:

12) In the fertile human female, approximately on which day of the menstrual cycle does ovulation take place?

13) If pregnancy does not occur, then corpus luteum:

14) The menstrual cycle in normal adult woman is of:

15) Contraceptive oral pills help in birth control by:

16) Repair of endometrium is undertaken by:

17) "Spermiogenesis" refers to:

18) How many eggs will be formed from 100 primary oocytes?

19) Atretic follicles are found in the:

20) Eunuchoidism is due to the failure of production of:

21) Corpus luteum is found in:

22) The hormone responsible for secondary sexual characters in female is:

23) Supporting cells found in between the germinal epithelium of testes are called:

24) Spermatozoa mature in:

25) Correct sequence of hormone secretion from beginning of menstruation is:

26) Graafian follicle contains:

27) Mullerian duct is:

28) Number of eggs released in the life time of a woman is approximately:

29) A human female reaches menopause around the age of:

30) Grey cresent is present in:

31) Glands secreting male sex hormone are:

32) Estrogen is secreted by:

33) Progesterone level falls during:

34) Cervix occurs in:

35) Which set is similar:

36) Temperature of the scrotum which is necessary for functioning of testis is always below body temperature. This difference is:

37) Bartholin glands are situated:

38) Manstrual cycle is affected by:

39) Preparation of sperm before entry into the ovum is called:

40) How many mature eggs are typically produced by each ovary of a non-pregnant woman each year?

41) Acrosome is found in the sperm at:

42) Oocyte is liberated from ovary under the influence of LH, after completing:

43) Which is correct about human embryonic development?

44) The number of chormosomes in a mature gamete gets halved during:

45) Frog's testes do not possess:

46) In oogamy, fertlization involves:

47) In human female, ovulation occurs during menstrual cycle:

48) Nebenkern is a part of:

49) Yellow coloured milk secreted by cattle soon after the birth of a calf is called:

50) Ovulation in the human female normally takes place during the menstrual cycle:

51) In which of the following organisms testes descend into scrotum in breeding season but in non-breeding season goes up?

52) Proliferation of endometrium of uterus is controlled by:

53) The type of placenta in shark is:

54) Which cell organelle is absent in human sperm?

55) The origin of kidney and ureter in Rana tigrina is:

56) Which of the following is 'immortal'?

57) Grey crecent is an area:

58) Wolffian duct forms:

59) A cross section at the mid point of middle piece of a human sperm will show:

60) Which one of the following events is correctly matched with the time period in a normal menstrual cycle?

61) If mammalian ovum fails to get fertilized, which one of the following is unlikely?

62) In which one of the following sets of animals do all the four give birth to young ones?

63) Both corpus luteum and macula lutea are:

64) Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary hormone known as:

65) Withdrawal of which of the following hormones is the immediate cause of menstruation?

66) In cloning of cattle a fertilized egg is taken out of the mother's womb and:

67) In the human female, menstruation can be deferred by the administration of:

68) In humans, at end of the first meiotic division, the male germ cells differentiates into the:

69) Which of the following statements is incorrect about menstruation:

70) Which of the following statements about human sperm is correct?

71) The signal for parturition originate from:

72) Sertoli cells are found in:

73) Which of the following is characteristic of the 27th day of the menstrual cycle?

74) In the male reproductive system:

75) The testes in human are situated outside the abdominal cavity inside a pouch called scroutm. The purpose served is for:

76) If for some reason, the vasa efferentia in the human reproductive system get blocked, the gametes will not be transported from:

77) The luteal (secretory) phase of the mentrual cycle is characterized by all of the following except:

78) The first movements of the foetus and appearance of hair on its head are usually observed during which month of pregnancy?

79) The second matruation division of the mammalian ovum occurs:

80) Which of the following statements about morula in humans is correct?

81) During the differentiation of a spermatozoan (spermiogenesis), the acrosome arises by accumulation of a material in:

82) What is the female counterpart of prostate gland of male (Man)?

83) Which is the cellular layer that disintegrates and regenerates again and again in humans:

84) Which one of the following "structure-secretory product" combinations is correct?

85) Seminal plasma in human males is rich in:

86) The abdominal passage which connects the abdominal cavity with scrotal sac in mammals is known as:

87) Vagina is lubricated by the secretion from:

88) Given below is a statement with some blanks. Fill up the blanks correctly -
The male reproductive system consists of two testes. Each testis contains thin folded tubes called the __(A)__ which meiosis take place to produce the male gametes, the sperms. These sperms move to the __(B)__ ( a highly coiled tube formed from the merging of the seminiferous tubules), and then to the __(C)__ or sperm duct. The vasa deferentia merge to form the urethra, which travels to the outside of the body through the penis.The cells located vasa deferentia merge to form the urethra, which travels to the outside of the body through the penis. The cells located between the seminiferous tubules are called __(D)__ cells and they are responsible for the formation of the male hormone, __(E)__.

89) Fill up the blanks.
A functional mammary gland is characteristic of all female __(A)__. The mammary glands are paired structures (breasts) that contain glandular tissue and variable amount of fat. The glandular tissue of each breast is divided into 15-20 mammary lobes containing clusters of cells called __(B)__. The cells of __(C)__ secrete milk, which is stored in the cavities (lumens) of alveoli. The alveoli open into mammary tubules. The tubules of each lobe join to form a __(D)__ duct. Several __(E)__ ducts join to form a wider mammary ampulla which is connected to __(F)__ duct through which milk is sucked out.

90) Fill up the blanks -
The female external genitalia include mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, hymen and clitoris. __(A)__ is a cushion of fatty tissue covered by skin and pubic hair. The __(B)__ are fleshy folds of tissue, which extend down from the mons pubis and surround the vaginal opening. The __(C)__ are paired folds of tissue under the labia majora. The opening of the vagina is often covered partially by a membrane called __(D)__. The __(E)__ is a tiny finger-like structure which lies at the upper junction of the two labia minora above the urethral opening. The __(D)__ is often torn during the first coitus (intercourse). However,it can also be broken by a sudden fall or jolt, insertion of a vaginal tampon, active participation in some sports like horseback riding, cycling etc. In some women the __(D)__ persists even after coitus. In fact, the presence or absence of __(D)__ is not a reliable indicator of virginity or sexual experience.

91) Given below are ten statements (A to J), each with one blank. Select the option which correctly fill up the blanks in all statements -
A : Human reproduce __ (asexually/sexually)
B : Humans are __ .(ociparous/viviparous / ovoviviparous)
C : Fertilisation is __ in humans (external / internal)
D : Male and female gametes are __ (diploid / haploid)
E : Zygote is __ (diploid / haploid)
F : The process of release of ovum from a mature follicle is called __.
G : Ovulation is induced by a hormone called__.
H : The fusion of male and female gametes is called __.
I : Zygote divides to form __ which is implanted in uterus.
J : The structure which provides vascular connection between fetus and uterus is called __.

92) The following refers to ovum surrounded by few sperms. Identify A, B and C -

93) Which of the statements is correct ?

94) Fill up the blanks -
After one month of pregnancy, the embryo's __(A)__ is formed. By the end of the __(B)__ month of pregnancy, the foetus develops limbs and digits. By the end of __(C)__, most of the major organ systems are formed, for example, the limbs and external genital organs are well-developed. By the end of __(D)__, the body is covered with fine hair, eye-lids separate, and eyelashes are formed.

95) A human female has the maximum number of primary oocytes in her ovaries -

96) In a man there are how many male accessory glands ?

