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A young traveller was going along a pathway in a remote area. On his way he met four unknown old ladies and he simply wished them while passing by. His wishing created furor among those four ladies. One of them named“Hunger” claimed that the young man had wished him morning and not to others as she was the most powerful among them as people could not do anything while hungry. Another lady named “Thirst” protested this claim and said, ‘people can live without food but not without water. I am thirst and most powerful among all.’ The third lady named “Sleep” contested both the claims and said,people even sleep on rocks when they feel so. They can live without food and water but not without me hence I am the most powerful.’ Fourth lady smiled and didn’t utter a word but insisted that they must ask this question as to who is most powerful among all to that Young man who had wished them and hasn’t gone away too far. They agreed and caught hold of young man soon and put him the same question. All three ladies replied what they had said before but Young mand got interested in reply of fourth lady who had not said anything. He asked, ‘ who are you and why don’t  you introduce yourself.’ Fourth lady after hearing the arguments replied that her name was Hope” and just stopped at that. Young man smiled and said, ‘there is no need to fight ladies. One can survive without food, water and sleep but not without hope. It is hope that keeps one alive and kicking in the midst of total darkness. My salute was really for this lady called ‘Hope.’ The traveler said these words and simply moved ahead.

Be patient : When it is a question of career or happiness in personal life, you’ ll do well being patient. Quick fixes, short cuts and a slapdash approach may work for some time but it’s bit suitable in the long run. The law of nature operates everything we do. A child for instance has to develop naturally over time; the process cannot be foreshortened. Similarly, crop cultivation has to be based on natural laws; you cannot expect crops to grow faster than what nature had intended them to. If you ask someone who has never done push-ups to do a hundred all at once, he won’t be able to do it. It requires tremendous patience and sustained practice.

A famous athlete who had just won an international race was congratulated by someone who said: “You were lucky to win the race”. The athlete was furious and shot back: “I practiced ten hours a day fifteen years without a single day off, and you call it luck.”

People with high self-esteem also stay away from negative influences. Parents, teachers, mentors, guides , friends and associates have a big role to play in the total and holistic development of a person.

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