Practice Test

Q1) It became clear that strangers were heading INTO a serious disaster. Show Answer

Q2) 20 km ARE NOT A GREAT DISTANCE in these days of fast moving vehicles. Show Answer

Q3) Freedom is a wonderful thing, FOR jimmy was eager to experience it. Show Answer

Q4) The ship RAN OVER when it crashed into an iceberg. Show Answer

Q5) HERSELF saw the thief. Show Answer

Q6) THE STRONG BREEZE blew his hat away. Show Answer

Q7) I am used to HARD WORK.. Show Answer

Q8) The main point OF HIS SPEECH was well understood. Show Answer

Q9) Mr. Johnson HAD STAYING here since 1954 and had made India his home. Show Answer

Q10) No SOONER I SAW the tiger than I ran away. Show Answer

Q11) Because of his mastery in this field his suggestions ARE WIDE ACCEPTED. Show Answer

Q12) The manager WAS UNHAPPY at Gaurav because he did not complete the work in time. Show Answer

Q13) Old habits DIE HARDLY. Show Answer

Q14) Your results depend not only on how much you have studied BUT HOW LONG you have read. Show Answer

Q15) When I was fourteen, I SAT the entrance examination for senior secondary school. Show Answer

Q16) Sumit WOULD HAVE BEEN LOOKED smart in traditional clothes. Show Answer

Q17) If you told your problem yesterday, we MIGHT HAD helped you. Show Answer

Q18) A lot depends on your early BROUGHT UP in the family. Show Answer

Q19) Try to be diplomatic where you refuse any invitation, SO FAR NOT to cause bad feeling. Show Answer

Q20) She GAVE most of her time to music. Show Answer

Q21) ALL HIS ANSWERS were correct. Show Answer

Q22) I wish I WAS with him. Show Answer

Q23) She CUT A SAD FIGURE in her first performance on the stage. Show Answer

Q24) They have stopped FROM CONSTRUCTING new buildings. Show Answer

Q25) Since 1986, there IS no Earthquakes here. Show Answer

Q26) His father won't be able to leave for Varanasi UNTIL THEY HAVE ARRIVED. Show Answer

Q27) Young men and women should get HABITUATED to reading and writing about current affairs. Show Answer

Q28) His trousers are THREE SIZES large. Show Answer

Q29) Five years ago today, I am SITTING in a small Japanese car, driving across Polard towards Berlin. Show Answer

Q30) The actress said that it sometimes took her two hours TO PUT her make-up. Show Answer

Q31) Let's buy a new sari with the annual bonus, CAN WE? Show Answer

Q32) The members of his family are coming IN THIS train. Show Answer

Q33) Bad habits must be NIPPED AT THE BUD. Show Answer

Q34) The unemployment rate had dropped sharply this month, THOUGH IT MAY ONLY BE TEMPORARY. Show Answer

Q35) He has been working OFF AND ON for several years to compile a dictionary. Show Answer

Q36) Anand has the guts TO RISE FROM the occasion and come out successful. Show Answer

Q37) I WOULD GLADLY ACCOMPANY your sister if you had asked me. Show Answer

Q38) He doesn't hesitate to do whatever his brother DOES. Show Answer

Q39) None of the guests WERE INTRODUCED to the bride. Show Answer

Q40) The intruder stood quietly FOR FEW MOMENTS. Show Answer

Q41) He is very active and will finish the work WITHIN NO TIME. Show Answer

Q42) Rajni unnecessarily PICKED UP a quarrel with Kashish and left the party hurriedly. Show Answer

Q43) Is there ANY PLACE for me to sit? Show Answer

Q44) When he heard the rhetorical speech of the leader, he WAS CARRIED ALONG by his enthusiasm. Show Answer

Q45) He complained that he had too much work to COPE UP WITH. Show Answer

Q46) One of the man gave first-aid to Hitesh WHO IS INJURED in a road accident. Show Answer

Q47) Last evening I went to the optician and bought SPECTACLES. Show Answer

Q48) He enjoys to TELL STORIES to children. Show Answer

Q49) Scarcely had he entered the room THAN the phone rang. Show Answer

Q50) The NEED of the hour was some fast action on the part of the leaders. Show Answer