97) When both ovaries of woman are removed then which hormone is decreased in blood ?

98) Bulbourethral glands are situated -

99) Which of the following change occur during parturition ?

100) How many eggs are produced by a human female in reproductive age ?

101) Which part of the fallopian tube is closest to the ovary ?

102) Which of the following structure is included in the male sex accessory ducts ?

103) Which of the following is responsible for division of fertilised egg ?

104) Which one is primary sex organ ?

105) When released from ovary, human egg contains

106) In a mammalian sperm, spirally arranged mitochondria around the axial filament are present in the region of

107) Path of sperms from penis to the site of fertilization is :

108) Ovulation takes place by

109) Corpus luteum produces

110) Number of spermatozoan, a single primary spermatocyte produces in spermatogenesis, is

111) The process of releasing the ripe female gamete from the ovary is called

112) In which animal, the tests are abdominal during embryonic stages but migrate to scrotum just before birth where they remain throughout life

113) The structure formed after release of ova from graafian follicles and secretory in nature is

114) Clitoris in mammals is

115) Failure of descending testes into the scrotum is known as

116) Mark the odd one :

117) A gland associated with the male reproductive organs of mammals is

118) Abdominal passage which connects abdominal cavity with the scrotal sac in mammals is known as

119) The sertoli cells are located in

120) Foetal membranes provide

121) Embryonic urinary bladder is

122) Haemopoietic in embryo is

123) Sperms of mammals depend for movement on

124) During pregnancy one of the following is excreted

125) Extrusion of second polar body from egg nucleus occurs

126) The cavity of gastrula is called

127) Archenteron is the future

128) Morphogenesis starts with

129) In which of the following embryonic stages does the implantation take place ?

130) Termination of gastrulation is indicated by

131) Which of the following develops from endoderm ?

132) Gonads are derived from

133) In human beings

134) Human placenta is derived from

135) Placenta in human is

136) Parturition means

137) Why can't woman get pregnant again during pregnancy ?

138) Scrotum is associated with

139) An accessory genital gland is

140) Corpus spongiosum muscle is present in

141) Stroma is present in the T.S. of

142) The duct opening at the tip of the nipple is

143) Gametes are formed during

144) Blastocyst remains attached to

145) All tissues can be formed from

146) Kidney and genital organs are formed from

147) Which of the following events occurs at the same time that menstruation is beginning ?

148) Tunica albuginea covers

149) Leydig cells are found in

150) Below urinary bladder is situated

151) The connective tissue called tunica albuginea covers the

152) Fertilizing protein is found on

153) Estrogen and progesterone are secreted by

154) Which part of the male reproductive system is the place where sperm complete the maturation process ?

155) In which part of the female reproductive anatomy does a fetus develop ?

156) __ is the hormone responsible for the expression of secondary sex characteristics in human females.

157) Which of these is NOT a gland that contributes to the production of sperm ?

158) Which of these is the name for human embryonic development ?

159) ___ keeps the embryo attached to the wall of uterus.

160) At what point development does an embryo become a fetus ?

161) Which of the following events occurs within the uterine tubes ?

162) The fluid that provides energy for the sperm cells comes from the __.

163) In the menstrual cycle, on what day does the flow stage begin ?

164) Females stop releasing eggs and hormone secretions slow down during __.

165) When FSH reaches the testes, it causes the production of __.

166) ___is the process by which a baby is pushed out of the uterus and passes out of the mother's body.

167) The remains of the placenta and embryonic membranes that are expelled during birth are called the __.

168) The menstrual cycle begins during __.

169) Embryo at 16-celled stage is called

170) Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary hormone

171) Withdarawl of which hormone is the immediate cause of menstruation ?

172) Spermatids are changed into spermatozoa through

173) Notochord, skeletal system and demis of skin are derived from

174) At which stage of follicle maturation does ovulation occur, transforming the follicle into the corpus luteum ?

175) Which germinal layer develops first during embryonic development ?

176) Which of the following statements concerning menopause is correct ?

177) Signals for parturition originate from :

178) If mammalian ovum fails to get fertilized, which one of the following is unlikely ?

179) Which part of ovary in mammals acts as an endocrine gland after ovulation ?

180) In the human female, menstruation can be deferred by the administration of

181) In humans, at the end of the first meiotic division, the male germ cells differentiate into the

182) In human adult females oxytocin

183) Which one of the following is the correct matching of the events occurring during menstrual cycle ?

184) Fertilization in the female reproductive tract most often takes place in the

185) Seminal plasma in humans is rich in

186) Foetal ejection reflex in human female is induced by

187) The correct sequence of spermatogenetic stages leading to the formation of sperms in a mature human testis is

188) Which one of the following is the most likely root cause why menstruation is not taking place in regularly cycling human female ?

189) A change in the amount of yolk and its distribution in the egg will affect

190) The first movements of the foetus and appearance of hair on its head are usually observed during which month of pregnancy ?

191) The second maturation division of the mammalian ovum occurs -

192) Human testes are positioned in an external sac rather than in the abdominal cavity

193) The following list gives some effects brought about directly by hormones.
(I) promotion of sperm production
(II) stimulation of oestrogen production
(III) development of corpus luteum
(IV) maturation of Graafian follicle
(V) stimulation of progesterone production
Which of these are ALL effected by FSH ?

194) During the last week of luteal phase of the menstrual cycle the following events occur.
1. A rapid drop in progesterone level takes place.
2.Menstruation begins.
3. Lack of LH leads to the degeneration of the corpus luteum.
4. The endometrium is no longer maintained.
The correct order in which these occur is

195) FSH was administered to a group of rats who had their anterior pituitary glands removed. Compared with the control group of normal rats, which of the following events did NOT take place in the experimental animals ?

196) Which of the following sequences shows the correct order of the events that occur during foetal development ?

197) The region of the embryo that first develops a close connection with the uterus is called the -

198) Which of the following does not occur during implantation ?

199) Which of the following events is correctly matched with the time period in a normal menstrual cycle ?

200) Correct sequence in development is -

201) Some important events in the human female reproductive cycle are given. Arrange the events in a proper sequence
A - Secretion of FSH
B - Growth of corpus luteum
C - Growth of the follicle and oogenesis
D - Ovulation
E - Sudden increase in the levels of LH

202) Correct sequence of hormone secretion from beginning of menstruation is -

203) Regarding fertilization which among the following statements is incorrect ?

204) Which among the following statement is correct to indicate the difference between sperm and egg

205) Menstruation is triggered by an abrupt decline in the amount of

206) What would happen if vasa deferentia of man were cut ?

