CS-Foundation Syllabus

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Syllabus for CS-Foundation Business Environment and Law

Business Environment
Forms Of Business Organization
Scales of Business
Emerging Trends In Business
Introduction To Law
Elements of Law relating to Sale of Goods
Elements of Law relating to Negotiable Instruments
Elements of Law relating to Partnership and LLP
Elements of Law relating to Contract
Business Functions
Elements Of Company Law - I - 2013
Elements of Company Law - II - 2013
Elements of Information Technology Act
Role of CS-Duties and Responsibilities, Areas of Practice

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Syllabus for CS-Foundation Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship - Creativity & Innovation
Growth & Challenges of Entrepreneurial Venture
Nature of Management And Its Process
Human Resource Management
Direction & Co-Ordination
Recent Trends in Management
Business Ethics
Business Communication
Essentials Of Good English
Business Correspondence
Inter-Departmental Communication
Social Enterpreneurship Venture
Government Initiatives for Business Development

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Syllabus for CS-Foundation Business Economics

Fundamentals of Economics
Basic Elements of Demand & Supply
Theory of Production and Costs
Analysis of Market
Basic Elements of Money And Banking
Indian Economy - An Overview
Descriptive Statistics
Mathematics of Finance and elementary Probability
Theory of Consumer Behaviour

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Syllabus for CS-Foundation Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

Theoretical Framework
Accounting Process - I (Recording of Transactions)
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Depreciation Accounting
Preparation of Final Accounts for Sole Proprietors
Partnership Accounts - Fundamentals
Introduction to Company Accounts
Concept of Auditing
Types of Audit
Tools Of Auditing
Audits and Auditor Reports
Joint venture and Consignment Accounts
Accounting for Non-Profit Organisation
Computerized Accounting Environment
Accounting Process-II (Rectification of Errors)
Accounting Process - III (Capital and Revenue Items)
Partnership Accounts - Goodwill
Partnership Accounts - Admission of a Partner
Partnership Accounts - Retirement and Death of a Partner
Partnership Accounts - Dissolution of a Firm
Introduction to Company Accounts - Issue of Debentures

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