Q51) You are warned against COMMITTING the same mistake again. Show Answer

Q52) The cloud of misfortunes appears to have blown OUT. Show Answer

Q53) It is unreasonable to DISTORT the statement of a man simply because he does not agree with your opinions. Show Answer

Q54) He stopped TO WORK an hour ago. Show Answer

Q55) He stayed back, so that it can LOOK AS as if he were unaware of the entire incident. Show Answer

Q56) You ought not to HAVE GONE there, but you did. Show Answer

Q57) What he needed ARE not large houses but small cottages. Show Answer

Q58) Who does not know that this WAS BROADCASTED ten days ago? Show Answer

Q59) The Three Musketeers HAVE BEEN written by Dumas. Show Answer

Q60) No one NEEDS TO WORRY about me. Show Answer

Q61) Manish purchased THE VERY GOOD of all the saries kept in the shop. Show Answer

Q62) Many a man HAVE DIED OF cancer. Show Answer

Q63) People are TIRING very soon in an activity which they don't like. Show Answer

Q64) He had said, so out of affection, do not take it TO HEART. Show Answer

Q65) The summer has SET OUT and the days are getting warm. Show Answer

Q66) I am sorry, but I DON'T BELIEVE what you say. Show Answer

Q67) We generally select ONE OF THE MOST INTELLIGENT STUDENT OF THE SCHOOL for this award. Show Answer

Q68) My friend lives in a nearby street WHOSE NAME I have forgotten. Show Answer




Q72) EXPECT FOR YOU AND I, EVERYONE BROUGHT a present to the party. Show Answer

Q73) ALTHOUGH I CALCULATE THAT HE WILL BE HERE any minute, I cannot wait much longer for him. Show Answer

Q74) WE WANT THE TEACHER TO BE HIM who has the best rapport with the students. Show Answer

Q75) Today this is a totally different world THAN WE HAVE SEEN in the last decade. Show Answer

Q76) Although he was the most friendly of all present and DIFFERNT FROM THE OTHER, HE HADN'T HARDLY ANY FRIENDS EXCEPT ME. Show Answer

Q77) SINCE WE ARE LIVING in Bombay for five years, we are reluctant to move to another city. Show Answer


Q79) Anyone interested in the use of computer can learn much IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO a state-of-the-art microcomputer. Show Answer


Q81) The Vice President of the local bank spoke FOR A HALF AN HOUR AND TOLD HIS COLLEAGUE THAT HE, HIS COLLEAGUE, MUST CONSIDER FINDING A NEW JOB, or accept a reduction in salary. Show Answer

Q82) He does not smoke, NOR HE DRINKS. Show Answer

Q83) She wished that her career could be AS GLAMOROUS AS THE OTHER WOMEN but not willing to work as they had. Show Answer

Q84) Although he is LIABLE TO make political enemies with the decision, the Finance Minister will propose severe tax cuts that may both stimulate business and reduce the availability of loans. Show Answer

Q85) No matter what experience you have had with forest fires, IF YOU WOULD HAVE WITNESSED the fire roaring down through the canyon, you would have been terrified. Show Answer

Q86) Eaten in Portugal only, the INDIANS VIEWED THE POTATO WITH SUSPICION FOR THEY assumed it had poisonous properties since only the white skinned people consumed it. Show Answer

Q87) THOUGH HE WAS MORE FASTER THAN HIS OPPONENT ON THE FIELD, his chances of winning the race was low as he lacked the killer instinct. Show Answer

Q88) The local library has recommended that the books put up for the used book sale SHOULD BE IN GOOD CONDITION AND SHOULD HAVE NO WRITING IN THEM OR BE UNDERLINED. Show Answer

Q89) The news of her employment soon CIRCULATED AROUND THE SMALL TOWN. Show Answer

Q90) It is THE CRAZINESS FOR SPEEDING THAT IS MADDENING that is responsible for many motor accidents. Show Answer

Q91) IF THEY COOPERATE TOGETHER BY DIVIDING UP THE WORK, they shall be over with the work faster. Show Answer