207) In the human female, menstruation can be deferred by the administration of

208) The temperature of scrotal pouch remains normally at

209) During mid-cycle (menstruation cycle) :
A. LH and FSH attain a peak level
B. Ovulation occurs
C. Maximum progesterone level in blood
D. Regression of corpus luteum occurs

210) Menstruation cycle consists of :
A. Follicular / proliferative phase
B. Luteal / secretory phase
C. Menstrual / bleeding phase
D. Ejaculatory phase

211) During menstrual cycle there is morphological and physiological change in :
A. Uterus
B. Ovary
C. Penis
D. Labia majora

212) A sperm of human consists of :
A. Head
B. Neck
C. Middle piece
D. Tail

213) Secretion / secretions of which one / ones is / are essential for menstruation and motility of sperms.
A. Epididymis
B. Vas deferens
C. Seminal vesicle
D. Prostate glands

214) In humans the male accessory gland / glands include :
A. Seminal vesicle
B. Prostate
C. Testes
D. Bulbourethral

215) Each seminiferous tubule is lined on its inside by :
A. Male germ cells
B. Interstitial cells
C. Leydig cells
D. Sertoli cells

216) The female external genitalia include :
A. Mons pubis
B. Ovary
C. Labia majora and minora
D. Hymen and clitoris

217) A. Umbilical cord contain blood vessel from embryo
B. Umbilical cod joins the placenta and the embryo
C. Umbilical cord carries wastes and nutrients
D. It contains blood vessel from mother

218) Which of the cells are the ones that actually develop into the embryo ?
A. Trophoblast
B. Inner cell mass
C. Extra embryonic membrane
D. Endoderm

219) The sperm and the egg make different contributions to zygote. What statement / statements about their contributions is / are true ?
A. Sperm contribute most of the mitochondria
B. Egg contribute most of the cytoplasm
C. Both sperm and egg contribute haploid nucleus
D. Both sperm and egg contribute centrioles

220) A blastocyst :
A.Consists of trophoectoderm
B. Includes Archenteron
C. Inner cell mass
D. Includes blastocoel

221) Female accessory ducts are constituted by :
A. Oviducts
B. Uterus
C. Vagina
D. Ovary

222) Which one / ones pair is/are correct match ?
A. Solid ball - Morula
B. Hollow ball - Blastocyst
C. Child birth - Colostrum
D. Daughter cells - Blastomeres

223) Which one / ones is / are incorrect ?
A. The first menstrual discharge menarche
B. Meiosis is peculiar to gonads
C. Spermiation is the release of sperms from sertoli cells
D. Spermatogonium has 23 chromosomes in its nucleus.

224) The wall of Uterus has :
A. Ectoderm
B. Perimetrium
C. Myometrium
D. Endometrium

225) In ovary we can find :
A. Primary follicle
B. Graafian follicle
C. Blood vessel
D. Corpus luteum

226) Fallopian tube consists of :
A. Isthmus
B. Cervix
C. Ampulla
D. Infundibulum

227) A. During fertilization, a sperm comes in contact with the zona pellucida layer and induces the changes in the membrane that block the entry of additional sperm.
B. The milk produced during initial few days of lactation is called Colostrum having antibodies.
C. In human beings, menstrual cycle ceases around 50 years of age. It is called menopause.
D. After one month of pregnancy major organ system are formed.

228) Which match / Matches is / are correct ?
A. Urethra - single
B. Prostate gland - single
C. Seminal vesicle - single
D. Bulbourethral gland - paired

229) In human beings uterus is
A. single in number
B. also called womb
C. Like an inverted pear
D. Supported by ligaments

230) Which match / matches is / are incorrect.
A. Spermatogonium - 46 chromosomes
B. Spermatid - 46 chromosomes
C. Sperm - 23 chromosomes
D. Sec. spermatocyte - 23 chromosomes

231) No menstruation cycle occurs
A. Before puberty
B. After 50 years
C. During lactation
D. Between puberty & menopause

232) Immediately after implantation, the inner cell mass differentiate into :
A. Ectoderm
B. Mesoderm
C. Myometrium
D. Endoderm

233) The penis is :
A. Copulatory organ
B. External geneitalia
C. With glans penis, that is covered with fore skin
D. Composed of non-erectile tissue

234) A sectional view of mammary gland shows :
A. Nipple + Areola
B. Mammary lobe, alveolus and duct
C. Antibodies + Pectoralis major muscles + Ribs
D. Ampulla + Lactiferous duct

235) Out of the following which are the parts of reproductive system of a man ?
A. Urethra
B. Fallopian tube
C. Ejaculatory duct
D. Labia minora

236) Which can be seen in the transverse section of human testis ?
A. Germinal epithelium
B. Seminiferous tubule
C. Ova
D. Sertoli cells

237) Which organs of male human reproductive system help in transferring semen into vagina ?
A. Prostate gland
B. Scrotum
C. Urethra
D. Penis

238) Parts of the human female reproductive system are
A. Penis
B. Vagina
C. Uterus
D. Fallopian tube

239) Glands found associated with male reproductive system are
A. Cowper's gland
B. Prostate gland
C. Seminal vesicle
D. Sweat gland

240) Which of the following are primary sex organs ?
A. Scrotum
B. Vagina
C. Testes
D. Ovary

241) Hormones secreted by human placenta are
A. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
B. Human placental lactogen (hPL)
C. estrogen and progesterone
D. Relaxin

242) Found associated with woman's mammary gland
A. Nipple
B. Lactiferous duct
C. Uterus
D. Vulva

243) Found associated with woman's mammary gland
A. Nipple
B. Lactiferous duct
C. Uterus
D. Vulva

244) Structures which are seen in the T. S of a ovary are
A. Graafian follicles
B. Germinal epithelium
C. Sertoli cells
D. Stroma

245) Set of chromosomes present in primary spermatocyte of humanbeing is
A. diploid / 2N
B. 44 + XY
C. 22 + X
D. 22 + Y

246) Out of the following which are the parts of mature human sperm ?
A. Acrosome
B. Axoneme
C. Ampulla
D. Neck

247) The structures derived from mesoderm are
A. Kidney
B. Brain
C. Urinary bladder
D. heart

248) Relaxin is secreted by -

249) The testes in humans are situated outside the abdominal cavity inside a pouch called scrotum. The purpose served is for

250) If for some reason, the vasa efferentia in the human reproductive system get blocked, the gametes will not be transported from

251) In a normal pregnant woman, the amount of total gonadotropin activity has accessed. The result expected was

252) Which is not the accessory duct in male reproductive system of human

253) What is true about menstruation in human

254) The release of semen into vagina is called

255) During embryonic development the heart beat begins at the end of

256) The fertilization in human occurs at the junction of

257) Milk secreted from the cells of alveoli of mammary lobes reaches nipple through lactiferous duct (L), mammary duct (M), Mammary tubule (T) and Mammary ampulla (A) in the following order

258) The release of sperms from Seminiferous tubules is called

259) Which of the following statement regarding human development is correct ?

260) Most of the organs/system in foetus are formed by the end of

261) FSH in males

262) Which is unpaired gland in male reproductive system of human

263) Signals from fully developed foetus and placenta ultimately lead to parturition which requires the release of :

264) In human female the blastocyst

265) Secretions from which one of the following are rich in fructose, calcium and some enzymes ?

266) About which day in a normal human menstrual cycle does rapid secretion of LH (Popularity called LH-surge) normally occurs

267) The secretory phase in the human menstrual cycle is also called :

268) Which one of the following statements is false in respect of viability of mammalian sperm ?

269) Menstrual flow occurs due to lack of

270) Which one of the following is not the function of placenta ? It

271) Which of the following is the set of secondary sex organs ?

272) Head of sperm contains

273) Zona pellucida firstly appears in

274) If a female can not produce labour pain during parturition, then what step should be taken by doctor ?

275) Which stage of follicle shows secondary oocyte stage inside the follicle?

276) Which of the following hormone is not involved in the parturition ?

277) Secondary peak level of estrogen in menstruation cycle occurs due to

278) First meiotic division of oocyte is completed in

279) Read the following statements (A-D):
A. 60% part of semen is formed by seminal vesicle
B. Dartos muscles are found in scrotum
C. FSH secreted by sertoli cells
D. Total length of epididymis is 6 mt. in human.
How many statement are correct ?

280) How many ova and sperms would be produced from 50 secondary oocytes and 50 secondary spermatocytes during Gametogenesis in human ?

