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Q1) Scapula is a large triangular flat bone situated in the dorsal part of the thorax between the
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Q2) Human skeletal system consists of
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Q3) The store house of calcium ions in the muscle fibre is Show Answer

Q4) During skeletal muscle contraction following events occur-I. I-band shortens II. A-band shortens
III. H-zone shortens IV. Sarcomere contract
V. ATP changes to ADP and Pi
Choose the option with incorrect events Show Answer

Q5) From outer to inside, the sequence of three bones present, in the middle ear of mammals, is Show Answer

Q6) Aerobic muscles called …A… and anaerobic muscles are called …B… . Here A and B refers to Show Answer

Q7) Hollow bones are characteristic of Show Answer

Q8) Pick out the correct match. Show Answer

Q9) Chemical ions responsible for muscle contraction are Show Answer

Q10) In the resting state of muscles the troponin Show Answer

Q11) Joints are classified into three major types. They are
I. Fibrous joint II. Hinge joint
III. Cartilaginous joint IV. Pivot joint
V. Synovial joint
Select the option containing correct articles Show Answer

Q12) …………acts as a shock absorber to cushion when tibia
And femur came together Show Answer

Q13) Pelvic girdle consists of two coxal bones and each coxal bone consists
I. ilium II. Incus
III. ischium IV. pubis
Choose the correct option containing all correct bones Show Answer

Q14) Ligament connects Show Answer

Q15) In the centre of each I-band there is an elastic fibre called Show Answer

Q16) Fibrous joints in humans Show Answer

Q17) Which ribs show ‘bucket- handle’ type of movement?
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Q18) Intercalated disc is found in Show Answer

Q19) Which one of the following is not a part of ear osicles?
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Q20) Knee joint is Show Answer

Q21) The set of ions necessary for muscle contraction is Show Answer

Q22) The longest bone of the human body is Show Answer

Q23) Total number of bones found in right upper limb is Show Answer

Q24) Muscle fatigue is due to Show Answer

Q25) How many ear ossicles you have? Show Answer

Q26) Joints are the point of contact between
I. bones II. Cartilages and bones
III. bones and muscles IV. cartilage and muscles
Select the containing correct articles Show Answer

Q27) Which of the following statements regarding locomotion and movements is wrong? Show Answer

Q28) Which of the following statement Is/ are correct / incorrect?
I. A-bands of the muscle is dark and contain myosin.
II. I-bands are the light bands and contain actin
III. During muscle contraction, the A-band contracts.
IV. The part between the two Z-lines is called as sarcomere.
V. The central part of thin filament, not overlapped by thick filament is called H-zone. Show Answer

Q29) Bones become fragile in Show Answer

Q30) Where the saddle joints are presents in humans? Show Answer

Q31) Striped muscles are characterized by Show Answer

Q32) Human cranium has………..bones. Show Answer

Q33) Which of the following are the properties of cardiac muscles?
I. They are the muscles of the heart
II. They are non-striated
III. They are involuntary in their functions
IV. They are made up of fascicles
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Q34) Both proteins, actin and myosin are arranged in a rod-like structure in the muscles Show Answer

Q35) Lactic acid in muscles is formed due to Show Answer

Q36) Identify the correct statements
I. Acetylcholine is released when the neural signal reaches to the motor end plate
II. Muscle contraction is initiated by signals sent by CNS via a sensory neuron
III. During muscle contraction, isotropic bands get elongated
IV. Repeated activation of the muscles can lead to lactic acid accumulation in them
The option with correct choices is Show Answer

Q37) Number of bones in skull is Show Answer

Q38) Fascicles are held together by the structure Show Answer

Q39) Our vertebral column is formed by the Show Answer

Q40) The sensation of fatigue in the muscles after prolonged strenuous physical work, is caused by Show Answer

Q41) Visceral muscles are also called

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Q42) Movement of our limbs, jaws, tongue, etc., requires
Show Answer

Q43) Cross arms of the myosin monomer consists of Show Answer

Q44) Tick the wrong option regarding human beings Show Answer

Q45) Fused vertebrae in human are
I. Sacral
II. Coccygeal
III. Thoracic
IV. Cervical
V. Lumber Show Answer

Q46) Which of the following statements are false regarding the muscle structure?
I. In the centre of each I-band is an elastic fibre (Z-line) which bisects it
II. Thin filament are firmly attached to the Z-line
III. M-line is a fibrous membrane in the middle of A-band
IV. A sarcomere comprises one full-A band and two half I-bands Show Answer