Q92) British Airspace has been FOCUSING ON BUILDING EUROPEAN links. Show Answer

Q93) In Southern Bengal, many banyan trees are planted at the end of a village or at the border of a district, FOR PROVIDING EXCELLENT SHADE AT SUMMERS, AND SHELTER DURING WINTER FROM THE BITTER WINDS. Show Answer

Q94) Standards of reportage in the profession have actually risen in recent years, WITH SPECIALISTS LENDING CREDIBILITY FOR THE PRINTING WORD. Show Answer

Q95) KNOWING THE AREA WAS PRONE TO EARTHQUAKES, all the buildings were reinforced with additional steel and concrete. Show Answer



Q98) All the allegations LEVELLED AGAINST him were found to be baseless. Show Answer


Q100) He has said so out of affection, do not take IT TO HEART. Show Answer

Q101) Hardly had I finished writing the letter BEFORE Anil arrived. Show Answer

Q102) He returned with two BURNING mugs of coffee and set them down on her desk. Show Answer

Q103) They are working for the UPLIFTMENT of their village. Show Answer

Q104) They felt humiliated because they realized that they HAD CHEATED. Show Answer

Q105) She could not help BUT LAUGH. Show Answer

Q106) It is time the six year old IS LEARNING how to read and write. Show Answer

Q107) He plays cricket and tennis ALSO. Show Answer

Q108) Practically EVERY PART of the banana tree is used by man. Show Answer

Q109) Try to be diplomatic when you refuse any invitation, SO FAR NOT to cause bad feeling. Show Answer

Q110) The indecisive man WAS READILY PERSUADED to change his mind again. Show Answer

Q111) The doctor EXAMINED my pulse. Show Answer

Q112) The teacher asked the intruder WHO WAS HE AND WHY WAS HE occupying his chair. Show Answer

Q113) IT IS NO GOOD TO CRY over split milk. Show Answer

Q114) To various practices and norms for bank's transactions ARE LAID DOWN by the Reserve Bank of India. Show Answer

Q115) When the soldiers realized that they had been fooled, they RUSH back. Show Answer

Q116) The officer LOOKED ON my complaint. Show Answer

Q117) The matter must be considered IN every point of view. Show Answer

Q118) On seeing the lion she felt TOO MUCH afraid. Show Answer

Q119) Education is a STRONG instrument for modulding the character of the young. Show Answer

Q120) Mrs. Johnson HAD STAYING here since 1954 and has made India her home. Show Answer

Q121) The problems of translation ARE STILL REMAIN. Show Answer

Q122) All over Russia, Indian films are more popular than THOSE IN any other country. Show Answer

Q123) Wise men CATCH time by the forelock. Show Answer

Q124) Seeing the injustice done to them by the Britishers, the sepoys BROKE INTO open revolt. Show Answer

Q125) A bird in hand is worth TWO IN BUSH. Show Answer

Q126) The custom OF MANY CENTURIES AGO ORIGIN is slowly disappearing. Show Answer

Q127) If he HAD time he will call you. Show Answer

Q128) Many believed that girls who RECEIVED western education would make slaves of their husbands. Show Answer

Q129) I have not written many letter to him since my father HAD DIED. Show Answer

Q130) In the modern world it is difficult TO LIVE THROUGH one's ideals. Show Answer

Q131) It is LONG SINCE I last saw you. Show Answer

Q132) She did not like the movie, NOR I DID. Show Answer

Q133) It will take two hours to walk ACROSS the forest. Show Answer

Q134) In accordance TO your instructions, we have remitted the amount in the bank. Show Answer

Q135) The huge Negro WOULD HAVE BEEN a comic figure if he had not been terrific, for he was dressed in a very loud grey check suit with a flowing salmon coloured tie. Show Answer

Q136) Not a word THEY SPOKE to the unfortunate wife about it. Show Answer

Q137) The bill will be paid AT SIGHT OR ON DEMAND. Show Answer

Q138) If is difficult for a simple person to see through her ARTIFICIAL schemes. Show Answer

Q139) BEING WORKED FOR the whole day, you should have taken some rest and started the work tomorrow. Show Answer

Q140) Ravi has got many friends because he has got MUCH MONEY. Show Answer

Q141) You must try MAKING HIM TO UNDERSTAND. Show Answer

Q142) He has cooked that meal so often he can do it with his EYES CLOSED. Show Answer