281) Which of the following contributes in the formation of seminal plasma ?
A. Seminal vesicle
B. Sertoli cells
C. Prostate gland
D. Vasdeferens
E. Bulbourethral gland
F. Preputial gland

282) LH surge occurs during which phase of menstrual cycle ?

283) How many structures are related to female reproductive system ?
A. Fallopian tube
B. Seminal vesicle
C. Uterus
D. Vagina
E. Cervix
F. Bartholin gland
G. Cowper's gland
H. Epididymis
I. Mons veneris

284) The main function of mammalian corpus luteum is to produce :

285) Select the correct option describing gonadotropin activity in a normal pregnant female:

286) In human the oocyte is maintained in a state of meiotic arrest by secretion of

287) Which of the following hormones are secreted in large quantities during pregnancy in women ?

288) Human primary spermatocyte contains

289) Which of the following is not a placenta hormone ?

290) In 'Lactational amenorhea' there is no menstruation or ovulation due to higher level of

291) During ovulation, the ovary releases

292) Morula formed at the end of cleavage is ___ celled.

293) Which of the following cells during gametogenesis is normally diploid ?

294) Which of these is not an important component of initiation of parturition in humans ?

295) Hysterectomy is surgical removal of

296) Capacitation refers to changes in the

297) In human females, meiosis-II is not completed until

298) Which of the following layers in an antral follicle is acellular ?

299) Which of the following events is not associated with ovulation in human female ?

300) Ectopic pregnancies are referred to as

301) Which of the following hormone is necessary for ovulation and also help to make a temporary endocrine gland ?

302) What happens during fertilisation in human after many sperms reach close to the ovum ?

303) Which part of ovary in mammals acts as an endocrine gland after ovulation ?

304) Which of the following statements concerning menopause is correct ?

305) Which of the following pairs of hormones are not antagonistic (having opposite effects) to each other ?

306) Fertilization in humans is practically feasible only if -

307) Select the incorrect statement :

308) Changes in GnRH pulse frequency in females is controlled by circulating levels of -

309) Identify the correct statement on 'inhibin' :

310) Which of the following depicts the correct pathway of transport of sperms ?

311) Several hormones like hCG, hPL, estrogen, progesterone are produced by :

312) Consider the following points regarding hysterectomy -
(I) If your ovaries are not removed, you will continue to have hormone changes like you did with your periods, but will not have bleeding.
(II) If your ovaries are removed, you will go through changes like menopause.
(III) It is the second most frequently performed operation for women, second only to Cesarean section.

313) In human, fertilization usually occurs at :

314) Which of the following is correct ?

315) Which cells of the ovary are involved in the synthesis of estrogen ?
(I) Theca interna cells
(II) Granulosa cells
(III) Interstitial cells
(IV) Theca externa cells

316) During pregnancy degeneration of corpus luteum is prevented by the hormone :

317) Cowper's glands are found in

318) Milk secreted from the cells of alveoli of mammary lobes reaches to the nipple by Lactiferous duct (L),
Mammary duct (M), mammary Tubule (T) and mammary Ampulla (A) in following order

319) In frog, gastrulation process involves

320) Name the most important hormone which causes the uterine contraction strongly

321) Correct sequence of hormone from beginning of menstrual cycle to the end is

322) Which of the following is incorrectly matched?

323) Capacitation takes place in

324) Grey crescent is the area

325) Both corpus luteum and macula lutea are

326) A cross section at the midpoint of the middle piece of a human sperm will show

327) Fertilization is

328) Cleavage is

329) How many phases (stages) are there in menstrual cycle?

330) Rapid secretion of LH in ovulation causes

331) The phase of menstrual cycle in humans that lasts for 7-8 days, is

332) Correct sequence in development is

333) Fertilization of ovum takes place in rabbit, man and other placental mammals in

334) Placenta acts as an

335) Extraembryonic membranes, chorion and amnion are formed by

336) Extraembryonic membranes are also called

337) Capacitation of sperm occurs in

338) Temporary storage of sperms takes place in

339) The immediate cause of induction of ovulation in female is the large plasma surge of

340) Which hormone level increases in the luteal phase?

341) Process of maturation and development of sperm is called

342) The collective term used for acrosomal chemicals is

343) Which of the following structures are derivatives of the endoderm?

344) Which is regarded as urinary bladder of embryo?

345) Each ovary is bout 2-4 cm in length connected to the …A… wall by …B… Each ovary is covered by a thin
epithelium which encloses the ovarian stroma. Stroma is divided into two zones …C… and …D…
Fill the suitable choices for A to D

346) The female structures that corresponds (homologous) to the scrotum of the male are

347) According to which theory, ageing is due to accumulation of harmful protein?

348) Vasa efferentia are the ductules leading from

349) Hormone injected by doctors to induce delivery is

350) Which one of the following is the most likely reason of not occurring regular menstruation cycle in

351) Corpus luteum release

352) Which of the following embryonic-membrane structure is excretory in function?

353) I. Sperm cells the immediately when they are released from the body and are placed in a petri plate.
II. Semen contains chemicals that causes females smooth muscles to contract

354) Sertoli’s cells are found in

355) Ovum receives the sperm in the region of

356) hCS (Human Chorionic Somatomammotrophin) previously called

357) Women who consumed the drug thalidomide for relief from vomiting during early months of pregnancy
gave birth to children with

358) Which of the following is not correct for gasrtulation?

359) Release of semen by penis into vagina during copulation (coitus) is called

360) Temperature of human testis is

361) Follicular phase is also called

362) The vasa efferentia leave the testis and opens into the …A…, located along the …B… surface. Here A and B
refers to

363) Where do sperms get matured?

364) Sertoli cells are also called

365) Lobules contain cluster of cells called …A… which secretes …B… . Alveoli opens into mammary tubules,
which joins to form ….C…
A, B and C here, refers to

366) Female pronucleus is

367) Correct statement with reference to a test tube bay is

368) Ovum is

369) Sperm lysins contains

370) The seminal plasma along with the sperm is called

371) The superior portion of the uterus is

372) hCG (Human Chorionic Gonado trophin) and hPL (Human Placental Lactogen) are released

373) Process of delivery of the foetus is called

374) At which stage of the cell cycle, secondary oocyte gets arrested before pregnancy?

375) Lactation produces milk

376) Which one of the following statements with regard to embryonic development in humans is correct?

377) Which of the following hormones is not a secretory product of human placenta?

378) Hyaluroniadase acts on ground tissue of …A… cells. Corona penetrating enzyme dissolves the …B… and
zonalysin dissolve the ….C… . Here A, B and C refers to

379) The corpus luteum secretes progesterone which negatively feeds back and inhibits the release of

380) During embryonic development, endoskeleton and muscle develop from which germinal layer?

381) Eggs which have yolk in the centre surrounded by cytoplasm are called

382) Whether a child died after normal birth or died before birth can be confirmed by measuring

383) The movement of spermatozoa, from the epididymal duct and seminal fluid into the ejaculatory duct to
urethra is under the control of

384) Sertoli’s cell are regulated by the pituitary hormone known as

385) Inflammation of the seminiferous tubules could interfere with the ability to

386) The gestation period of elephant is about

387) Which one of the following systems is not mesodermal in origin?

388) Which part of a sperm enters into an ovum during fertilization?

389) Graafian follicle after releasing ovum is called

390) External genitalia of male are called

391) Enzyme present in sperm acrosome to dissolve egg membrane is

392) Luteal phase is also called

393) Spermatogenesis is influenced by

394) How many mature, functional follicles are produced by a female in a lifetime?

