Practice Test

Q1) Pointing to a lady on the stage, Devika said, " She is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband".
How is the lady related to Devika? Show Answer

Q2) Arun told Meesum, " Yesterday I met the son of my wife's father -in- law". How is Arun related to that man? Show Answer

Q3) A man has two wives A and B. A is Sunny's step mother. How is sunny related to B? Show Answer

Q4) What does the relation p x q - r show? Show Answer

Q5) Which of the following statement does not hold? Show Answer

Q6) From the statement a x b x c x d, which of the following statement is not necessarily true? Show Answer

Q7) From the statement p - q + r x s, how is q related to s? Show Answer

Q8) How is the P related to S? Show Answer

Q9) How many males are present in this group? Show Answer

Q10) Genuflecting (bending) in front of a portrait, Raman said, " She is the only daughter of the mother of my brother's sister." How is that person related to Raman? Show Answer

Q11) Pointing towards the lady in a polaroid, Victor said, " She is the daughter of the father of the sister of my brother." How is the lady in photograph related to Victor? Show Answer

Q12) Pointing towards a boy, Aruna said to Pushpa, " The mother of his father is the wife of younger grandfather ( Mother's father)". How is Pushpa related to that boy? Show Answer

Q13) Pointing to the man in a photograph Amelia said," His mother's only daughter is my mother". How is Amelia related to that man? Show Answer

Q14) Facing a man in the eye, Nero said, " Your son is my son's uncle." How is the man related to Nero? Show Answer

Q15) How many female members are there in the family? Show Answer

Q16) Which of the following is one of the married couples? Show Answer

Q17) What is the minimum number of people present in this gathering? Show Answer

Q18) Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, : His brother's father is the only son (and child) of my grandfather." How is the woman related to the man in the photograph? Show Answer

Q19) X's father has a son Y who has an aunt Z who has a husband K whose father-in-law is M. What could be M to X? Show Answer

Q20) A's father has a mother K whose husband is T and who has a brother M whose granddaughter is S. What is S to A? Show Answer

Q21) X's father's wife's father's granddaughter's uncle will be related to X as Show Answer

Q22) How is my mother's brother's only sibling's son related to me? Show Answer

Q23) A goes on a picnic and meets a woman B who is the sister of A's wife. How is B related to A? Show Answer

Q24) How is my mother's sister's brother's wife's child related to me? Show Answer

Q25) How is Geeta related to Amar? Show Answer

Q26) How is Meera related to Amar? Show Answer

Q27) How is Geeta related to Anjali? Show Answer

Q28) My grandfather's daughter-in-law's husband's son's sister F is related to me as Show Answer

Q29) A's brother's father is the only child of my grandmother's husband, who happens to be Mr. Abraham Lincon. How is A's father related to me? Show Answer

Q30) How is T related to B? Show Answer

Q31) How is S related to C? Show Answer

Q32) How is P related to X? Show Answer

Q33) How is C related to Q? Show Answer

Q34) How is A related to R? Show Answer

Q35) K's father's brother's daughter's husband's mother-in-law is related to K as Show Answer

Q36) How is X's mother's brother's daughter's mother's mother-in-law is related to X? Show Answer

Q37) How is K's father's wife's grandson's brother related to K? Show Answer

Q38) B's brother is L whose aunt's only sibling is the son of Y, whose daughter-in-law's father-in-law is K. How is Y related to B? Show Answer

Q39) Pointing to the main the platform, Siddhartha said,"He is the brother of the father of my mother's son.How is this man on the platform related to Siddhartha? Show Answer

Q40) A man saw a photograph and told his friend "She is the wife of the father of the only brother of my sister, who is the wife of the only child of your parents."How is the persons in the photograph related to the man's friend? Show Answer

Q41) Who are males among the eight? Show Answer

Q42) How is C related to G? Show Answer

Q43) How is D related to B? Show Answer

Q44) Who is the teacher ? Show Answer

Q45) Who is the husband of S ? Show Answer

Q46) Which of the following is a couple ? Show Answer

Q47) Who is wife of P ? Show Answer

Q48) Who are the siblings of L ? Show Answer

Q49) How many grandchildren does Bhawer have ? Show Answer

Q50) How is Sonal related to Bhawer ? Show Answer

Q51) What is the relationship of Aditya with Nikunj and Pawan respectively ? Show Answer