Q143) Because of his mastery in this field, his suggestions ARE WIDE ACCEPTED. Show Answer

Q144) The fact finding committee has so far not made any ADVANCEMENT. Show Answer

Q145) You are worned AGAINST COMMITTING the same mistake again. Show Answer

Q146) The teacher gave the students some ADVICE. Show Answer

Q147) You must find SOMEONE to accompany you to Bombay. Show Answer

Q148) No sooner HE REACHED home that all the villagers gathered at his home to listen to his story. Show Answer

Q149) He is the kindest and GENEROUS OF ALL MY FRIENDS. Show Answer

Q150) One should exercise THEIR right to vote. Show Answer

Q151) When the professor fell off to stool, the students could not AVOID TO LAUGH. Show Answer

Q152) What DOES AGONIES ME MOT is not this criticism, but he trivial reason behind it. Show Answer

Q153) He gave me AN OLD SCISSOR. Show Answer

Q154) He offered me tea but I DENIED it. Show Answer

Q155) There is a shortage of well qualified teachers of most subjects, SPECIALLY OF English and Economics. Show Answer

Q156) Can you tell me WHY DID YOU NOT SPEAK the truth? Show Answer

Q157) The boy WHICH come to see me this morning had come from Agra. Show Answer

Q158) Not till he got home HE DID REALIZE that he had lost his keys in the theater. Show Answer

Q159) He has a house FOR LETTING. Show Answer

Q160) Had we been on time, we WOULD NOT HAVE missed the train. Show Answer

Q161) When we saw him last, he RAN to catch bus. Show Answer

Q162) If you get confused while performing the act, just DON'T STOP TO TRY. Show Answer

Q163) He INSISTED ON he was innocent. Show Answer

Q164) It was indeed a shock for her, but she has LATER recovered from it. Show Answer

Q165) I must study my books today AS I HAVE TO GIVE an examination tomorrow. Show Answer

Q166) Any body would LIKE ASSIST YOU for improvement in the work. Show Answer

Q167) Two hours have elapsed since he HAD FALLEN asleep. Show Answer

Q168) DUE TO THESE REASONS we are all in favour of universal compulsory education. Show Answer

Q169) He has very good command ON ENGLISH. Show Answer


Q171) His colleagues could not tell me WHY DID HE NOT COME to office yesterday. Show Answer

Q172) I waited for half an hour for my friend, but he didn't TURN IN. Show Answer

Q173) I shall not go UNTIL I AM INVITED. Show Answer

Q174) Our departure from his place now depends on THEIR COMING here. Show Answer

Q175) He SHOULD NOT HAD done it. Show Answer

Q176) The assistant was asked THAT WHY HE WAS generally late. Show Answer

Q177) After the heavy rains last week, the water in the lake RAISED ANOTHER TWO FEET. Show Answer

Q178) It was quite clear that the runner COULD BE ABLE to improve upon his own record. Show Answer

Q179) They were all charmed by the SWEET AND SOOTHING music. Show Answer

Q180) His father wrote to him, "it is high time your START preparing for the forthcoming examination". Show Answer

Q181) The standard of living of the working class is higher THAN WAS THE CASE THIRTY YEARS AGO. Show Answer

Q182) The child has been in the sick bed FOR THE LAST one week. Show Answer

Q183) They are social insects, LIVING IN COMMUNITIES, regulated by definite laws, each member of society bearing a well-defined and separate part in the work of a colony. Show Answer

Q184) He has been growing weaker and his life now HANGS LIKE A THREAD. Show Answer

Q185) To get one's name in the Rowland Ward's book of hunting records was he HOT ambition of every serious hunter. Show Answer

Q186) She did not ask ANY QUESTION TO HIM. Show Answer

Q187) ON SOME EVENINGS I leave office as late as seven o' clock. Show Answer

Q188) Hold HANDS OF YOUR CHILD while crossing the road. Show Answer

Q189) There is a dearth of WOMAN DOCTOR in our state. We shall have to recruit some from the other states. Show Answer

Q190) He he was likely to win the elections BY THE SWEEPING MAJORITY. Show Answer