395) Neubenkern is a part to

396) Enlarged end of penis (called the glans penis) is covered by the skin called

397) Interstitial cells secrets

398) Most mammals have their testis sac called scrotal sac which is for

399) The main function of trophoectoderm in mammalian embryo is

400) The correct sequence of male reproductive structures of rabbit through which sperms pass out is
I. Rete testes
II. Vasa efferentia
III. Epididymis
IV. Vasa deferentia

401) Binary fission is a mode of

402) The part of fallopian tube closest to the ovary is

403) Human male ejaculates …A… to …B… million sperm. Atleast …C… should have normal shape and size and
…D… should show vigorous motility. Here A, B, C and D refers to

404) Acrosome secretes

405) Find out the spermatogonium and spermatozoa in above figure

406) Second meiotic division in ovum leads to the formation of

407) In implantation the blastocyst attached to the …… wall of uterus

408) Which of the following groups of cell in the male gonad, represent haploid cells?

409) Parturition is

410) Several mammary ducts joins to form a wider mammary ampulla, which is connected to

411) External opening of penis is called

412) Insemination is

413) Sertoli’s cells are found

414) The maximum growth rate occurs in

415) Organogenesis is the formation of

416) …A… is composed of endoderm inside and splanchonopleuric extraembryonic mesoderm outside. In
humans it is small and non-functional except for …B… to placenta. A and B in the statement refers to

417) In vitro fertilization is a technique that involves transfer of which one of the following into the fallopian

418) What happens during the follicular phase of menstrual cycle?

419) Adrenal gland is derived from

420) The males of honey bee are produced by

421) During pregnancy which one of the following is excreted?

422) Identical twins are

423) If for some, reason, the vasa efferentia in the human reproductive system get blocked, the gametes will not
be transported form

424) Which one of the following pairs correctly matches a hormone with a disease resulting from its deficiency?

425) Pouch in which is the testes are suspended outside the abdominal cavity, is

426) Hormone which causes the parturition is

427) Select the correct statement

428) Colostrum is important for newly born because

429) A pair of bulbourethral gland also called …A… gland present on the either side of …B… . It secrets …C…
fluid and …D… for lubricating the penis. Here A, B, C and D are

430) ZIFT is

431) Maturation of sperm before penetration is called

432) Attachment of blastocyst of uterine wall is called

433) In testis, the immature germ cells produce sperm by …A… at puberty …B… present on the inside wall of
seminiferous tubules multiply by …C… division and increase their number. Identify A, B and C from the
above statement

434) Ovaries are the …A… sex organs which produce ovum and several steroid hormone called …B… Here A
and B refers to

435) Ceasation of menstrual cycle at the age of 50 is called

436) Programmed cell death is scientifically termed as

437) During spermatogenesis, which stage is the first to contain haploid number of chromosomes?

438) Middle piece of sperm contains

439) Ejaculation is the …A… response. Erection is a …B… response. Here, A and B refers to

440) The polar body of human ovum is formed

441) Find out primary follicle and tertiary follicle in question number 114

442) With increasing age, secretion of which of the following reduces to almost half?

443) Soon after implantation, the inner cell mass differentiation into outer ….A…. and inner …B… occurs ….C….
soon appears between ectoderm and mesoderm. A, B and C in the above sentence are

444) Luteal phase last for how many days?

445) Saheli is a oral contraceptive containing

446) What stage of the menstrual cycle is characterized by the event labelled A in the figure of previous

447) Cauda epididymis lead to

448) After implantation, finger-like projections on the trophoblast are called …A…. which are surrounded by
…B… and maternal blood.
Here A and B refers to

449) Ovulation takes place in menses between

450) Male’s testes are contained in the scrotal sacs because

451) Two major entities seen in human testis TS are

452) Oviducts are also called

453) Seminal plasma in human males in rich in

454) The egg of frog is

455) Which hormone level reaches peak during luteal phase of menstrual cycle?

456) Skin epidermis, tooth, enamel, lens and corner of outer ear, brain, spinal cord, skeletal muscles of human
head are derived from

457) Primary sex organ is males is

458) The signals for parturition originates from

459) Infertility could develop when the sperm cells display

460) Exact time of human gestation period is

461) Vitellogenesis occurs during the formation of

462) In mammals, corpus luteum is found in which organ?

463) Acrosome is the modified

464) The chemical substance released by activated spermatozoa that acts on the ground substances of the
follicle cells is known as

465) The haemoglobin of a human foetus

466) In human, cleavage/divisions are

467) There is no DNA in

468) Natural parthenogenesis is found in

469) Inner cell mass contains certain cells called ……, which have the potency to give rise to all the tissues and
organs. The suitable word for blank in the above sentence is

470) Which chemical event of fertilization involves the presence of hyaluronidase enzyme?

471) Leydig’s cells are concerned with

472) Tunica albugenia is the covering of

473) Which of the following cells present in the mammalian testis and nourishes the sperm?

474) Progesterone is needed for the maintenance

475) The target ICSH is

476) Sugar fructose is present in the secretion of

477) …A… are the certain agents that causes abnormal development in the developing embryo. The most well
known is …B… which causes phenomelia is foetus

478) The number of autosomes in human primary spermatocyte is

479) Seminal vesicles are present at the base of

480) The main function of fimbriae of Fallopian tube is

481) Saheli is a

482) The nutritive cells found in seminiferous tubules are

483) Identify the odd one

484) FSH is given to a rat which don’t have anterior lobe of pituitary. What will not happen in rat?

485) Ejaculatory duct contains

486) At what stage in test tube babies, the zygote is implanted in human female?

487) Notochord, skeletal system and dermis of the skin are the derivatives of

488) Chorionic villi are formed by the modification of

489) Male pronucleus is
I. Head of sperm
II. Neek of sperm
III. Middle piece of sperm
IV. Tail of sperm

490) Hormones plays a very significant role in puberty. …A… secreted by …B… stimulates …C… lobe of pituitary
to secrete …D… and …E… hormones. Testosterone brings developmental of secondary sex organs and
secondary characters.
A, B, C, D and E in the above statement are

491) Which cells come earliest in the sequence of sperm production?

492) Superficial meroblastic cleavage occurs in

493) Which of the following is viviparous?

494) The dominant hormone controlling the proliferative phase of the uterine endometrium is

495) Test tube baby means a baby born when

496) Fertilization takes place in

497) In teloecithal egg

498) Which hormone is produced throughout the menstrual cycle?

499) Accessory sexual character in female is promoted by

500) Uterine endometrium, epithelial glands and connective tissue are broken in menstrual phase. This is due

501) Which one of the following statements is incorrect about menstruation?

502) Ovulatory phase lasts for

503) In the beginning of menstruation what will happen?

504) Type of cell division taking place at I, II and III stages of previous question are

505) Fusion of dissimilar gametes is known as

506) At the time of birth, the oocyte have the stage

507) Vaginal orifice, urethral orifice are open in

508) The extra-embryonic membranes of mammalian embryo are derived from

509) Relaxin (a hormone) is secreted by

510) Leydig cells secretes …. hormone

511) Which of the following is correct about mammalian testes?

512) During oogenesis, the small structure separated from egg is

513) Structure connecting the foetus to placenta is

514) Sperm is a microscopic structure composed of head, neck, …A… and …B… Sperm head contains elongated haploid nucleus, which is covered by cap like structure called …C… .A, B and C in the above statement refers to

515) Which part of the sperm is motile?

