CSEET Syllabus

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Syllabus for CSEET Business Communication

Essentials of Good English
Business Correspondence
Common Business Terminologies

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Syllabus for CSEET Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Indian Constitution - Preamble
Indian Constitution - Citizenship
Indian Constitution - Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties
Indian Constitution - Directive Principles of State Policy
Indian Constitution - State under Constitution
Indian Constitution - President and Governors
Indian Constitution - Lok Sabha,Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council
Indian Constitution - Supreme Court and High Courts
Elements of General Laws-A -: Law of Contract
Elements of General Laws - B -: Law of Torts
Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation
Elements of Company Law
Legal Reasoning
Logical Reasoning - Calendars
Logical Reasoning -Cause and Effect Reasoning
Logical Reasoning - Clocks
Logical Reasoning - Coding and Decoding
Logical Reasoning - Deriving Conclusion from Passages
Logical Reasoning - Drawing Inference
Logical Reasoning - Number Test
Logical Reasoning - Sequence and Series
Logical Reasoning - Statement and Assumptions
Verbal Reasoning - Alphabet Test
Verbal Reasoning - Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle
Verbal Reasoning - Analogy
Verbal Reasoning - Assertion and Reason
Verbal Reasoning - Blood Relations
Verbal Reasoning - Decision Making
Verbal Reasoning - Inserting Missing Characters
Verbal Reasoning - Logical Sequence Test
Verbal Reasoning - Logical Venn Diagram
Verbal Reasoning - Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test
Verbal Reasoning - Syllogism
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Analytical Reasoning
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Classification
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Completion of Incomplete Pattern
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Figure Matrix
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Grouping of Identical Figures
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Mirror Image
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Rule Detection
Non-Verbal Reasoning - Numeric and Alphabet Series

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Syllabus for CSEET Economic & Business Environment

Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition
National Income Accounting and Related Concepts
Indian Union Budget
Indian Financial Markets
Indian Economy
Entrepreneurship Scenario
Business Environment
Key Government Institutions

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Syllabus for CSEET Current Affairs

International and National Affairs
Financial Affairs
Political Affairs
Legal and Other Affairs

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