Practice Test

Q1) ________is a share of the company's profits. Show Answer

Q2) The word 'dividend' is derived from the Latin word ____________. Show Answer

Q3) Dividend is always paid out of the ______ of the company. Show Answer

Q4) The term 'dividend' refers to the ________ return to shareholders from the company. Show Answer

Q5) A part of profit made available for the distribution of profit is called ____________ profit. Show Answer

Q6) Dividend has to be recommended by ________ and approved shareholders at AGM. Show Answer

Q7) Usually, dividend on equity shares is always related to ____________ capacity of the company. Show Answer

Q8) Dividend on preference shares is paid at a _________decided at the time of issue. Show Answer

Q9) Rate of dividend is to be approved at Annual general meeting by passing ________ resolution. Show Answer

Q10) It is obligatory for the company to pay dividend within _____days from its declaration. Show Answer

Q11) ___________ is a request by shareholder to authorizing the company to credit his account. Show Answer

Q12) Dividend as an income is fully _________ from income-tax at hands of shareholders Show Answer

Q13) Secretary has to arrange to transfer unclaimed dividend within _________ days, from date, to special account. Show Answer

Q14) ________ is a set of guidelines for declaration and payment of dividend. Show Answer

Q15) ______ dividend is dividend declared in between two AGM of the company. Show Answer

Q16) __________ is dividend declared at the end of financial year after financial accounting. Show Answer

Q17) The word 'dividend' is derived from ___________ word 'dividendum'. Show Answer

Q18) If dividend proposed is 15.01% to 20.00% then ____________ % of current profit transferred to reserve. Show Answer

Q19) Final dividend is paid at the________of the year. Show Answer

Q20) __________ Dividend is dividend declared but not claimed by the shareholders. Show Answer

Q21) _______________ determines dividend policy by considering various factors. Show Answer

Q22) Benefit of bonus share is given to ___________ shareholders only. Show Answer

Q23) Investor education and protection fund is utilised for protecting __________. Show Answer

Q24) Dividend is a return on capital invested by _______. Show Answer

Q25) Dividend is paid by _________. Show Answer

Q26) ______ is profit shared by the company with its shareholders. Show Answer

Q27) Dividend is paid by way of coupons in case of _______. Show Answer

Q28) ______ is an authority request by a member to pay his dividend to his bank directly. Show Answer

Q29) ________ facility promoted by RBI enables direct credit of dividend into bank account of the shareholder. Show Answer

Q30) Non - distributable profits of company are transferred to _______. Show Answer

Q31) ________ dividend means dividend not claimed or collected by the meembers. Show Answer

Q32) Dividend is a part of ________ distributed to the shareholders. Show Answer

Q33) Profit for payment of dividend means dividend after providing for ______. Show Answer

Q34) Dividend warrant is a ______ sent to the shareholders. Show Answer

Q35) For declaring final dividend ________ resolution shall be passed in Annual General Meeting. Show Answer

Q36) The dividend declared in between AGM is called _____ dividend. Show Answer

Q37) Dividend declared must be paid within _______ days. Show Answer

Q38) The _______ recommends the final dividend. Show Answer

Q39) Dividend warrants are issued to ______ holders for getting dividends. Show Answer

Q40) The dividend is calculated and paid on _______ capital. Show Answer

Q41) Unpaid dividend shall be trasferred to Investor's Education and Protection Fund on the expiry of ________ years. Show Answer

Q42) In _____ dividend policy, there will be higher transfer of profits to resolve. Show Answer

Q43) The dividend on _______ shares is uncertain. Show Answer

Q44) Preference shareholders get dividend at a ____ rate. Show Answer

Q45) The rate of dividend on equity shares is _______. Show Answer

Q46) Dividend is paid through _______. Show Answer

Q47) Shareholders who received dividend at a fixed rate are _______ shareholders. Show Answer

Q48) Preference Shares entitled to arrears of dividend are known as _______ preference shares. Show Answer

Q49) Dividend is paid only to a shareholder. Show Answer

Q50) ECS payment of dividend is cost free. Show Answer

Q51) Dividend once announced can be cancelled Show Answer

Q52) Regular dividend payment reflects prosperity of the company. Show Answer

Q53) Dividend is paid only out of profits. Show Answer

Q54) Dividend is not paid out of any years profits. Show Answer

Q55) Profit mean profit after depreciation. Show Answer

Q56) It is compulsory to transfer to reserves before declaring dividend. Show Answer

Q57) Dividend can be declared even if a company suffers a loss in that particular year. Show Answer

Q58) Dividend is paid only if shares are fully paid. Show Answer

Q59) The shareholders can increase the final dividend recommended by the directors. Show Answer

Q60) Preference shareholders get predetermined fixed dividend annually. Show Answer

Q61) Directors have direction to recommended or not to recommended the dividend. Show Answer

Q62) Dividend can be paid on advance amount of calls received. Show Answer

Q63) The declared dividend is the statutory debt. Show Answer

Q64) No dividend is paid if the shareholders has lost his dividend warrant. Show Answer

Q65) As per Companies Act dividend can be paid any time out of the capital. Show Answer

Q66) All types of shares carry a fixed rate of dividend. Show Answer

Q67) Preference shareholders receive fluctuating rate of dividend. Show Answer

Q68) The term dividend is derived from word ''Dividendum'' _______ Show Answer

Q69) Dividend is payable out of the _______ of the company. Show Answer

Q70) Dividend once approved and declared by shareholders becomes a _____. Show Answer

Q71) Money can be provided by the Central or State Governmenr to pay ______. Show Answer

Q72) ________ of the company must permit a distribution of dividend out of capital profits. Show Answer

Q73) Notice of book closure to the stock exchange must be given at least _______ working days before the closure. Show Answer

Q74) Dividend must be paid in _______. Show Answer

Q75) If a company default in making payment of dividend it will be liable to pay simple interest @ _______ p.a. during the period default continues. Show Answer

Q76) Dividend declared between two _______ is called interim dividend. Show Answer

Q77) ______ is the cost of renting money for the borrower. Show Answer

Q78) Profit making and its maximization is the prime aim of all business organizations. Show Answer

Q79) Going concern means a buisness theat is operating and making profits. Show Answer

Q80) Company first pay dividend to Equity Shareholders. Show Answer

Q81) Dividend can be paid in form of Bonus Shares. Show Answer

Q82) Dividend can be paid out of capital Show Answer

Q83) Shareholders decide book closure date for dividend. Show Answer

Q84) Dividend msust be paid within 30 days of its declaration. Show Answer

Q85) Any amount of dividend remaining unpaid / unclaimed for a period of 7 years must be transferred to IEPF. Show Answer

Q86) Dividend Mandate is a cheque sent by the company to shareholders for payment of dividend. Show Answer

Q87) Dividend declared in between 2 AGMs is called final divided. Show Answer

Q88) Board of directors has to pass a resolution for declaring Interim Dividend. Show Answer

Q89) Interim Dividend should be paid within 15 datys of its declaration. Show Answer

Q90) Company can declare and pay dividend out of current year's profit after providing for depreciation and transfer to reserves. Show Answer

Q91) Higher the risk higher is the interest Show Answer

Q92) Internet is the cost of renting money for the borrower and lender. Show Answer