Practice Test

Q1) Traditionally, shares are held in ______ form. Show Answer

Q2) _______ should work out detailed regulations for the depositories in India. Show Answer

Q3) GOI enacted the depositories Act in ________. Show Answer

Q4) ________ is a central system where all corporate securities are recorded in electronic form. Show Answer

Q5) The _________ is the governing body of central depository securities limited. Show Answer

Q6) ____________ is just opposite type of transfer for shares to dematerialization. Show Answer

Q7) All the depository participants are to be registered with the _________. Show Answer

Q8) Depository participants are ________ between the investor and the depositories. Show Answer

Q9) Depository participants (D.P) can be ________. Show Answer

Q10) The depository participants have _________ for the identification. Show Answer

Q11) _________ has a right to check the accounts of DP's. Show Answer

Q12) Depository Act was passed in the year ____. Show Answer

Q13) Dematerialization means transferring physical shares into ___________ shares. Show Answer

Q14) Dematerialization and re-materialization are exactly __________. Show Answer

Q15) Convertible securities are convertible into ___________. Show Answer

Q16) In dematerialization, transactions are conducted quickly at _____________ cost. Show Answer

Q17) Banks provide demat account services to the _______________. Show Answer

Q18) _______ is popularly referred to as holding, trading and settling of securities in the electronic segment for the investor. Show Answer

Q19) An organisation which holds the securities of the investors is called ________. Show Answer

Q20) Depositories which are registered with SEBI in 1996 is ______. Show Answer

Q21) D'mat eliminated the problems of __________handling of securities. Show Answer

Q22) Paper work is _____ in case of D'mat system. Show Answer

Q23) Depository facilitates safe keeping of _______. Show Answer

Q24) _______ of securities eliminates paper work. Show Answer

Q25) _____ is a process by which share certificate of investors are converted into elctronic form. Show Answer

Q26) ______ means a person whose name is recorded as such with a depository. Show Answer

Q27) Dematerlisation facilitates _______ shares to be credited to the shareholder account immediately. Show Answer

Q28) In case of ______ there is no risk of bad delivery. Show Answer

Q29) The investors has open a ______ account once he has approach the Depository participant. Show Answer

Q30) The investors needs to surrender the ______ to get the shares of dematerialised. Show Answer

Q31) A _______ resolution is required to be passed to alter the articles if no provision has been made regarding issuing securities in a dematerialised form. Show Answer

Q32) ISIN does not have much impotant in Demating of shares. Show Answer

Q33) D'mat is called 'Paperless Trading'. Show Answer

Q34) It is mandatory to hold dematerialised account. Show Answer

Q35) Risk of bad delivery arises due to depository. Show Answer

Q36) There is no need of Depository system of trading in India. Show Answer

Q37) It is easy to transmit the shres in case of D'mat form. Show Answer

Q38) DP is an agent between issuer and investor. Show Answer

Q39) A depository is a system which holds shares in the form of electronic accounts. Show Answer

Q40) Dematerialisation helps to prevent shares from getting mutilated or damged. Show Answer

Q41) Dematerialisation helps to effect transactions of allotment, transfers and transmissions of shares quickly. Show Answer

Q42) For getting shares dematerialised, the investors does not have to approach a depository participant. Show Answer

Q43) There must be a provision in the Articles of Association regarding issuing of securities in a dematerialised form. Show Answer

Q44) The transfer and settlement of securities are done______ in DEMAT Form. Show Answer

Q45) The depository system is called as ______ trading system. Show Answer

Q46) The word's first Depository was set up in Germany in _____. Show Answer

Q47) The depository is the _____ of the securities in electronic form. Show Answer

Q48) Depository participant act as a _____ between the deposiroty and Investors. Show Answer

Q49) Depository system eliminates huge volume of _______ Show Answer

Q50) Depository system reduces the ________ and effecs involved in storage and handling of physical certificates. Show Answer

Q51) Dematerialised securities are preferred by banks and financial institutions as securitiy against ______ Show Answer

Q52) Depository system provides better and ______ services to attract investment from abroad. Show Answer

Q53) Depository work as a ______ beween the Company and Investors. Show Answer

Q54) DP sends statement of account _____ Show Answer

Q55) ISIN consist of a _____ digit alpha-numeric code. Show Answer

Q56) _____ is the first and the largest depository in India. Show Answer

Q57) NSDL was established in November ______. Show Answer

Q58) NSDL is a ____ Limited company registered under the Companies Act. Show Answer

Q59) CDSL began its operations in February _____. Show Answer

Q60) Under Depository system securities are held in physical form. Show Answer

Q61) Depository Act was passed in 1992 Show Answer

Q62) Depository system aims at elimination of huge volume of paperwork. Show Answer

Q63) Depository is responsible for safe-keeping of the investor's securities. Show Answer

Q64) Depository is an intermediary appointed by DP. Show Answer

Q65) DP Functions like a central Bank Show Answer

Q66) Beneficial Owner (B.O.) is given a unique account number in which securoties are held. Show Answer

Q67) Currency note is non fungible. Show Answer

Q68) NSDL has its headquarters in Pune. Show Answer

Q69) CDSL began its operations in February 1999. Show Answer

Q70) In physical mode, securities are held in __________ form. Show Answer

Q71) Risk of losing certificates exists in __________ mode. Show Answer

Q72) __________ is the institute which facilitates electronic holding of securities. Show Answer

Q73) In depository system, securities are held in __________ form. Show Answer

Q74) India has a __________ depository system. Show Answer

Q75) There is no payment of __________ when securities are demated. Show Answer

Q76) An institution which regulates and controls the activities of the stock exchange is called __________. Show Answer

Q77) Demat account is opened by __________. Show Answer

Q78) __________ has to pay charges to maintain demat account. Show Answer

Q79) __________ is a constituent of depository system. Show Answer

Q80) Dematerialisation is __________. Show Answer

Q81) Demated shares are __________. Show Answer

Q82) __________ functions like a securities bank. Show Answer

Q83) __________ is a unique code given to a security. Show Answer

Q84) In India, ISIN for corporate securities is allotted by __________. Show Answer

Q85) __________ has to apply for ISIN. Show Answer

Q86) For conversion of physical certificates into demat form, DP dispatches the physical certificates and copy of DRF to __________. Show Answer

Q87) __________ is the oldest depository in India. Show Answer

Q88) __________ trade is settled directly between two parties on mutually agreed terms. Show Answer

Q89) NSDL is promoted by __________. Show Answer

Q90) CDSL is promoted by __________. Show Answer

Q91) The headquarters of NSDL are in __________. Show Answer

Q92) Securities can be held in physical as well as electronic form. Show Answer

Q93) Physical mode of holding securities is risky. Show Answer

Q94) Allotment of securities take longer time when in physical mode. Show Answer

Q95) Transfer of securities is easier in electronic mode. Show Answer

Q96) India has a multi depository system. Show Answer

Q97) Depository system began in the USA for the first time in the world Show Answer

Q98) Depository system is very similar to banking system. Show Answer

Q99) DP is a constituent of depository system. Show Answer

Q100) DP is an agent of depository. Show Answer

Q101) Bank can work as a DP. Show Answer

Q102) DRF is required for conversion from physical to electronic. Show Answer

Q103) ISIN is a unique code given to the specific securities. Show Answer

Q104) 151N consists of a 14 digit alpha numeric code. Show Answer

Q105) During an IPO, the issuer company verifies details of BO with the depository. Show Answer