Q47) Which of the following lubricates ligament or tendons and is an important constituent of synovial fluid of
bones? Show Answer

Q48) For how long, contraction of the muscles continues in sliding filament theory? Show Answer

Q49) Which statement is correct for muscle contraction? Show Answer

Q50) The membrane sarcolemma is found over Show Answer

Q51) The lactic acid generated during muscle contraction is converted to glycogen in Show Answer

Q52) Which of the following is important for muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission? Show Answer

Q53) Which of the following statements is true with reference to the structure of a muscle fibre?
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Q54) Standing on tip toe is an example of Show Answer

Q55) Which of the below given bones divide olfactory capsules in rebbit into left and right halves?
I. Nasals
II. Premaxillae
III. Maxillae
IV. Mesethmoid Show Answer

Q56) The muscle band that remains unchanged during contraction and relaxation of the skeletal muscle is Show Answer

Q57) Each actin (thin filament) of is made up of Show Answer

Q58) Choose the correct statements Show Answer

Q59) Select the correct statement with reference to muscle structure
I. Each myosin is a polymerized protein
II. Many meromyosin constitutes one thick filament (myosin)
III. Each meromyosin’s tail is called heavy meromyosin (HMM) and head is called light meromyosin
IV. The globular head is an active ATPase enzyme and has binding sites for ATP and active sites for actin
Choose the option with correct statements Show Answer

Q60) The region at the ends of the A-band of two adjoining sarcomeres is called Show Answer

Q61) The region between two successive Z-lines in a myofibril is
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Q62) Choose the correct statements Show Answer

Q63) Macrophages and leucocytes in blood exhibits Show Answer

Q64) A cricket player is fast chasing a ball in the field. Which one of the following groups of bones are directly
contributing in this movement? Show Answer

Q65) Pelvic girdle of rabbit consists of Show Answer

Q66) Ilium, ischium, pubis are the Show Answer

Q67) Which of the following pairs is correcrly matched? Show Answer

Q68) Choose the correct properties of muscle fibres
I. Muscle fibre is lined by the plasma membrane called sarcolemma
II. Cytoplasm of the muscle fibre is called protoplasm
III. Sarcolemma of the muscle fibre encloses the sarcoplasm
IV. Muscle fibre is syncitium
Select the correct option Show Answer

Q69) Decreased level of oestrogen is human body leads to
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Q70) Sarcomere is a Show Answer

Q71) I-bands of myofibrils are bisected by Show Answer

Q72) In which of the following, growth is possible through increase in volume? Show Answer

Q73) First vertebrae in human is called
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Q74) Consider the following statements.
I. In man, vertebral column has 33 bones organized as 28 bones.
II. Pelvic girdle is made up of two fused bones only.
III. Osteoporosis is characterized by micro-architectural deterioration of the bone. Show Answer

Q75) Bones of the limbs along with their girdles constitutes the Show Answer

Q76) Hydra can use its tentacles for Show Answer

Q77) Which one of the following is wrongly matched? Show Answer

Q78) Hinge joint is present between Show Answer

Q79) In the body, the membrane surrounding the bone is known as Show Answer

Q80) Which one is wrongly matched? Show Answer

Q81) The joint of femur, with pelvic girdle is
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Q82) In which of the following condition, progressive degeneration of skeletal muscles happens? Show Answer

Q83) Gout happens due to accumulation of is joints
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Q84) Number of tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges in human skeleton is Show Answer

Q85) Identify the correctly labeled diagram Show Answer

Q86) In the thin filament of skeletal muscle fibre, a small globular protein that masks the active sites on the F-actin L, is
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Q87) Haversian canal is found in the bone of Show Answer

Q88) Identify the synovial joints among the given articles
I. Ball and socket
II. Hinge joint
III. Pivot joints
IV. Sutures of skull
V. Vertebral joints
Select the option containing correct articles Show Answer

Q89) The number of cervical vertebrae present in giraffe is Show Answer

Q90) Each myofibrils of muscles contains Show Answer

Q91) Functional unit of skeletal muscle is called Show Answer

Q92) In rabbit, end of a long bone is connected to another by Show Answer

Q93) Synsacrum of fowl consists of about Show Answer

Q94) Actin and myosin filaments of muscles are also called Show Answer

Q95) A sarcomere in the myofibrils of muscle is found in between Show Answer

Q96) Identify the muscle which represents the following characteristics and choose the correct option
I. Transportation of food through the digestive tract
II. Transportation of gametes through the genital tract Show Answer

