Practice Test

Q1) Which pair represents chain isomers? Show Answer

Q2) Which are isomers? Show Answer

Q3) Amines exhibit Show Answer

Q4) The isomerism exhibited by n - butyl alcohol and iso - butyl alcohol is Show Answer

Q5) Compounds having same molecular formula but different properties are called Show Answer

Q6) An alkane forms isomers if the number of carbon atoms is. Show Answer

Q7) n - Propyl alcohol and iso - propyl alcohol are Show Answer

Q8) Isomerism exhibited by acetic acid methyl formate is Show Answer

Q9) Aldehydes are isomeric with ........ of same molecular formula Show Answer

Q10) The number of isomeric xylenes is Show Answer

Q11) The type of isomerism observed in urea molecule is Show Answer

Q12) Can homologues be isomers? Show Answer

Q13) Which of the following statements is necessarily true in the case of isomeric organic compounds? Show Answer

Q14) Isomerism among compounds due to the migration of proton is known as Show Answer

Q15) The tautomeric form which is less stable is called Show Answer

Q16) Acetone and propen - 2 - ol are Show Answer

Q17) Vinyl alcohol and acetaldehyde are Show Answer

Q18) o - hyroxytoluene and benzyl alcohol are Show Answer

Q19) Cyclobutane and butene 1 are Show Answer

Q20) The number of possible isomers of a disubstituted benzene is Show Answer

Q21) Among the following the one which does not exhibit functional group isomerism is Show Answer

Q22) Buta -1, 3 - diene and but - 2 - yne are Show Answer

Q23) The compound which forms one monochloro product when treated with chlorine is Show Answer

Q24) Nitroethane can exhibit one of the following kind of isomerism Show Answer

Q25) Cyanides and isocyanides are isomers of the type Show Answer

Q26) Isomers of propionic acid are Show Answer

Q27) 1 - Chloropropane and 2 - chloropropane are Show Answer

Q28) Tautomerism is exhibited by Show Answer

Q29) Which of the following is an isomers of propanal? Show Answer

Q30) Which of the following is not isomeric with diethyl ether? Show Answer

Q31) In the Keto - enol tautomerism of dicarbonyl compounds the enol form is preferred in contrast to the Keto form, this is due to Show Answer

Q32) Which are isomers? Show Answer

Q33) Which of the following compounds will show metamerism? Show Answer

Q34) An isomer of ethanol is Show Answer

Q35) The enolic form of acetone contains. Show Answer

Q36) Keto - enol tautomerism is observed in Show Answer

Q37) Optical isomerism arises due to the presence of Show Answer

Q38) The optically active compound is Show Answer

Q39) 2 - Methylpenta - 2, 3 - diene is achiral because it has Show Answer

Q40) The angle of rotation of plane of polarised light depends upon Show Answer

Q41) The racemisation of optically active compounds is driven by Show Answer

Q42) Meso - tartaric acid is optically inactive due to the presence of Show Answer

Q43) The production of an optically active compound from a symmetric molecule without resolution is termed Show Answer

Q44) The process of separation of racemic mixture into d - and l - enantiomers is called Show Answer

Q45) Dichloroethylene shows Show Answer

Q46) Which of the following may exist as enantiomorphs? Show Answer

Q47) Which of the following is optically active? Show Answer

Q48) A compound contains 2 dissimilar asymmetric carbon atoms. The number of optically active isomers is Show Answer

Q49) Which of the following structures permits cis-trans isomerism ? Show Answer

Q50) Geometrical isomerism is caused Show Answer

Q51) An optically active compound is Show Answer

Q52) The maximum number of stereoisomers possible for 3-hydroxy - 2 - methylbutanoic acid is Show Answer

Q53) Which of the following compounds can exhibit optical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q54) Geometrical isomerism can exist only when the molecule Show Answer

Q55) Number of possible isomers of glucose are Show Answer

Q56) Which of the following does not show stereoisomerism Show Answer

Q57) Two geometrical isomers are given by the following compound Show Answer

Q58) Maleic and fumaric acids are Show Answer

Q59) The change in optical rotation with time of freshly prepared solution of sugar is known as Show Answer

Q60) d- Tartaric acid and l - tartaric acid are
Show Answer

Q61) Which of the following acids shows stereoisomerisms ? Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following would show configurational enantiomorphism. ? Show Answer

Q63) Optically active isomers are also called Show Answer

Q64) Which class of compounds can exhibit geometrical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q65) The arrangement of atoms that characteristics a particular stereoisomer is called Show Answer

