Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following is not analogue signal ? Show Answer

Q2) How many NAND gates are required to make an OR gate ? Show Answer

Q3) Statement 1 : NAND or NOR gates are called digital building blocks.
Statement 2 : The repeated use of NAND ( or NOR ) gates can produce all the basic or complicated gates
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Q4) Statement 1 : NOT gate is also called invertor circuit.
Statement 2 : NOT gate inverts the input order.
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Q5) The circuit above behaves as Show Answer

Q6) If all the NOR gate in the circuits are replaced by NAND gates, the circuit would perform the logic operation of Show Answer

Q7) The output of OR gate is 1 Show Answer

Q8) The boolean expression for NAND gate is Show Answer

Q9) If A = 1 and B = 0, then A.A + B in the boolean expression is equal to Show Answer

Q10) Which of the following is the logic symbol of NAND gate ? Show Answer

Q11) If one terminal of an XOR gate is kept at 1, the output will be zero when the other terminal is at Show Answer

Q12) In boolean algebra, which of the following is not equal to zero Show Answer

Q13) Which of the following is not correct ? Show Answer

Q14) An AND gate can be prepared by repetitive use of Show Answer

Q15) The number of NAND gates required to make NOT gate is Show Answer

Q16) Statement 1 : In a two input NAND gate if one of the inputs is kept high, it acts as an inverter.
Statement 2 : A low input produces a high output in NAND gate
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Q17) The logic gate circuit is Show Answer

Q18) Which one of the following cirucits would give waveforms as given in the passage above Show Answer