516) Cytoplasm of ovum does not contain

517) A. Humans reproduces…..
B. Humans are…….
C. Fertilization is …. in humans
D. Male and female gametes are…..
E. Zygote is…..
F. The process of release of ovum from a mature follicle is called…..
G. Ovulation is induced by a hormone called……
H. The fusion of male and female gametes is called…….
I. Zygote divides to form… which is implanted in uterus
J. The structure which provides vascular connection between foetus and uterus is called……
Blanks in the statements A to J in the above statement is

518) Blastopore is found in

519) Seminal vesicle secretes 60% of semen content, these contents are

520) A sectional view of mammary gland shows
I. Nipple areola
II. Mammary lobes (alveolus) and duct
III. Antibody and ribs
IV. Ampulla and lactiferous duct
Choose the correct option from the above

521) The Bartholin glands of female resembles the male’s

522) Cleavage in frog’s zygote is

523) Post-embryonic period is also called

524) Spermatogenesis starts at puberty due to

525) Name the hormone, which stimulates growth and development of breast in preparation for lactation?

526) At which stage of the development, ovum is released from the ovary of human female?

527) The 60% of semen is produced by the

528) Spermatogenesis is induced by

529) Sertoli’s cells are nourishing cells in the testis. They also secrete a hormone. Identify the same

530) Through invagination of which of the following, mesoderm is formed?

531) The receptor site of acrosome are exposed and become active to penetrate the egg. This process is called

532) Primary oocyte surrounded by a layer of granulosa cells is called

533) In human secretion, which of the following is used to confirm implantation of emryo?

534) When both ovaries are removed from rat, which hormone is decreased in blood?

535) Study the following sentences.
I. Testosterone influences the male secondary sexual characters.
II. Gestation period in rabbit is approximately 276 days.
III. Bulbourethral glands secrete a vaginal lubricant.
IV. Placenta secretes oestrogen
Identify the correct statements.

536) Secretion from which of the following structures is preparing inner wall of uterus for implantation?

537) At the time of implantation, the human embryo is called

538) Vas deferentia receives a duct from …A… and opens into the …B… as ejaculatory duct.
A and B in above statement is

539) In numans, dermis of skin, circulatory system and muscles are derived from

540) …A… completely surrounds the embryo and protect it. It also take part in formation of ….B… .
A and B here refers to

541) Cu ions released from copper- releasing Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs)

542) Which one of the following is the most widely accepted method of contraception in India, at present?

543) Which of the following undergoes, the meiosis-I division?

544) A chemical fertilizin is produced from

545) Milk secretion is maintained by …A… . This hormone inhibits the release from the pituitary and counters
the …B… and …C… . Hence in nourishing mother, the menstrual cycle is suppressed. Here A, B and C are

546) Which one of the following events is correctly matched with the time period in a normal menstrual cycle?

547) A single ejaculation contains …A… to …B… million spermatozoa. Semen has pH of …C… to …D… . Its
alkalinity helps to neutralize the acidity of urethra. Here A, B, C and D refers to

548) Some important events in the human female reproductive cycle are given below. Arrange the events in
proper sequence.
I.Secretion of FSH
II.Growth of cropus luteum
III.Growth of the follicle and oogenesis
V.Sudden increase in the levels of LH

549) Mammary gland is a

550) The tertiary follicle changes into

551) Male accessory glands includes …A…, …B… and …C… . Here A, B and C represents

552) GnRH stimulates two hormones from anterior lobe of pituitary

553) Female gamete mother cell are called

554) Why the fusion of sperm and ova do not occur during pregnancy?

555) 2n=16 is a primary spermatocyte, which is in metaphase of first meiotic division. What shall be the total
number of chromatids in each of the secondary spermatocyte?

556) Which of the following statement is correct?

557) …A… are the paired folds of tissue under the labia majora. The opening of vagina is covered partially by
…B… …C… is the finger-like projection, which lies at the upper junction of two labia minora and urethral
A, B and C in the above statements are

558) The seminiferous tubules of the testis opens into the vasa efferentia by

559) …A… is made up of trophoblastic mesoderm inside and somatopleuric extraembryonic mesoderm outside.
The space between embryo and the amnion is called …B… which is filled with clear watery fluid secreted
by both embryo and membrane. It protects the embryo from shock and desiccation. A and B in above
sentence are

560) Placenta secretes

561) Scrotum remains connected with abdomen or pelvic cavity by

562) Hormone responsible for ovulation is

563) Wall of each seminiferous tubules is formed of a single layer called

564) Reproduction in larval stage is called

565) The …A… secrete human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. The hCG maintains the …B… and stimulates it
to secrete …C… The latter maintains the …D… of the uterus and causes it to grow throughout pregnancy
This also prevents …E… Progesterone also cause increased secretion of mucous in the cervix of the uterus
that forms a protective plug during pregnancy
A to E in above paragraph, is

566) Human placenta is derived from

567) In which of the following animal, cleavage divisions are restricted to a small part of cytoplasm and nucleus
in animal pole of egg?

568) Fertilization is

569) Maturation of sperm before penetration is called

570) At menopause, there is rise in urinary excretion to

571) Identify E, F, G and H in the diagram of previous question

572) Mammary glands are modified

573) Primary sex organ in man is

574) In menstrual phase, the production of LH considerably

575) Cytoplasm surrounding mitochondria present in the middle piece of sperm is

576) During menstrual phase, the hormones which show reduction in sufficient quantity are

577) A woman with a typical 28 day menstrual cycle is most likely to become pregnant as a result of sexual
intercourse on ….. of cycle

578) What is the purpose of polar bodies during oogenesis?

579) Funnel-shaped part closer to the ovary is called

580) Which of the following represents a condition, where the motility of the sperms is highly reduced?

581) Male reproductive system contains a pair of …A… along with accessory …B… and …C… and an external
…D… . Here A, B, C, and D refers to

582) The wolffian duct gives rise of

583) Second meiotic division in ova takes place

584) Which of the given option maintains?
I. Endometrium wall
II. Pregnancy

585) Which of the following provides nutrition to sperm?

586) The leydig’s cells secrete

587) Germinal epithelium gives rise to

588) The cells of the trophoblast in contact with inner mass of cells, are called

589) The cell division that takes place in a zygote is known as

590) If the size of a fertilized egg of frog is compared with the size of its blastula and gastrula stages, which of
the following observations will be correct?

591) Bartholin glands are also called

592) Sperm acrosome is derived from

593) Chorionic villi and uterine tissue become interdigiated with each other and jointly form

594) Menstruation is due to sudden

595) Anti-fertilizin is present on

596) During early and middle fetal life, the testis are located in the

597) Human egg is

598) Cleavage forms 2-4-6-8-16 cells. These cells are called

599) In frog , chromosome number is reduced to half

600) Testicular lobules contains

601) Lowest regeneration power is found in

602) Which of the following is a mechanical barrier used in birth control?

603) Amphimixis is

604) Our all bones are derived from the mesoderm. Except

605) Layers of an ovum from outside to inside is

606) Onset of menstruation of human female is called

607) Ovulation takes place in a month between

608) The best definition of the process of gastrulation is that it is a process where the

609) A boy who has not passed through puberty sustains an injury to his anterior pituitary such that FSH is no
longer released, but LH secretion is normal. After he grows to maturity, one would expect that he would

610) Which of the following is not a case of epimorphosis?

611) Androgen stimulates the …A… FSH acts on the …B… and stimulates factors for spermiogenesis. Here A and
B refers to

612) Which of the following is the group of external genitalia in human female?