Q97) Which ion binds with troponin during muscle contraction? Show Answer

Q98) Muscle contraction is initiated by the signal sent by Show Answer

Q99) Haversian canals are found in Show Answer

Q100) Flat bone on the ventral midline of thorax is called Show Answer

Q101) Which muscle component is the smallest among the given options? Show Answer

Q102) Choose the wrongly matched option Show Answer

Q103) Cartilage has slightly pliable matrix due to Show Answer

Q104) In humans, true ribs connects to …A… and …B… dorsally and ventealiy respectively Show Answer

Q105) Ciliary movement occurs in most of our internal tubular organs which are lined by …A epithelium. The
coordinated movement of cilia in the …B… help us in removing dust particles. Passage of ova through
female reproductive tract is facilitated by the …C… movement
Identify A, B and C to complete the given NCERT statement Show Answer

Q106) Select the correct statements with reference to muscles
I. Cardiac muscles are non-striated
II. All non-striated muscles are involuntary
III. All movements leads to locomotion
IV. Micro filaments all involved in amoeboid movements
Correct option with all wrong statements is- Show Answer

Q107) Elbow joint is an example of Show Answer

Q108) Motor unit is a Show Answer

Q109) Based on their location in humans body or animals types of muscles are
I. skeletal II. visceral
III. cardiac IV. non-visceral
The correct option is Show Answer

Q110) In which of the following muscle component actin binding sites all present? Show Answer

Q111) In a …A… state, the edge of thin filaments on either side of thick filaments …B… overlap the free ends of
...C… filaments leaving the central part of thick filaments. This central part of thick filament, not
overlapped by thin filaments is called …D… zone.
Choose the correct options to fill the gaps A, B, C and D, so as to complete the given NCERT statement Show Answer

Q112) Muscle pump is Show Answer

Q113) Which of the following statements are true for ciliary movements? Show Answer

Q114) What is the approximate number of muscle present in human body?
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Q115) How many pairs of ribs are present in human skeleton? Show Answer

Q116) Monomer of the myosin (thick) filament is Show Answer

Q117) Head of myosin monomer consists of
I. actin binding sites
II. ATP binding sites
III. ADP binding sites
IV. AMP binding sites
Select the correct options Show Answer

Q118) The joint of radio-ulna with the upper arm is Show Answer

Q119) Suturus of human skull is Show Answer

Q120) Skeletal system consist of a
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Q121) Contractile fibrils of the muscles are called Show Answer

Q122) Where the troponin is found during muscle contraction? Show Answer

Q123) Which one is odd pair? Show Answer

Q124) Actin binding sites are located on Show Answer

Q125) Vestigial tail in humans is
Show Answer

Q126) Sigmoid notch is present in Show Answer

Q127) Haversian canals are present in Show Answer

Q128) Which is common to kidney and skeleton in mammals? Show Answer

Q129) Immediate energy source for muscle contraction is Show Answer

Q130) Arthritis is
Show Answer

Q131) Humerus fits into glenoid cavity is example of Show Answer

Q132) Ribs attached to sternum are Show Answer

Q133) Locomotion requires a perfect coordinated activity of Show Answer

Q134) Largest muscle in the human body is
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Q135) During the muscle contraction, which zone decreases? Show Answer

Q136) Main types of movement exhibited by the cells of human body are
I. Amoeboid II. Ciliary
III. Muscular IV. Flagellar
Option containing the correct answer is Show Answer

Q137) The gliding joints are important for gliding movements. One example of such a joint is between the Show Answer

Q138) Which of the following features differentiate bone from cartilage? Show Answer

Q139) The number of occipital condyles in man is/are Show Answer

Q140) Action potential in sarcolemma of muscles causes the release of Show Answer

Q141) Muscle contains a red coloured oxygen containing pigment called Show Answer

Q142) Breast bone is also called
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Q143) Which one of the following item gives its correct total number? Show Answer

Q144) Acetabulum is Show Answer

Q145) Contraction of the muscles takes place by the sliding of Show Answer

Q146) Neural canal is Show Answer

Q147) Pseudopodia in Protozoa is formed by the streaming of Show Answer

Q148) Cartilaginous joints in humans
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Q149) What is the Location of troponin in the process of muscle contraction? Show Answer