Q191) The policeman stopped him for jumping the red light but LET HIM OUT. Show Answer

Q192) You will be late if you DO NOT LEAVE now. Show Answer

Q193) They invite I AND MY FRIEND to tea. Show Answer

Q194) Every time I GO IN A LIFE to my sixth floor apartment, I remember the calm and serenity of my ancestral home in the village. Show Answer

Q195) The shopkeeper said graciously, "I II quote no price; the article is yours FOR ASKING". Show Answer

Q196) Rohi assured Sunita that he WOULD LOOK AT her work while she was on leave. Show Answer

Q197) He told us the story IN A NUTSHELL. Show Answer

Q198) It was hard to believe that he WAS DEAD FOR TWO YEARS. Show Answer

Q199) He prefers TO WALK THAN TO RIDE. Show Answer

Q200) The accused not flatly denies HAVE ADMITTED his guilt in this first statement. Show Answer

Q201) The whole town WAS BEING DECORATED for the tourist week. Show Answer

Q202) The little child was knocked OUT by a car. Show Answer

Q203) He asked me if I CAN help him to lift the box. Show Answer

Q204) She tried to eat another leaf of lettuce but she could no longer FIGHT the stench. Show Answer

Q205) HAVE YOU NOT REACHED in time, we would have lost our lives. Show Answer

Q206) I wish that I READ this book before the seminar. Show Answer

Q207) The rules to chess require that one MADE only one move at a time. Show Answer

Q208) Let us PARTAKE a meal before we start. Show Answer

Q209) Do take an umbrella with you LEST YOU DO NOT GET WET. Show Answer

Q210) They will be coming to attend the farewell party, ISN'T IT? Show Answer

Q211) Taxpayers ARE TO be conscious of their privileges. Show Answer

Q212) You can't go that way, I'm afraid, as the road is IN REPAIRS. Show Answer

Q213) The climate of Karnataka IS COOLER THAN Tamil Nadu. Show Answer

Q214) The Tsunami victims SUFFERED OF cholera. Show Answer

Q215) I GAVE TO Sana the keys. Show Answer



Q218) As employees, we are ACCOUNTABLE FOR our stakeholders. Show Answer

Q219) RECENTLY HE HAD INSURED FOR a mediclaim policy. Show Answer

Q220) Everyday, WE USUALLY HAD lunch at 1.30 p.m. Show Answer

Q221) All nations must first become AGRICULTURAL STRONG. Show Answer

Q222) An orangutan's intelligence IS AS SUPERIOR to that of man. Show Answer

Q223) You SHALL HAVE ATTENDED if the court had instructed you to do so. Show Answer

Q224) The relics of Greece OVER WHICH such a great deal of evidence has been collected should be preserved. Show Answer

Q225) When the beverage was ready, they drank POSSIBLY AS MUCH AS THEY COULD. Show Answer

Q226) A citizen is expected to give ALLEGIANCE to his country of origin. Show Answer

Q227) We were WITH daggers drawn despite attempts to understand each other. Show Answer



Q230) SOMETHING IS PRETTY HERE THAT Vineeta can wear to the party. Show Answer

Q231) I have dreamt all my life TO OWN a beautiful maroon coloured car. Show Answer

Q232) Sitting on the hill top, THE SUN WENT DOWN WATCHING BEFORE him. Show Answer

Q233) The office is SOON TO be closed. Show Answer

Q234) He has achieved nothing OUT OF HIS WAY worth mentioning. Show Answer

Q235) I prevailed ON him to vote for you. Show Answer

Q236) Eager to pass his final exams, STUDYING WAS THE STUDENTS TOP PRIORITY. Show Answer

Q237) Mr. Dev will not go to the wedding reception WITHOUT BEING CALLED. Show Answer

Q238) He will revise it WHEN HE IS COMES BACK. Show Answer

Q239) The members of the student's union DID NOT GIVE the examination in protest. Show Answer

Q240) She was kept form her assignment because of her LOQUACIOUS room-mate. Show Answer

Q241) James EPITOMIZES everything that a leader should be Show Answer

Q242) The businessman is RESPECTIVELY connected. Show Answer