Practice Test

Q1) Life has originated due to: Show Answer

Q2) On one of the planet life has originated approximately same: Show Answer

Q3) The branch of zoology dealing with similarities and differences between individuals related by descent is: Show Answer

Q4) The spontaneous generation theory was first refuted by: Show Answer

Q5) According to one of the most widely accepted theories, the earth's atmosphere before any life had originated on this planet consisted of mixture of: Show Answer

Q6) Pasteur is famous for: Show Answer

Q7) There is no life on moon as there is no: Show Answer

Q8) In the field of discovery of origin of life Miller prepared: Show Answer

Q9) Large colloidal particles containing protein with water molecules is: Show Answer

Q10) Energy source for origin of life came from: Show Answer

Q11) Which of the following were first formed? Show Answer

Q12) The first organisms were: Show Answer

Q13) Which of the scientists is associated with naturalistic theory of origin of life? Show Answer

Q14) Which is the most accepted theory of origin of life? Show Answer

Q15) Miller synthesized simple amino acids from: Show Answer

Q16) The theory of special creation envisages the role of: Show Answer

Q17) The theory of catastrophism considers one of the following as its mainstay: Show Answer

Q18) The branch of Biology dealing with study of distribution of organisms in different geographic region is: Show Answer

Q19) 'Origin of Life' hypothesis was initiated by: Show Answer

Q20) The atmosphere of the earth at the time of origin of life was: Show Answer

Q21) According to Oparin the universe was a vast dense cloud of hot gases: Show Answer

Q22) Which one of the gases was absent at the time of origin of life? Show Answer

Q23) The theory of spontaneous generation of life explains that: Show Answer

Q24) Cuvier suggested which of the following theory: Show Answer

Q25) Who is regarded as father of evolutionary concept? Show Answer

Q26) People who belived in the theory of "Spontaneous creation" assumed that: Show Answer

Q27) The principle of sterilization is based upon experiment carried by: Show Answer

Q28) The idea that in the egg of Eve or the sperm of Adam contained minute human was part of: Show Answer

Q29) The first organisms to appear on earth were more like plants because: Show Answer

Q30) Who of the following proved that life originated from simple amino acids: Show Answer

Q31) In Stanley Miller's classic experiment: Show Answer

Q32) Mitochondria contain particles made up of about 100 polypeptide molecules of several different types. The paritcles catalyze the production of acetyl Co A and carbon dioxide from pyruvate. When disassembled into the component polypeptides, no enzymatic activity is seen. These particles are examples of: Show Answer

Q33) Which of the following is not true of the microspheres studied by Sydney Fox? Show Answer

Q34) Coacervates maintained their entity with the help of: Show Answer

Q35) Nucleotides, porphyrins, polypeptides and other bio-chemicals developed non-enzymatically in early broth due to: Show Answer

Q36) Archaeospheroides barbertonesis is: Show Answer

Q37) First eukaryotes evolved through: Show Answer

Q38) The modern theory of origin of life is related to: Show Answer

Q39) The primitive atmosphere of earth was devoid of: Show Answer

Q40) According to cosmozoic theory, life comes on earth from other planets in space in the form of: Show Answer

Q41) The scientist related with the theory of spontaneous generation and experiments with swan-necked flasks is: Show Answer

Q42) Under certain conditions the scientists have obtained cell-like structures but not true organisation of a cell. These are referred to as: Show Answer

Q43) Theory of Pangenesis is related to: Show Answer

Q44) Anaximander believed in the origin of life through: Show Answer

Q45) Spallanzani kept boiled nutrition broth indefinitely in: Show Answer

Q46) The term protobiogenesis is used for theory of: Show Answer

Q47) The correct sequence of origin of life is: Show Answer

Q48) One of the following appeared on the earth with the coming of the plants, and was absent in the past: Show Answer

Q49) Conditions of primitive earth were recreated in the laboratory and amino acids and bases were synthesized abiotically by: Show Answer

Q50) The theory that living organisms on the earth came from outer space is based on the study of: Show Answer

Q51) Life cannot originate from inorganic material at present because of: Show Answer

Q52) Choose the correct sequence during the formation of chemicals on early earth: Show Answer