Q52) Who among the following can be Aditya's father ? Show Answer

Q53) Who among the following is Sonal's child ? Show Answer

Q54) How is B related to E in A*B@C+D-E ? Show Answer

Q55) How is E related to C in A%B+C/D-E ? Show Answer

Q56) Who among these is the nephew of Q in P@Q-R+S+T ? Show Answer

Q57) Which among the following means that Q is the uncle of T ? Show Answer

Q58) Which among the following relations means that U is the daughter- in-law of R ? Show Answer

Q59) How is A's father related to E in D#A+B/C-E? Show Answer

Q60) How is A related to X's mother in X#Y-Z@A ? Show Answer

Q61) How is A related to E in C/A@B-D#E ? Show Answer

Q62) Which of these represents people who are brothers ? Show Answer

Q63) Who is the mother ? Show Answer

Q64) Who is T's husband ? Show Answer

Q65) Who are the two fathers ? Show Answer

Q66) A man said to a women,"your only brother's wife's daughter's only cousin is my son". How is the women related to the man's son ? Show Answer

Q67) Introducing Pradeeba, Ajay said,'she is the wife of my mother's only son'. How is Pradeeba related to Ajay ? Show Answer

Q68) Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Rajesh said 'Her mother is the only daughter of my paternal grandfather's only son". How is the girl's mother related to Rajesh's father ? Show Answer

Q69) Two sisters, Bhavya and Kriti were playing. Kriti's mother said to Bhavya's mother that Kriti's father's mother's husband's only daughter is Trisha. How is Bhavya's mother related to Trisha ? Show Answer

Q70) How is Nimit's father's wife only brother's father's wife's only daughter related to Nimit ? Show Answer

Q71) How is my mother's husband's only son's wife related to me ? Show Answer

Q72) Kathan tells Jia that "Your father Gunjan is my wife's father's son's brother". How is Gunjan related to Kathan ? Show Answer

Q73) If Khushi is the unmarried girl Julie's father's son-in-law's son's maternal grandmother, then how is Julie related to Khushi ? Show Answer

Q74) Pointing to the person in the photo, Jesal tells his son Jenil "He is your mother's mother-in-law's only grandchild's father's father-in-law". How is the person in the photo related to Jenil's mother ? Show Answer

Q75) A said to B: "You are my brother's mother's husband's only sister's husband's only son's sister." How are A and B related ? Show Answer

Q76) A is B's mother's husband's father's wife only daughter. How is A related to B ? Show Answer

Q77) If E-A-B@D/C, then which of the following is false? Show Answer

Q78) Which of the following means that B is the mother-in-law of C ? Show Answer

Q79) In which of the following options is the relationship between A and E same as that in E#B@D#C@A? Show Answer

Q80) Which member of the family can be the doctor who treats deafness ? Show Answer

Q81) What is the relation of Armaan with Ananya ? Show Answer

Q82) How is Anant related to Anshumaan ? Show Answer

Q83) How is Ananya related to Anjana ? Show Answer

Q84) What is the medical condition that Antara treats ? Show Answer

Q85) How is Dinkar's daughter related to Jugal's father ? Show Answer

Q86) What is the total number of females in the family ? Show Answer

Q87) What is the relationship of Hitharth with Boman and Kajri respectively ? Show Answer

Q88) How many grandsons does Esha have ? Show Answer

Q89) Who are Boman's aunt's In-laws ? Show Answer

Q90) Introducing Shriya to his daughter kush tells his daughter that she is his brother's wifes mother in law daughter. How is Shriya realted to khush? Show Answer

Q91) Introducing Shriya to his daughter Khush tells his daughter that she is his brother's wife's mother in law's daughter. How is Shriya related to Khush ? Show Answer

Q92) X does not have any siblings. If Y tells X that "My father is your father's son", then how is Y related to X ? Show Answer

Q93) While pointing to a picture, A said to B: "This man is your father's brother's only sister's mother's husband." How is B related to the man in the picture ? Show Answer

Q94) Two kids Aryan and Aditya are playing in a ground. Aryan's mothers husband mother has a single daughter who is the only sister of Aditya's father who has only one son. How are Aryan and Aditya related ? Show Answer

Q95) Pawan says "My fathers mother's mother's brother's son's only daughter is the mother of Raghav." How are Pawan and Raghav related ? Show Answer