613) Cushion of fatty tissue covered by skin and pubic hair is called

614) A. The mature follicle is called Graafian follicle
B. The mature follicle is called secondary follicle

615) After one month of pregnancy, the embryo’s …A…. is formed. By the end of the …..B… month of pregnancy,
the foetus develops limbs and digits. By the end of …C… most of the major organ systems are formed for
example, the limbs and external genital organs are well-developed. By the end of …D….. the body is
covered with fine hair, eyelids separate, and eyelashes are formed
Here A and D refers to

616) Find out the correct statement.

617) Which is formed in gastrulation?

618) Everytime copulation do not lead to fertilization and pregnancy because of failure of sperm to reach the

619) 64 celled stage of embryo is called

620) Uterus is also called

621) Oral contraceptives are prescribed in females to check

622) Which of the correct example of the type of regeneration out of the two major types?

623) Trophoblast gives ….. to embryo

624) Fleshy folds of tissue which extends down the mons pubis and surrounds the vaginal opening is called

625) The embryo at 16-celled stage is known as

626) Non –participation of male pronucleus in fertilization is

627) Releasing of sperms from seminiferous tubules is called

628) The testes in humans are situated outside the abdominal cavity inside a pouch called scrotum. The
purpose served is for

629) Which is present in male rabbit but not present in female rabbit?

630) The tertiary follicle changes into mature follicle called …A… The secondary oocyte form a new membrane
called …B… surrounding it. The Graafian follicle reptures to release the secondary oocyte ovum from the
ovary by the process called …C…
A, B and C in the above passage refers to

631) …… is composed of endoderm inside and splanchoropleuric extraembryonic mesoderm outside. This part
is non-functional except it is the site of early blood formation. The most suitable word for the blank space

632) The new membrane formed by follicular cells is called

633) Arrhenotoky is also called

634) Vasa deferentia together with seminal vesicle forms

635) Which one of the following cells have haploid number of chromosome?

636) Acrosome present at the tip of sperm is made up of

637) Gametogenesis is the formation of

638) Liver and pancreas are derivatives of

639) Which of the following is correct?

640) Corpus luteum secretes

641) Interstitial cells are also called

642) Why menstrual cycle do not takes place regulary?

643) Which of the following is a role of Sertoli cells in spermatogenesis?

644) Development of animal embryo from egg without fertilization is called

645) Cleavage is the rapid mitotic division. It occurs in

646) Which one of the following statements about human sperm is correct?

647) Which of them is not a correct match?

648) Origin of nervous system occurs from

649) The edges of infundibulum possess finger-like projection called …A… which helps in the collection of
ovum. The infundibulum leads to wider part of the oviduct called …B… . Last part of oviduct, …C…. has
narrow lumen and joins to uterus.
A, B and C in the above statement refers to

650) Bidder’s canal is found in

651) Baby moving vigorously, responds to the touch and lound noises, swallowing amniotic fluid and urinating
during …… of development

652) Mammalian egg has

653) If a germ cell in a female gonad and a germ cell in a male gonad begin undergoing meiosis simultaneously,
what will be the ratio of ova and sperm produced?

654) The granules present beneath the plasma membrane of oocyte cells are called …A… These granules fuses
with the plasma membrane of oocyte and releases their content including …B… between the …C… and
zona pellucida. This ensures the …D… . Here A, B, C and D refers to

655) What do you mean by the term spermateleosis?

656) Regeneration of tail in lizards is an example of

657) Which area experiences the greatest change during the menstrual cycle?

658) Which one of the following is the correct matching of the events occurring during menstrual cycle?

659) ‘XX’ is a thick structure of male reproductive system which arises from cauda epididymis. ‘XX’ are 2 in
number and its lining has many stereocilia. Identify ‘XX’

660) The largest component of the uterus by weight is the

661) Head region of the sperm contains

662) The embryonic membrane involved in the formation of placenta in human is

663) Hormone, which is responsible for contraction of uterus is

664) Labium majora of a female mammal is homologous to

665) Spermiogenesis or spermatiliosis is

666) Which extra-embryonic membrane in humans prevents desiccation of the embryo inside the uterus?

667) The type of connective tissue that is associated with the umbilical cord is

668) The uterus opens into the vagina by a canal called

669) Within the female ovary, primordial follicles start to develop

670) Binding of sperm to secondary oocyte cause …A… which ensures ….B… . The words suitable to fill the
blanks are

671) The correct sequence of spermatogenetic stages leading to the formation of sperms in a mature human
testis is

672) Mixing up of chromosome of male and female nucleus is called

673) Body covered with fine hair, eyelid separates and eye lashes are formed during ….. of development

674) Which of the following hormones does not play any role is menstruation?

675) Withdrawl of which hormone cause desintegration of corpus luteum?

676) Hormone …A… secretes by the anterior lobe of pituitary, which stimulates the ovarian follicle and follicle
secrets the …B… hormone. Here A and B refers to

677) Egg secrets a chemical called …A… which is made up of …B… and sperm secretes a chemical called …C…
made up of …D… The adhesion of sperm to the egg of same species through chemical recognition is called
…E… . Here A to E refers to

678) The clitoris in females is

679) Facial bones in humans are derived from

680) Regeneration of liver is

681) Embryologist can draw the fate maps of future organ of embryo in

682) Pseudocoelom developed from

683) In human beings, normally in which one of the following parts, does the sperm fertilize the ovum?

684) Function of bulbourethral gland is to

685) Fluid filled cavity called …A… is present in …B… follicle called …C…. Here A, B and C are

686) Spermatids are transformed into spermatozoa by

687) Length and width of testis is

688) Largest egg is of

689) The endometrium is the lining of

690) Acrosome is a type of

691) Which gland in female is a counterpart of Cowper’s gland in male?

692) Embryo at 8 to 16 cell stage is called

693) Neoteny refers to

694) Implantation is

695) Acrosome is a part of

696) Which part of the sperm contains hydrolytic enzymes?

697) Which of the following takes part in the formation of placenta?

698) Which one of the following statements about morula in humans is correct

699) Function of scrotum is to maintain the

700) Sperm enters from which part of egg?

701) Which of the following hormones is secreted by implanted blastocyst, that acts on the corpus luteum in
the ovary, stimulating the body to produce oestrogens and progesterone to maintain the uterine lining?

702) Which of the following organs is devoid of glands?

703) Which part of the sperm assist first mitotic division?

704) Sperm entry takes place in the secondary oocyte by

705) Sperm lysin is found in

706) Compartments in mammalian testes are called

707) Human Fallopian tube is about

708) Prostate gland surrounds the …A… . It produces milky, slightly alkaline solution which forms …B… volume
of the semen. The secretion contains …C… acid; enzymes (acid phosphates, amylase pepsinogen and prostaglandins).
A, B and C in the above statement is

709) In gastrulation, which of the forewing germ layer is /are formed?

710) The permissible use of the technique amniocentesis is for

711) Identify the correctly matched pairs of the germ layers and their derivatives.
I.Ectoderm – Epidermis
II.Endoderm – Dermis
III.Mesoderm – Muscles
IV.Mesoderm – Notochord
V.Endoderm – Enamel of teeth

712) Follicular phase lasts for

713) Fertilization of ovum by the sperm takes place in

714) The organ which produces gametes are called …A… and which neither produces gametes nor hormones
are called …B… . Here A and B represent

715) In males LH is called

716) Sertoli’s cells found in testis. These cells are

717) Mainly which type of hormones control the menstrual cycle in human beings?