Q53) "Origin of life" was written by: Show Answer

Q54) Origin of life took place in / on: Show Answer

Q55) Panspermia are: Show Answer

Q56) Organic compounds first evolved on earth and required for origin of life were: Show Answer

Q57) "All plants and animals were created and perpetuated themselves without any change", is the theory of: Show Answer

Q58) Louis Pasteur is known for: Show Answer

Q59) Which of the age of prokaryotic microbes? Show Answer

Q60) Who said the "life originated from simple amino acids": Show Answer

Q61) Stanley Lloyd Miller conducted an experiment to demontrate that simple organic molecules like amino acids could be produced if an electric discharge is passed through a mixture of such gases as might have been present in the atmospere of the early earth. The gaseous mixture used in the experiment comprised: Show Answer

Q62) Who said that organisms develop from pre-existing organisms? Show Answer

Q63) The most primitive cell-like chemical aggregates capable of growth and division were: Show Answer

Q64) Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life was: Show Answer

Q65) Origin of life occurred in: Show Answer

Q66) Most important compounds for origin of life was: Show Answer

Q67) Earth originated in the past: Show Answer

Q68) Who demonstrated that life comes from life with the help of flask with boiled froth? Show Answer

Q69) Who did an experiment to prove that "organic compounds were the basis of life"? Show Answer

Q70) Protobiogenesis occurred: Show Answer

Q71) Possible early source of energy was: Show Answer

Q72) One of the greatest advocates of the theory of special creation was: Show Answer

Q73) Theory of spontaneous generation was supported by: Show Answer

Q74) Most advanced theory of origin of life is that of: Show Answer

Q75) First life on earth was: Show Answer

Q76) Swan-necked flask experiment was done by: Show Answer

Q77) Early atmosphere contained methane and other hydrocarbons. They have now been replaced by: Show Answer

Q78) Which one of following experiments suggests that simplest living organisms could not have originated spontaneously from non-living matter? Show Answer

Q79) One of the following plant has remained unchanged from the time of its origin: Show Answer

Q80) Theory of special creation was supported by: Show Answer

Q81) Oparin-Haldane theory of origin of life states that: Show Answer

Q82) Miller conducted his experiment in an apparatus containing methane, ammonia and hydrogen in the ratio of: Show Answer

Q83) Which one of the following amino acid was not found to be synthesized in Miller's experiment? Show Answer

Q84) The oldest surviving rocks, about 4.3 billion years old contain: Show Answer

Q85) The oldest microfossils discovered so far are that of photosynthetic cyanobacteria that appeared: Show Answer

Q86) Who is the founder of theory of biogenesis? Show Answer

Q87) Protovirus is free: Show Answer

Q88) Which theory proposes that universe had an explosive origin about 15 billion years ago? Show Answer

Q89) In the book "Origin of Life" (1938) Oparin submitted: Show Answer

Q90) The presence of which of the following indicates that conditions at the time of origin were non-oxygenic? Show Answer

Q91) Select the important protobiont/(s): Show Answer

Q92) Experiments of Urey-Miller yielded: Show Answer

Q93) The first genetic code was based on: Show Answer

Q94) Which of the following in 1860 disproved the spontaneous generation of bacteria from decomposing broth? Show Answer

Q95) If protobionts were first formed, competition among them could not have led to evolution, because the most successful would not have been able to: Show Answer

Q96) The greatest diversity of metabolism is found among the: Show Answer

Q97) Primitive eukaryotes led to the evolution of: Show Answer

Q98) Which of the following is correct? Show Answer

Q99) Select the correct discovery: Show Answer

Q100) The first living cell which evolved in primordial soup had the unique ability to produce: Show Answer

Q101) Which of the following evolved first? Show Answer

Q102) Abiogenesis means Show Answer

Q103) Which of the following experiments suggests that simplest living organisms could not have originated spontaneously from non-living matter? Show Answer

Q104) Select the correct statement -
I. Swan-necked flask experiment was done by Louis Pasteur.
II. The early belief of the spontaneous origin of life was disproved by Louis Pasteur.
III. Louis Pasteur is famous for germ theory of disease develop from per-existing.
IV. The idea that life originates from pre-existing life is referred as biogenesis theory.
V. Father Suarez was one of the greatest advocates of theory of special creation.
VI. Cosmozoic theory of the origin of life was proposed by Richter.
VII. The founder of 'theory of catastrophism' is Georges Cuvier. Show Answer