Q150) Fascicles in human/animal are the Show Answer

Q151) Which is not the function of endoskeleton? Show Answer

Q152) The joint found in head of upper arm and pectoral girdle is
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Q153) Select the wrong set of statements with respect to muscles
I. Z-line is present in the centre of the light band
II. Thin filaments are firmly attached to the M-line
III. The central part of the thick filaments, not overlapped by thin filaments is called Z-band
IV. Light band contains only thin filaments
Correct option with all wrong statements is Show Answer

Q154) Rib cage is formed by Show Answer

Q155) The term ’innominate’ is related with Show Answer

Q156) F-actin is a polymer of Show Answer

Q157) For muscle contraction, in myofibrils the formation of a protein is essential, such protein was discovered
by Show Answer

Q158) Select the incorrect option about the human skull Show Answer

Q159) The glenoid cavity is associated with
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Q160) Hardness of the bones is due to Show Answer

Q161) Ribs that are attached to the thoracic vertebrate and ventrally connected to the sternum with the help of
hyaline cartilage are called Show Answer

Q162) The number of floating ribs in the human body is Show Answer

Q163) Scapula is a triangular bone situated
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Q164) Which one of the following is a sesamoid bone? Show Answer

Q165) Mechanism of muscle contraction is best explained by Show Answer

Q166) Choose the correct statement about muscles
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Q167) When body part moves towards the median axis the muscle is called Show Answer

Q168) According to the functions the skeletal muscles is/are Show Answer

Q169) Formula of vertebral column of man is Show Answer

Q170) Sliding filament theory was given by Show Answer

Q171) Statement 1: Knee joint is the hinge type of joint.
Statement 2: Femur, patella and fibula are associated with knee joint. Show Answer

Q172) Red fibres are the fibres containing high content of Show Answer

Q173) Streaming of the cytoplasm/cyclosis is seen in Show Answer

Q174) An individual sarcomere of myofibril consists of Show Answer

Q175) Ligament is mainly made up of Show Answer

Q176) A disease associated with joint is humans Show Answer

Q177) Arrange the given steps of muscle contraction in the series of events from first to last
I. Myosin head binds to the exposed active site on action to form a cross bridge
II. The Z-line attached to these actin are also pulled in wards there by causing shortening of sarcomere also called contraction
III. This pulls the attached actin filaments towards the centre of A -band
The correct option is
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Q178) Which of the following option shows correct order of some stages of muscle contraction from the beginning to the end of the process? Show Answer

Q179) What will happen if ligaments are cut or broken? Show Answer

Q180) In a vertebrate, which germ layer forms the skeleton muscles? Show Answer

Q181) Muscle is attached to bone by Show Answer

Q182) Which of the following statements about the joints of humans is false? Show Answer

Q183) The contractile protein of skeletal muscle involving ATPase activity as Show Answer

Q184) I. Sarcoplasmic reticulum are abundant
II. Myoglobin content is high
III. Sarcoplasmic reticulum are moderate
IV. Aerobic muscles
V. Depends on anaerobic respiration for energy
VI. Less myoglobin content
Select the option with correct statements for red muscle
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Q185) Study the following sentense .
1. The accumulation of pyruvic acid in the muscle causes fatigue
2. ATP is resynthesized in the muscle by the phosphorylation of ADP by a phosphogen.
3. Cori and cori’s cycle occurs in the muscles.
4. The phosphogen in the vertebrate muscle is arginine phosphate.
The correct set of answers for muscle contraction is
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Q186) Synovial joints is humans are characterized by Show Answer

Q187) Folding and unfolding of actin and myosin leads to amoeboid movement. This is hypothesized by Show Answer

Q188) The thin filaments of a muscle fiber are made up of Show Answer

Q189) The polysaccharide portion of a proteoglycan present in the matrix of cartilage is known as Show Answer

Q190) Sigmoid notch is formed by Show Answer

Q191) There are seven cervical vertebrae in almost Show Answer

Q192) …A… band contains actin and is called …B…. band, whereas the ….C… band called ….D… band contains myosin
Choose the correct options for A, B and C to complete the given NCERT statement
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Q193) Nucleus pulposes is found in Show Answer

Q194) Myofilaments or myofibrils are Show Answer

Q195) Read the statements regarding muscle proteins.
1. Actin is a thin filament and is made up of two F-actins.
2. The complex protein, tropomyosin is distributed at regular inervals of troponin.
3. Myosin is a thick filament which is also a polymerized protein.
4. The globular head of meromyosin consists of light meromyosin (LMM).
Which of the above statements are correct?