Q96) If A *B@C / D#E, then how is A related to E ? Show Answer

Q97) If A#B%C@D/E, then which of the following is true ? Show Answer

Q98) Which of the following means that A is the niece of D ? Show Answer

Q99) A+C&B÷E%D, then what is the relationship between A and D ? Show Answer

Q100) Which of the following means that A is D's uncles and E is B's daughter ? Show Answer

Q101) Mania is to Craze as Phobia is to .......... Show Answer

Q102) ............ is to Dumb as Light is to Blind Show Answer

Q103) Physicist is to Mathematics as ........... is to Anatomy Show Answer

Q104) Love is to hate as friend is to .......... Show Answer

Q105) Flower is to Petal as ......... is to Arm. Show Answer

Q106) What is the surname of Lata ? Show Answer

Q107) How is Sonu related to the father of Rita ? Show Answer

Q108) What is the surname of Sonu ? Show Answer

Q109) How is Mrs. Mathur related to Sunil ? Show Answer

Q110) What is the surname of Sonu ? Show Answer

Q111) How is Suresh related to Sudha ? Show Answer

Q112) What is Sudha's relation to Asha ? Show Answer

Q113) How is Sonu related to Mr. Mahajan ? Show Answer

Q114) MAROZIM : MIZORAM : : ............ : PASCAL Show Answer

Q115) FOCUS : GPDVT : : LOTUS : .......... Show Answer

Q116) DELHI : CDKGH : : PATIALA : ......... Show Answer

Q117) PHONE : RJQPG : : QUOTE : ........ Show Answer

Q118) If 'PRIMARY' is coded as 'QSJNBSZ' , then how do you code 'FARMER' ? Show Answer

Q119) QJMPU : PILOT : : ........... : WOLLS Show Answer

Q120) How will you code 'TRACTER' now ? Show Answer

Q121) If 'BAT' = 6 , 'CRICKET' = 14 and 'BALL' = 8 , then 'FIELDING' = ? Show Answer

Q122) 'CYCLE' = 8, 'BUS' = 4, 'MOPED' = 8, then "TRUCK' = ? Show Answer

Q123) 'DRIVER' = 12, 'PEDESTRIAN' = 20, 'ACCIDENT' = 16, then 'TAXI' = ? Show Answer

Q124) If C is B's husband. Then how is F related to E? Show Answer

Q125) How is D related to B? Show Answer

Q126) If A is G's son, then how is A related to F, knowing that C is B's husband? Show Answer

Q127) Who is E's father? Show Answer

Q128) How many females are there in this family? Show Answer

Q129) What is C to A? Show Answer

Q130) How many male members are there in the family? Show Answer

Q131) Which of the following is true? Show Answer

Q132) Who among the following is one of the couples? Show Answer

Q133) Rashmi is Ram's mother's daughter's daughter. What is her relationship to Ram? Show Answer

Q134) Steam : Locomotive : : Show Answer

Q135) Saw : Wood : : Show Answer

Q136) Deepening : Filling : : Show Answer


Q138) IRON : STEEL Show Answer

Q139) DROUGHT : FAMINE Show Answer

Q140) BIHAR : INDIA Show Answer






Q146) COTTON : POLYESTER Show Answer

Q147) AD : BE : : CF : ? Show Answer

Q148) CG : EI : : FJ : ? Show Answer

Q149) FED : IGH : : ? : ? Show Answer

Q150) APA : EQE : : ? : ? Show Answer

Q151) V : X : : H : ? Show Answer

Q152) 'Chalk' and "Blackboard" are related in the same manner as Show Answer

Q153) Which of the 5 shapes is (are) the same as the first shape turned around ? Show Answer

Q154) Which is (are) the same as the first shape as seen in the mirror ? Show Answer

Q155) Who is mother of Gogol? Show Answer

Q156) Jhuma is the daughter of? Show Answer

Q157) Who has two children? Show Answer

Q158) Whose son is a doctor? Show Answer

Q159) state, country, city Show Answer

Q160) table, chair, furniture Show Answer

Q161) dog, cat, mammal Show Answer

Q162) teacher, graduate, player Show Answer

Q163) copper, paper, wire Show Answer

Q164) Mangoes, Apples, Fruits Show Answer

Q165) Parrots, Birds, Mice Show Answer

Q166) Musicians, Men, Women Show Answer

Q167) Coffee, Tea, Beverages Show Answer