Don’t Let Fear Stop You

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” – Jack Canfield.


T . R.” Dunn (born February 1, 1955) is an American former professional basketball player and currently an assistant coach for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

T.R was playing a terrible basketball game. He’d heard enough crowd taunts of “Airball!” and “Brick” to last him all season. He just hoped he could avoid making any more mistakes. His team was behind but gradually started to pull closer to the opposition! R kept looking to the bench, expecting his coach to pull him from the game. But the coach stuck with his lineup.

Eventually, T.R glanced at the scoreboard. His team was down by two pints. Five seconds remained, and T.R.’s team had the ball. Given his poor shooting percentage, he was sure no one would pass him the ball.

Wrong. Because of his poor shooting average, !.  R found himself wide open just behind the half – court line. A teammate fired him the ball. He looked desperately for someone to pass to, but no one was open.

As a defender charged him, T.R fired an off balance half court shot in the general direction of the basket. His shot was another brick. It bounced hard off the backboard – and through the hoop. As he accepted the congratulations from his teammates,!. R didn’t dare tell them that he almost didn’t shoot the ball at all because he didn’t want to face the prospect of missing. He merely nodded and smiled the smile of a winner.



F – Face the truth: Face the truth of your fears. Face what scares you head-on, and challenge your trepidation. Separate necessary concerns from baseless fears. Chances are that many of your fears are unwarranted in the greater scheme of your life. Remember, the unfortunate events which you fear will happen do not need to happen.
E – Erase negative imprints: Many times, your fears stem from your own negative experiences or from witnessing the hardships of those around you. Your fear of divorce may very well be rooted in your own parents’ divorce. What you must remind yourself daily -through simple affirmations or guided visualizations – is that your past is your past, and whatever  happened in your past, which makes you afraid today, must be dealt with and its mental imprints removed permanently.
A – Allow change: People are by nature afraid of change. They fear that change will somehow disrupt their lives or uproot them from their comfort zone. But change actually serves to transport us into new greater manifestations of ourselves. Allow necessary changes to come your way, even if they may seem frightening at first. Every instance of change serves a purpose towards your highest good, and you will learn this in time.
R – Relax: Fear can be the accumulation of too much stress or extended pressure. A hectic life with too many responsibilities results in fear of failure. It’s essential that you take time out for yourself to relax and meditate and alleviate your anxieties. So calm down, take a breather and remind yourself that you will be shown how to resolve all things.
L – Listen to your intuition: If you learn how to follow it, your intuition can banish your fears. This is because your intuition is like a mental GPS into the future, so that you can sense what’s to come, where you need to go and ease your apprehensions of what tomorrow might hold.
E – End feuds: When you fight with others, you draw fear into your relationships: fear that others will betray, hurt or abandon you. In order to nurture fearlessness, you must make peace with those around you and understand that their intentions are not to cause you harm.
S – Selectivity: You have to learn to be selective about what you want out of life and the things you decide to go after. You have to pursue things which don’t inspire fear in you and make you feel completely comfortable. Select a vision for your future and stick to that mental projection until you’ve brought it fully to life.
S – Secure in yourself: In order to shun fear forever, you have to work on your self-esteem. Fear arises from not believing enough in your own abilities and talents. When you constantly live in the mindset of “I can’t do it” or, “I’m not good enough,” you narrow your window of success to a very slim opening and inadvertently put yourself down.
Fear  is what stops you, Crushes your will to go on makes you cry alone in the night wither your beautiful dreams face your fear and break free. Find that wings that which takes so far. Find the light that shines so bright let your dreams soar so high.

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