Practice Test

Q1) The present/modern age is popularly known as ___________. Show Answer

Q2) A ___________ is a sequence of instructions by the programmer as described as Education of the computer. Show Answer

Q3) Computer is an ________ device used for reservation of tickets in railways and state Transport. Show Answer

Q4) Computer is a complete _________ processing machine, which works on Iinstructions to give results. Show Answer

Q5) Computer is automatic electronic device utilised to perform logical and _______ calculations. Show Answer

Q6) ________ of England is well-known as father of computers. Show Answer

Q7) The computer ___________ have spread in almost every field of life. Show Answer

Q8) The main ____________ of computer are input device, central processing unit output device. Show Answer

Q9) _________ refers to raw facts about the information to be derived from various sources. Show Answer

Q10) __________ refers to the physical machines of a computer and _______refers to a set of number of programmes. Show Answer

Q11) __________ is a part of computer system which contains Arith Logic Unit, Control unit and Internet Storage. Show Answer

Q12) ____________ Computers are utilised to solve differential equations as per the base of operational amplifiers Show Answer

Q13) ___________ Computers are based on the concept of parallel processing to attain more accuracy and reliability. Show Answer

Q14) Computer technology developed during the ____________ generation [1960 to 1965] Show Answer

Q15) A high level language programme needs to be translated into ________. Show Answer

Q16) As a computer works, the result is displayed on _______ and printed on ____________ as command given. Show Answer

Q17) The physical devices or units of a computer are known as_________. Show Answer

Q18) The designer and manufacturers of computers, the programmers, and the operators are known as the _______. Show Answer

Q19) ______ means the entering data into the computer. Show Answer

Q20) A removable magnetic disc is known as the _______ disc. Show Answer

Q21) Data is transferrd between the CPU and the disk through a device know as ________. Show Answer

Q22) A computer is extremely accurate in its operations. Show Answer

Q23) A computer has limited capacity to store a set of instructions. Show Answer

Q24) A computer is inferior to human beings intelligence-wise while it is superior performance-wise. Show Answer

Q25) Data means an organised fact and/but about information means an organised data. Show Answer

Q26) A mere calculator is more than a computer. Show Answer

Q27) Modernly, computers have been used and applied only in very few selected fields of human activities. Show Answer

Q28) Keyboard is an output device of a computer. Show Answer

Q29) A computer has an ability to do many things equally accurate. Show Answer

Q30) A computer may have the ability to think and work creatively. Show Answer

Q31) The computers are more prominently used to play games. Show Answer

Q32) The instructions are fed to a computer in plain English language only. Show Answer

Q33) The output generated by a computer fully depends upon the skill of a programmer. Show Answer

Q34) A computer is very faster in speed and better to create good impressions on the minds of customers. Show Answer

Q35) ALU is a brain of computer looks like a rectangular box. Show Answer

Q36) The computer works according to instructions of a computer programmer. Show Answer

Q37) The computers lack in forming judgements like human brains. Show Answer

Q38) Software is a set of programme split into System software and Application software. Show Answer

Q39) Errors of computers are generally electric errors. Show Answer