718) Parturition is the process of

719) Placenta is a connection between

720) The hormone that prepares and maintains the uterus during pregnancy is secreted by

721) The early stage human embryo distinctly possesses

722) In human lining of gastrointestinal tract, lining of lungs, thymus thyroid, tonsils, kidney duct and bladder
are derived from

723) Which of these is used to control human population?

724) The first menstruration begins at puberty is called

725) An antrum is the characteristic of ….follicles

726) The blastomeres in the blastocyst are arranged into an outer layer called ……….. and an inner group of cells
attached to trophoblast called the …….. mass.
The trophoblast layer gets attached to the …… and the ……. differentiated as the embryo. As a result the
…….. becomes embeded in the endometrium of the uterus. This is called ….. and it leads to pregnancy.
Blanks given in the above paragraph are filled in chronological order as

727) Inner portion of the seminiferous tubules contain

728) The epididymis leads to …A… that ascends to abdomen and loops over the …B…. Here A and B refers to

729) Chorion is made up of

730) Endocrine portion of testis is

731) Genes in the somatic cells of the body undergoes mutation with the passages of time. Such mutations cause
senescence. It is related with

732) Identify I, J, K and L in the diagram of Q, 35

733) The first movements of the foetus and appearance of hair on its head are usually observed during which
month of pregnancy?

734) Which is immortal?

735) How many sperm cells are present in an average (3cc) ejaculation?

736) First milk produced after child birth is called

737) Sperm’s acrosome has

738) Ageing is retarded by

739) The colour of bone marrow in foetus is

740) In rabbit, head of epididymis present at the head of the testis is called

741) The main tissue present in breast is ……. tissue

742) Placenta faciliate

743) Which of the following undergoes spermiogenesis?

744) Cleavage found in mesolecithal egg is

745) In human, the unpaired male reproductive structure is

746) The main function of the fimbriae of the fallopian tube in females is to

747) Name the parts and organelles of the sperms which are important in zygotes first cleavage, after syngamy

748) The signals for parturition originates from the fully developed foetus and followed by placenta causing the
mild contractions called

749) Corpus luteum is developed from

750) Milk secretion in mammals is associated with

751) Which layer develops first during embryonic development?

752) The reproductive cycle in the female primate monkeys, apes and human beings is called

753) Which of the following are secretions produced by the spermatozoa at the time of fertilization?

754) Males have numbers of internal accessory organs. Which one (s) is/are responsible for secreting fluid
containing fructose and prostaglandins?

755) Which of the following structures is ectodermal in origin?

756) Tablets to prevent contraception contain

757) The living organisms can be unexceptionally distinguished from the non-livings on the basis of their ability

758) Inner mass of cell or embryoblast give rise to

759) Most of the organs are formed during ….. of development

760) How many compartments (approx.) are there in each human testis?

761) The lytic enzyme present in semen is

762) In which of the following, the dead space is highest?

763) In menstrual cycle, the menstrual phase last for

764) Cryptorchidism is a condition in which

765) At which phase, both LH and FSH attain a peak level?

766) Synthesis of testosterone by Leydig cells is stimulated by

767) Select human development stages and its place at occurrence in normal pregnant woman

768) Region outside the seminiferous tubules is called

769) Hormone which stimulates the ‘let down’ release of milk from mother’s breast when the baby is suckling,

770) Corpus spongiosum is found in

771) Primary spermatocyte differs form spermatogonium in

772) During ovulation all of the following occur except

773) In human all the three germ layers are originated from

774) How many sperms are formed by four primary spermatocytes?

775) Stem cell can give rise to/the

776) Statement 1: Zona pellucida do not disappears when blastocyst reaches the uterus
Statement 2: Role of zona pellucida is to check the implantation of the blastocyst at the veginal site

777) Statement 1: A woman passes out hCG in the urine during pregnancy
Statement 2: Presence of hCG in urine is the basis for pregnancy test

778) Statement 1: Production of FSH increases, while that of LH decreases in the ovulation phase
Statement 2: Due to decrease in the level of LH, ovulation (releasing of ova) takes place

779) Statement 1: Parthenogenesis is a kind of variation of sexual reproduction
Statement 2: In parthenogenesis a young one develops from an ovum but without fertilisation

780) Statement 1: Testis are located in the scrotum, outside the coelom
Statement 2: A vaginal coelom partly surrounds the testis in the scrotum

781) Statement 1: Ovum retains most of the contents of the primary oocyte and is much larger than a
Statement 2: Ovum needs energy to go about in search of a spermatozoan for fertilisation

782) Statement 1: In humans, the gamete contributed by the male determines whether the child produced
will be male or female
Statement 2: Sex in humans is a polygenic trait, depending upon a cumulative effect of some genes on

783) Statement 1: Senescence is the time when age associated defects are manifested.
Statement 2: Certain genes may be undergoing sequential switching on and off during one’s life.

784) Statement 1: A sperm sticks to an egg for fertilization
Statement 2: Interaction of surface receptors, fertilisin on the egg and antifertilisin on the sperm head
makes them adhere together

785) Statement 1: Due to fragmentation in Planaria each part develops the remaining body parts and
becomes a complete animal.
Statement 2: Differentiated tissue present in each broken part of Planaria undergoes dedifferentaition
and then differentiation for regeneration

786) Statement 1: Holoblastic cleavage with almost equal sized blastomeres is a characteristic of placental
Statement 2: Eggs of most mammals, including human, are of centrolecithal type.

787) Statement 1: Cleavage in human zygote is holoblastic
Statement 2: Human egg contains abundant yolk in ooplasm

788) Statement 1: In a Graafian follicles, the primary oocyte and the follicle cells may be regarded as sibling
Statement 2: Both arises from the same parent cell, the oogonium, by mitotic divisions

789) Statement 1: Twins may arise from a single egg or from two egg
Statement 2: One egg gives rise to identical twins by separation of blastomeres and two eggs produces
non-identical twins

790) Statement 1: Old age is not an illness. It is a continuation of life with decreasing capacity for
Statement 2: Cessation of mitosis is a genetically programmed event.

791) Statement 1: Testis originate in the abdomen but later descend into the scrotum under the influence of
Statement 2: The interstitial (Leydig’s cells) of the testes secrete male sex hormone, inhibin

792) Statement 1: In the testis, spermatogenesis occurs in the seminiferous tubules and testosterone
secretion takes place in the Sertoli cells
Statement 2: Testosterone brings growth and maturation of primary sex organs and also development
of accessory sex characters

793) Statement 1: Menstrual phase is also called shedding tears of lost ovum
Statement 2: In the menstrual phase cast of endometrial lining along with ovum takes place due to
reduced titre of oestrogen and progesterone

794) Statement 1: Placenta is connected to the foetus by an umbilical cord
Statement 2: Foetal components of the placenta are derived from the chondroblast

795) Statement 1: Infection of urethra is more common in female than male
Statement 2: Urethra is shorter in female than male

796) Arrange the events of menstrual cycle as they occur
I. Secretion of FSH
II. Growth of corpus luteum
III. Growth of follicle and oogenesis
IV. Ovulation
V. Sudden increase in level of LH

797) In humans, at the end of the first meiotic division, the male germ cells differentiate into the

798) A Change in the amount of yolk and its distribution in the egg will affect

799) Androgen Binding Protein (ABP) and inhibin are secreted by

800) Heart is formed is embryo during …… of development

801) External genitalia develops in the …… of development

802) Appearance of hair on head is observed during …… of development

803) Foetus develops limbs and digits in its … of development