Q105) About how long ago was the Earth formed Show Answer

Q106) 'Modern theory of origin of life' was propounded by Show Answer

Q107) The theory which explains the origin of life and is based upon experiments is Show Answer

Q108) Oparin's theory of 'Origin of life' is based on Show Answer

Q109) Chemical theory of origin of life was given by Show Answer

Q110) According to Oparin, which one of the following was not present in the primitive atmosphere of the Earth? Show Answer

Q111) Which one is the present today but was absent about 3 to 5 million years ago? Show Answer

Q112) The basic components of atmosphere of primitive Earth were Show Answer

Q113) There is no life on Moon due to the absence of Show Answer

Q114) Life originated in the era Show Answer

Q115) One of the possible early sources of energy was/were Show Answer

Q116) Which compound has a very important role in prebiotic evolution? Show Answer

Q117) The primitive Earth conditions were experimentally shown by Show Answer

Q118) Stanley Miller proposed origin of life by Show Answer

Q119) The first experiment on chemical evolution and origin of life was carried out by Show Answer

Q120) Finding of Millers experiment on origin of life has provided evidence for Show Answer

Q121) Stanley Miller conducted experiments in 1953 on prebiotic Earth environment using special apparatus. The primary surprising products were Show Answer

Q122) Which of the following is formed in Stanley Millers classic experiment? Show Answer

Q123) Which one of the following amino acids was not found to be synthesized in Miller's experiment? Show Answer

Q124) Who performed an experiment to prove that organic compounds were the basis of life? Show Answer

Q125) Origin of life as a result of chemical evolution was properly explained by Show Answer

Q126) Miller synthesized simple amino acids from one of the following mixtures in an experiment Show Answer

Q127) The presence of salts (NaCl and others) in the animal body fluids gives an inference that life originated in the Show Answer

Q128) Droplet of phospholipid molecules formed in a liquid environment is called Show Answer

Q129) On the primitive Earth, polymers such as proteins and nucleic acids in aqueous suspension formed the spherical aggregates. These are called Show Answer

Q130) Which of the following evolved first? Show Answer

Q131) Coacervates are Show Answer

Q132) Coacervates were experimentally produced by Show Answer

Q133) First cell produced on Earth is Show Answer

Q134) The basis of life is Show Answer

Q135) The simple organic compounds that may have first evolved in the direction of origin of life on the Earth must have been Show Answer

Q136) The correct sequence of the substances appeared during the course of origin of life on earth was Show Answer

Q137) It is believed that the organisms first inhabited Earth's surface were Show Answer

Q138) Organisms which obtain energy by the oxidation of reduced inorganic compounds are called Show Answer

Q139) Mark the correct statement in the following Show Answer

Q140) Which was first photosynthetic organism? Show Answer

Q141) The oldest eukaryotic fossil is Show Answer

Q142) Coacervates belong to the category of Show Answer

Q143) Select the wrong pair Show Answer

Q144) The most primitive cell-like chemical aggregates capable of growth and division were Show Answer

Q145) Which one of the following is incorrect about the characteristic of protobionts (coacervates and microspheres) as envisaged in abiogenic origin of life? Show Answer

Q146) Mark the correct statement/option Show Answer

Q147) The first form of life arose slowly through evolutionary forces from non-living molecules by Show Answer

Q148) What did Miller and Urey use as a source of energy in their experiments? Show Answer

Q149) Read the following three statements (A to C) and mark the right option -
A. The thorns in Bougainvillea and tendrils in cucurbits represent divergent evolution.
B. The similarity in the eyes of Octopus and monkeys is the result of convergent evolution.
C. The potato and sweet potato are the examples of homology. Show Answer

Q150) Marsupials evolved from ancestral stock, but all within Australian continent. This represents Show Answer

Q151) Flying squirrel and flying phalanger show Show Answer

Q152) Dinosaurs suddenly disappeared from the earth about Show Answer

Q153) The first true cellular form of life appeared on earth about Show Answer

Q154) The coal deposits were formed by Show Answer