Q66) The reason of the loss of optical activity of lactic acid when OH group is changed by H, is that Show Answer

Q67) Which is incorrect about enantiomorphs ? Show Answer

Q68) Compounds whose molecules are super imposable on their mirror images even though they contain asymmetric carbon atoms or chiral centres are known as Show Answer

Q69) A racemic mixture is a mixture of Show Answer

Q70) Isopentane can form four Isomeric monobromo derivatives. How many of them are optically active ? Show Answer

Q71) Lactic acid shows optical activity in Show Answer

Q72) Which of the following compounds exhibits geometrical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q73) Which one of the marked carbon is the asymmetric one? Show Answer

Q74) Eclipsed and staggered forms of n-butane are called a pair of Show Answer

Q75) The least energetic conformation of cyclohexane is Show Answer

Q76) Which one of the following is the most stable structure of cyclohexatriene ? Show Answer

Q77) In butane, which of the following form has the lowest energy ? Show Answer

Q78) Diastereomers can be separated by Show Answer

Q79) Which type of strain is present in fully eclipsed conformation of butane Show Answer

Q80) Stereoisomerism can be exhibited by compounds having Show Answer

Q81) Which of the following compound is not chiral ? Show Answer

Q82) Which is the chiral molecule ? Show Answer

Q83) A molecule is said to be chiral if it Show Answer

Q84) The chiral compound is Show Answer

Q85) Which of the following will show geometrical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q86) Benzaldoxime exists in how many forms ? Show Answer

Q87) The geometrical isomerism is shown by Show Answer

Q88) R and S pairs of enantiomers differ from one another in Show Answer

Q89) Which of the following pairs of compounds are enantiomers ? Show Answer

Q90) Which of the following is an optically active compound ? Show Answer

Q91) Which of the following exhibit zero dipole moment ? Show Answer

Q92) The compound having highest dipole moment is Show Answer

Q93) Which of the following Fischer's projection formula is identical to D-glyceraldehyde ? Show Answer

Q94) What is the order of stability for
I. 1 - butene
II. cis - 2 - butene
III. trans - 2 - butene? Show Answer

Q95) The compound without a chiral atom is Show Answer

Q96) Geometrical isomerism is shown by Show Answer

Q97) Which one of the following compounds will not exhibit optical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q98) The least number of carbon atoms in alkane forming optical isomer is Show Answer

Q99) Which of the following compounds will exhibit geometrical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q100) An organic compound will show optical isomerism if Show Answer

Q101) Optically active isomers but not mirror images are called Show Answer

Q102) Which of the following molecule contains asymmetric carbon atom ? Show Answer

Q103) Geometrical isomers differ in Show Answer

Q104) Which of the following does not show geometrical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q105) A similarity between optical and geometrical isomerism is that Show Answer

Q106) Which of the following compounds is not chiral ? Show Answer

Q107) Of the five isomeric hexanes, the isomer which can give two monochlorinated compounds is Show Answer

Q108) Which of the following has least hindered rotations carbon-carbon bond ? Show Answer

Q109) Isomers which can be interconverted through rotation around a single bond are Show Answer

Q110) An organic molecule necessarily shows optical activity if it Show Answer

Q111) The number of possible enantiomeric pairs that can be produced during monochlorination of 2-methylbutane is Show Answer

Q112) The optically active trataric acid is named as D-(+)-tartaric acid because it has a positive Show Answer

Q113) Which of the following exhibits stereoisomerism Show Answer

Q114) Which of the following compounds will exhibit geometrical isomerism ? Show Answer

Q115) Which of the following has the lowest dipole moment ? Show Answer

Q116) An enantiomerically pure acid is treated with a racemic mixture of an alcohol having one chiral carbon. The ester formed will be Show Answer

Q117) Which of the following statements is not true about enantiomers Show Answer

Q118) Rotation of plane polarised light can be measured by Show Answer

Q119) How many chiral isomers can be drawn from 2-bromo-3chorobutane ? Show Answer

Q120) Increasing of order of stability among the three main conformations ( i.e. eclipse, anti, gauche ) of 2 - fluroethanol is Show Answer

Q121) Which one of the following conformations of cyclohexane is chiral ? Show Answer

Q122) Which of the following molecules is expected to rotate the plane-polarised light? Show Answer

Q123) The alkene that exhibits geometrical isomerism is Show Answer