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Q196) The coxal of the pelvic girdle is formed by the fusion of Show Answer

Q197) In Paraecium, cilia helps in Show Answer

Q198) Which of the following is a part of pectoral girdle? Show Answer

Q199) Osteoporosis is a Show Answer

Q200) Select the correct function of vertebral column in humans Show Answer

Q201) Slow muscle fibres are found in Show Answer

Q202) Neural canal is present in Show Answer

Q203) During muscles contraction Show Answer

Q204) What is the purpose of locomotion performed by animals?
I. Search of food
II. Search of shelter
III. Search of mate
IV. Search of suitable breeding grounds
V. Search of favourable climate conditions
VI. Escaping from enemies/predators
Choose the correct option
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Q205) Which of the following statements about the molecular arrangement of actin and myosin are correct?
I. Each actin (thin filament) is made up of 2F (filamentous) actins
II. F-actin is the polymer of G (globular) actin
III. 2F = actins are twisted into a helix
IV. Two strands of tropomyosin (protein) lies in the grooves of F-actin
The correct option is
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Q206) End of long bones are covered with Show Answer

Q207) An acromian process is characteristically found in the Show Answer

Q208) Volkmann’s canal occurs in Show Answer

Q209) Matrix of bone is composed of Show Answer

Q210) Which one of the following is a skull bone? Show Answer

Q211) Find out the correct order of number of bones in the parts of skull such as cranial bone, facial bone, hyoid bone and middle ear bone respectively. Show Answer

Q212) Which of the following statements are wrong with reference to muscles?
I. Cardiac fibres are branched with one or more nuclei
II. Smooth muscles are unbranched and cylindrical
III. Striated muscles never performs anaerobic respiration
IV. Cardiae muscles are non-striated
Correct option with all wrong statements is-
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Q213) Troponin is a Show Answer

Q214) Which of the following statements is correct? Show Answer

Q215) Middle ear contains three tiny bones
I. Maxillae II. Malleus
III. Incus IV. Stapes
V. Vomer

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Q216) Muscular dystrophy in humans is a Show Answer

Q217) Globular head with a short arm and a tail are the two imperfect part of Show Answer

Q218) The clavicle articulates with………of scapula. Show Answer

Q219) Cytoplasmic streaming movement is the characteristic of Show Answer

Q220) Intervertebral disc consists of a shock absorber connective tissue known as Show Answer

Q221) Skeletal muscles are closely associated with the …A… components of the body. They have …B… appearance under the microscope and hence are called …C… muscles
Choose the correct options to fill A, B and C, so as to complete the given NCERT statement
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Q222) Inflammation of joints due to accumulation of uric acid crystals is called as Show Answer

Q223) Choose the incorrect statement about the skeletal muscles Show Answer

Q224) I. Myoglobin in very less quantity
II. Appear pale or whitish
III. Mitochondria are very few
IV. Sarcoplasmic reticulum in large quantity
Given characteristics of muscles fibres be long to
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Q225) Common among all mammals is Show Answer

Q226) Which muscle band remains unchanged during the contraction and relaxation of the skeletal muscle? Show Answer

Q227) Choose the correct statements for flagellar movements Show Answer

Q228) Select the correct statements
I. During muscle contraction, chemical energy changes into mechanical energy
II. Muscle fatitue occurs due to lactic acid formation
III. The reaction time is different to different muscle
IV. Muscle contraction don’t need ATP
Choose the option with the correct statements
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Q229) Human vertebral column is formed by Show Answer

Q230) Action potential in the sarcolemma of muscles is generated by Show Answer

Q231) During muscle contraction, ATP provides energy for Show Answer

Q232) Choose the correct statements regarding muscle proteins
I. Actin is a thin filament and made up of two F-actins
II. The complex protein, tropomyosin is distributed at regular intervals of troponin
III. Myosin is a thick filament which is not a polymerized protein
IV. The globular head of meromyosin consists of Light Meromyosin (LMM)
Option containing correct statement is
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Q233) Striated appearance of the myofibrils is due to Show Answer

Q234) Transverse ligament is found in Show Answer

Q235) Neuromuscular junction is a junction between Show Answer

Q236) Each human limb is made of Show Answer

Q237) Pick the true statements with reference to human beings
I. Vertebral column consists of 26 vertebrae
II. Vertebeal is dorsally placed
III. Neural canal invertebra is the passage for spinal cord
IV. Netural canal is ventrally placed
The option with all correct statements is
Show Answer

Q238) Bones of pectoral and pelvic girdle helps in the articulation of Show Answer