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How to cope up with the Online to Offline Exam.

The start of the New Year and decrease in covid 19 cases, it’s a positive environment all around us with. Schools and colleges have started with their regular schedules. Students are prompted to attend lectures and exams offline after two years, But with this the question arises, are students really ready to appear for their offline exams after two years?

With the shift in the exam from online to offline, there’ also a shift in the examination pattern and the students will have to face them. There will be a maximum written work with exams and there will not longer be multiple choice questions within exams.  Times have really changed. Due to covid 19 exams and lectures were taken online but now exams and lectures will be taken offline as before. How to explain cope up online to offline exam with it is in this article:

  • Time Management

The first thing to do is to make a list of absolutely everything that you have to do and work on it one by one. Make a note of how much time each assigned task is going to take and prioritize your schedule. You can also take the help of a time management app available for the same.  Plan and follow your schedule your work in an effective way with free time for maximum efficiency so you will also have the time to relax.

  •  Writing Practice

Students did not have to write much as exams and lectures were online due to covid-19. As a result, their writing practice decreased and also their writing speed. The effect was that when the offline exam took place many students faced the challenge of completing paper as their respective writing speed decreased.

  •  Syllabus Coverage

First of all, set targets for yourself. Start slowly by setting daily targets and at least try to complete daily targets. Your daily targets include preparations of new lessons and revision of old lessons. Slowly add more lessons to your target. It will improve your study pattern and also help to cover the syllabus of exams.

  •  Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is an extremely useful technique to boost your concentration as well as to stay healthy while gearing up for exams. Meditation helps you to increase your memory by 20 percent. Meditation is beneficial for students who have serious problems with concentration, who cannot sit at one place for long hours and who fail to focus on study.

  •  Maintain your Health

Constant study pressure is not good for you and your health. It can have effects on the mind and body. Students should take small naps during long hours of study time and daily 7 -8 hours sleep should be taken. So that you can easily concentrate on studying.

  •  Practice simple papers and Mock Test

There are some apps that are specially designed to help study and prepare students for their exams. It helps them to be ready for exams. In this online practice test market, is a great website for online study and free practice tests and mock tests. In which you can practice on free unlimited online tests. Anytime Anywhere!

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  • Note weekpoint

Find your weak subject or topics and make a note of how much time each assigned task is going to take. This is one of the most important aspects to consider while preparing for exams. So note your weak points, and work hard on those of the subjects.

  •  Create your own Study Notes

Make your own notes and summaries for lessons.  When you create your own notes, they help you remember for a long time or study later.

  •  Psychology

Some students are now under pressure to take offline exams due to lack of written practice. But don’t worry, all the friends are going through this situation, you are not alone, all the exams were online for last 2 years. You have given all the exams offline except the last 2 years, think about the time and start preparing as before, increase the writing practice, practice writing in the same way the exams were taken offline. After a time your practice will be the same as before and you will be ready for the offline exam again.